The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 62: Susanoo

When he jumped out of the sea to the air, all the wounds on Madara’s body had recovered, but of course, his armor was still broken.

“Strong body!”

Kizaru’s pupil shrank, he rushed down rapidly.

He knew that the other side was not so easy to deal with, but under his speed advantage, he was not afraid.

Madara’s expression became more and more indifferent at this moment; his eyes were aggressive, his eyes were cold, he printed quickly.

Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique

Suddenly he expelled four flame dragons in a row, from top to bottom, left and right, straight to Kizaru.

in a flash they surrounded Kizaru.

“This is?”

Kizaru’s suddenly stopped, shocked by the flame dragons, and even more, he was horrified, he couldn’t avoid the attack!


In the blink of an eye, Kizaru was attacked by four dragons and drowned in a sea of fire.

Madara was standing, looking at the sea of fire, his eyes sharp and cold.

After a couple of seconds, a golden light rushed out of the flame and ran straight to Madara.

“Light speed kick!”

The light rushed, he was fast to the extreme, instantly arrived in front of Madara, waved his leg.

The latter was indifferent and blocked by his Gunbai.

“Uchiha Return!”

The powerful impact caused by the speed of light, suddenly burst on the Gunbai and reflected into a strong wind, reversing the impact.

 Kizaru’s body was instantly burst apart by the impact force, into particles of light and his shape dissipated.

“use the same move in front of me, is really death-seeking, bitch!” Madara said coldly.

The scattered golden light suddenly returned to the shape of Kizaru again. his look turned serious, and his figure suddenly flashed out.

However, at the same time, Madara was also hand-pinched, disappearing.

“Body Flicker Technique!”

At this moment, the two men launched a super-high-speed confrontation, then appeared in another place, and then collided with each other severely.


Powerful wind pressure sprayed out, which changed the air pressure at high altitudes.

However, after an instant, the golden light burst into the sky, Madara retreated rapidly, and he hit him with his right arm hit directly with an elbow.

The powerful force collided with the speed of light, causing a turbulent air with a strong impact.

“Ama no Murakumo!”

Kizaru retreated at high speed, he closed his hands, and a golden sword appeared in his hands.

The next second, his body refracted, appeared on the top of Madara, waving the light sword.

“Shinra Tensei!” Madara looked up and shouted coldly.

the repulsive force crashed the light sword, and sparks burst so that Kizaru’s expression slightly changed.

At the moment when the repulsive force collided with the sword, Kizaeu saw Madara’s hand grabbed his arm.

“This is?” Kizaru thought.

“catch you!” Kizaru was shocked; he did not think that the other side could even catch him even in his elementary transformation, in the slightest gap can be grasped; it is shocking.

It’s almost impossible! Because the gap between these transformations exists only for a short time, which can be almost ignored. Even the top powers have a hard time grasping this gap.

He has a significant advantage over such strong men who will not be armed with Haki. However, what he didn’t expect was that the other party could even do that!

In shock, Kizaru’s body glowed.

He had a profound understanding of the danger. Never leave such an opportunity to the other side unless it is necessary.

However, just as his golden light was shining, his arm was about to fade.

“Banshō Ten’in!”

The repulsion faded, and the terrible pull force came.


Kizaru’s expression changed dramatically. On his arm, the golden light began to reverse. Under that strange gravity, he lost his light form, and his body was exposed.

Straightforward Madara, pulled him up with a tremendous force so that Kizaru had no room for resistance.

Then he clenched his fist.

His fist was waving, straight to Kizaru’s face.


his hard fist hit his face and twisted Kizaru’s cheeks.

The sound of bone cracking came out, and he felt the pain, Kizaru felt his body sinking when he realized that his cheekbones were broken.

However, it wasn’t over yet. Madara’s fist wiped his face, rubbed the skin with a bloodstain, scraped the skin off, and then hit the teeth hard.

Then Kizaru’s head swollen and his whole body swirled out.

he spat out three teeth out from his mouth.

In this circle, Kizaru until he was about to fall into the sea, he just stopped, and again burst out with golden light.

At this time, his left cheek burning hot, he wanted to speak but found that the air leak, his whole ear was buzzing for a while, even his head was dizzy, his state at the moment dropped to the lowest.

That punch almost blew his head.

“This guy!” Kizaru was horrified to the utmost.

Even the moment when he could not be traced, this strange man could grasp it forcefully and launch a lethal blow. The enemy in front of him was terrible!

Moreover, this was, and the other side has not mastered Haki, what if he was!

Didn’t dare to think about it. Kizaru shook his head and tried to endure the pain, biting his teeth and relaunching an attack.

However, at this time, Madara’s eyes suddenly turned into the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.


The high Chakra energy fluctuated wildly, causing the surrounding air to twist, blue light swirled and steam raised from behind Madara.

The bony blue energy quickly sketched behind him, twisted and ran, presenting a huge armored warrior.

Madara put his hands together, huge Susanoo, with a roar, launching an attack on Kizaru below.

the strange body suddenly turned and jumped, then stepped on the moon overhead with both feet, and suddenly accelerated its dive down.

Kizaru was shocked by this scene.

“What is this?!”

Susanoo came down with intense wind pressure and terrible breath and suddenly waved his sword.

Kizaru flew away from the blow.

As the sword waved, the undulating sea was cut off into two seas.