The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 63: Garp

 when Kizaru saw that in the middle of the sea there was a deep bottomless split, his pupils shrank, and he was shocked by the terrible attack of Madara.

When he turned around, he transformed into light and blinked in front of Susanoo, kicking him with his right foot.


With the blue energy fluctuation, a circle of ripples appeared In the area kicked by Kizaru.


The wind was blowing, and Kizaru was shocked, then he saw the colossal sword waving and cut him off.

Just then, Kizaru’s body collapsed and flew out. The sword fluctuated by brilliant sparkles of energy, which could even blow his elemental body away.

“A pure energy attack?”

Kizaru was shocked. This form was just pure energy. Although He was not hurt the attack could hit him.

The essence of Kizaru’s ability is not different from that of the light. Without Haki, you couldn’t cause him any harm at all in his light form.

Unless, as before, this person in front of him can grasp the gap between his elementalization and his original form.

“does he completely transformed into absolute energy?” Madara was stunned.

From his last fights, Madara gradually became aware of the power of the world. This power system, which is entirely different from the ninjutsu of the Naruto world, It is more magical and unpredictable.

There is still no practical way to deal with the elemental form. He can only capture the moment when the other side becomes an entity by mistake.

“Well, take this!”

Suddenly, he rushed, the huge Susanoo roared, four sword strokes waved to Kizaru.


Kizaru incarnated in golden light, twisted and refracted, and fled from the four strokes.

At the same time, he was rapidly approaching to Madara under his vast energy body, as long as he can attack Madara’s entity, he believed that the colossal energy armor would automatically disappear.

However, as he avoided the sword one after another and came to Madara, staring to each other’s eyes, Kizaru was shocked.

“Great Tsukuyomi!” Madara said.

Kizaru that was rushing was immediately shocked, and a moon appeared before his eyes. A massive round of blood moon appeared in his mind, followed by three-wheeled jade that quickly rotated, which made him stunned.

“not good!” Immediately, Kizaru realized that something was wrong.

Sure enough, after that, Madara kept putting his hand together and jumped up.

he punched Kizaru’s other cheek and awoke him.


 This punch was like Tsunade’s punches; after Kizaru had been hit by this powerful punch. He flew out a full kilometer, landed on the nearby island, and scraped a significant mark on the ground with his body.


Kizaru felt that this punch had blasted his head. He wanted to stand up automatically, and he found that he can’t do it.

Severe pain, both sides of his face were hit, his face was deformed, his sunglasses were broken too!

All of this made Kizaru angry but frightened. Madara didn’t use Haki, but his fighting knowledge still makes people tremble.

 Kizaru looked up, and for a while, he was struggling to stand up.

“Where on earth is this guy?”

Too strong! Even as an Admiral, he couldn’t even hurt him; he felt weak in front of him.

 Kizaru didn’t feel the fear for a long time.

“here we are? Miserable old guy!” Madara said coldly.

“Miserable old man, fella?” Kizaru muttered, and his whole body trembled.

He was about to stand up and continue his attack, only to find that he was dizzy and stopped again.

“The devil fruit is amazing, but as I fight with you, I have gradually touched the trick to deal with you!”

“first I can raise you as a bright moon upon the sea,” Madara said, and he glanced slightly at the moon.

“Second, I can seize the moment of your elementalization, and boom a fatal blow into the entity!”

“It’s similar to time and space Ninjitsu, but I have to say that your physical skills are a little worse than our world’s!”

Madara said, made Kizaru’s heart shocked, keen to detect the other side words.

“Our world?”

“What does that mean?”

“In this way, I can unite the world and accomplish the conquest of our country here without the help of that kid!” Madara said arrogantly.

He is a very arrogant man. If he can conquer the world by himself, it will be a very satisfying event for him.

You know, this is a civilization that is entirely on the same level as their world in the evaluation!

“Bastard, you’re too much of a talker!” Suddenly, a roar sounded.

Madara’s eyes immediately turned to see a team of Navy coming in, two of them walking in the front, powerful so that Madara cannot help but squint.

“Finally, is it stronger?” He had a feeling.

The arrival of more and more navies, vice Admirals, officers, were continually rushing over presenting a ring to surround him.

“The Fleet Admiral Sengoku, Vice Admiral Garp!”

Kizaru said when he saw the two people with a look of embarrassment. Finally, he felt the rest.

“Garp!” Sengoku strode forward and looked up. Seeing the moon floating in the sky.

“It’s really, made the old man surprised!” Garp was exciting and then step out.

The void shuddered for a moment, and then Garp’s pupils shrank, and the old man disappeared.

No, he didn’t disappear! He was just too fast. He was already below the hung moon.

“Iron fist!” Garp roared, clasped his right hand sharply, and hit hard.


he punched the moon hard, on the moon so that the whole thing was a tremor, and then the squeaking sound came out, and the cracks were diffused and distributed.

After a couple of seconds, the moon broke, and the rubble fell in succession.

“This old guy!”

Madara’s pupils shrank, he was shocked.

“blood-eyed Asura or Uchiha Madara!”

“You have to surrender, otherwise.”

“The Navy doesn’t mind. Kill you here today!”

Sengoku said with a gloomy and cold voice.