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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 61: Madara Vs Kizaru

“Haha, Sengoku, you are too cautious.”

Garp laughed.

His face was curious more than solemn, unlike the others here.

It’s attractive to him that someone killed Celestial Dragon and lifted the Admiral Akainu into the sky. Garp does not like the Celestial Dragons and Akainu. He naturally felt indifferent in his heart.

“Garp, take it seriously; it’s important!” Sengoku shouted.

“Where’s that kid? Did the Marine find him?” Garp asked grimly.

“Not yet,” Sengoku said.

“That’s why you ordered Kizaru to find him?” Garp picked his nose.

Sengoku nodded, and he did think so. Kizaru is a strong Admiral, and his fruit devil was incomparable in terms of speed, even if he is not an equal against that bold guy, he will be capable to escape, so as not to cause more significant losses to the Navy.

Walking forward, Sengoku asked the officer next to him.

“had Aokiji get back? what’s going on in Alabasta right now It’s not as serious as this!”

he was completely unaware that something would happen to Aokiji.

Unexpectedly, the Navy’s faces changed dramatically after a brief inquiry from the Den Den Mushi.

“Admiral, bad things had happened!”

Sengoku looked at him and said, “Speak!”

“Aokiji was transformed into a moon by the King of Qin and rumor says that he sank to the bottom of the sea!”

Said the officer.

“water Moon?”

Sengoku’s pupils shrank, and he stopped.

Sabaody Archipelago, in Area 66, where the destroyed Marine base used to be.

The golden light suddenly refracted down and made the sea golden. Just as the sun approached the sea, it folded again and rushed up into the sky, heading straight for the large sphere hanging in the air.

In an instant, the golden light came below the sphere, and then the golden light radiated, and a body emerged from the golden light.

“It’s amazing. I don’t know what kind of strong man can make such a creation!”

In the golden light shining, the body appeared, he was the Admiral Kizaru.

Looking up at this close, it was a huge moon, Kizaru was shocked.

After a moment of thinking, a golden glow appeared out of his fingers.

“laser beam!”

The light shined, hitting the huge moon, and then bursting, causing large pieces of the moon to burst up.

However, the Kizaru’s eyebrows were wrinkled, and the damage caused by this blow, compared with the huge moon, was like a drop of water in the sea, without any effect at all.

His eyes flashed, and he opened his hands slowly.

If the little laser light could not break through the vast moon, he decided to make more significant attacks. The Navy had to know the destiny of Akainu Whether he was alive or dead is a crucial thing for them.

“Yasakani no Magatama!”

his eyes become fierce, crossed his arms in front of him and used both hands to fire a torrent of deadly light particles.

At this point, however, his pupils shrank as the light expanded to its extreme and bursts out.

He felt something passed through his body in the blink of an eye.

Kizaru turned his head, his pupils shrank.

When he looked at the source of the attack, Kizaru’s pupils tightened sharply.

He saw a cold man with long black hair hanging to his, wearing an ancient armor, on the rolling sea below looking up at him indifferently.

“Oh? you didn’t miss your aim from this high, are you Ashura man the one in the Sabaody Archipelago?” Kizaru said

“Marine? You want to save that magma boy?”

Over the sea, said Madara, his voice was not loud, but Kizaru heard him.

“he was one of the Admirals; it was awful that you lifted him into the sky!” Kizaru twisted his neck.

His eyes gradually became fierce, and those who could defeat Akainu were bound to be extremely strong. However, as a strong man, he also has his self-confidence naturally will not be afraid, even at this moment, he had an eagerness to try, want to try the strength of this Asura.

“Then your end will be just like him!” Madara said.

suddenly he turned his eye to Rinnegan and jumped high.

At the same time, Kizaru’s eyes flashed and his body twisted, emitting endless light then he turned into a golden glow.

“Have you ever tried the feeling of being hit by the light?”

Almost instantaneously, Madara was shocked when he heard Kizaru’s voice. It was unexpected that this old navy man was so fast.

However, under his conditioned reflex, Madara dodged backward.

The golden right foot suddenly kicked and scratched just next to Madara’s face.

High heat energy and the impact of the speed of light formed a terrible shock wave directed toward the sea.

Suddenly, the sea boiled, then burst, splashing water up to 100 meters high.

The shock of this terrible speed made Madara’s pupils shrink, and he leaped back quickly.

“Laser light!”

Kizaru stared at him, and he pointed with his right index finger toward him.


Golden light pierced the void and headed straight for Madara’s body.

“This wretched old guy is speedy!”

Madara’s eye has reached its limit, but he barely could avoid this light beam attack.

then Madara jumped up, Kizaru smiled.

“Yata no Kagami!”

Kizaru suddenly said, then turned into a broken line and rushed out again. His body almost disappeared in a flash in Madara’s eyes, his pupils shrank.

“light-speed kick!”

When he reappeared, Kizaru’s feet upon the head of Mardra, he kicked him on his chest.

“not good!”

Madara was shocked and kicked by a large and overpowering force.

Almost at the same time, his body was cruelly flown out into the sea and then fell into the sea with high pillars of hundreds of meters above the sea before falling into the sea with a thunderous sound.

“has it ended?”

Kizaru retracted his right foot and looked down cautiously.

His speed was so fast that the other side was too late to respond to the super-high-speed attack, and did not master Busoshoku Haki or Kenbunshoku Haki. However, the strong who can defeat Akainu was not so easy to end him with such an attack.

“Oh, awesome!”

Under the sea water, Madara coughed up blood violently, turning the sea water red.

“What a strong man!” Madara opened his eyes and glanced at his injured chest. His eyes were already bursting out with killing intent.

In the next second, Madara suddenly rushed out of the water.

At the same time, the wound that broke at the chest is also recovering quickly.

“Things just get better from the killing of the Celestial Dragons; people of this world made me feel more and more interested!”

“very well!”

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