The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 64 Two Against One

“kill me?” his eyebrows rose, Madara sneered.

“the person who can kill me in this world does not exist yet!”

The powerful chakra energy rushed out; the blue energy was soaring, so that the surrounding marines were terrified and raised their hand in front of them.

“Uchiha Madara, it seems that you still don’t realize the big crimes you have done!” Sengoku said.

“Big crimes? However, it’s just killing a couple of chickens and puppies. What’s wrong with that?” Madara disdained.

Sengoku’s face was very gloomy; he knew from this few words that the person in front of him is simply a fearless fanatic.

The Celestial Dragons, the Admiral of the Navy, seemed to be no different from anyone else in those pair of arrogant eyes.

the debris was falling and hit the sea, bursting with a loud noise.

Garp appeared in a flash behind Madara, carrying Akainu with one hand.

the Marines immediately came forward and quickly picked up Akainu.

“Hurry up! Check the Admiral’s condition.”

“Still alive, still breathing, but seriously injured, need rescue!”

“Come here, officer!” Among the navy, they were in a hurry.

Madara was standing cold in the field; he didn’t care about Akainu’s whereabouts. At this moment, before his eyes, there was the Fleet Admiral Sengoku, and behind him was the Navy hero Garp. Even though he had never seen each other before, he could feel the energetic atmosphere of these two men.

Compared with the so-called three Admirals before, these two men are stronger!

“Garp!” Suddenly, Sengoku shouted.

In the rear, Garp instantly moved and disappeared.

“I’ll take care of him, Sengoku!”

Madara’s pupils suddenly shrank up at this moment; his Mangekyou Sharingan instantaneously became Rinnegan.

He had no hesitation. Madara’s expression was crazy and fierce, and he roared out loud.

“Shinra Tensei!”

The repulsive force pushed fast to all directions.

Garp appeared at the same time and punched hard on the circle of repulsion.


In an instant, a large circle of waves burst, and the ground beneath Madara crashed, it was showing spider-web-like cracks, spreading to kilometers.

In the circle of repulsion, Madara’s pupils shrank, he was shocked to the extreme.

For the first time, he saw that someone had shoved the repulsion of the Shinra Tensei. This old man in front of him had cracked the circle of repulsion just with a punch.


Garp shouted, and the veins showed in his right fist, and he punched again.


 Madara was stunned. Then, the punch hit on Madara’s chest.


Instantly, Madara flew upside down, like a cannon shell, and he broke dozens of trees behind him before his body stopped.


Madara spat out blood, his body seriously injured.

His eyes were filled with shock and horror at Garp’s strength.

such physical skills, he was sure that the old man used pure physical power, but this powerful attack was too horrible.

one punch to break the moon and one another to stop Shinra Tensei.

A green light emerged from his chest, and Madara’s body was recovering quickly.

A couple of seconds, his body had almost healed. Madara was excited now.

“Garp, right?”

“If we talk about body skills, you are number one!”

He stepped out.

Then, he rushed away, turning into a twisted stream of light toward Garp.

On his way, his right hand extended.

“Banshō Ten’in!”

Garp’s whole body was shocked, and his body was unwillingly pulled to Madara, and his expression could not help but change.

“This attraction!”

At the same time, Madara lifted his left hand, a ray of darkness emerged, quickly becoming a ball at the size of a baseball.

“Truth-Seeking ball!” Madara said.

he dashed, and after just two seconds, he will collide with Garp.

Madara’s left-handed and the ball, and then goes straight to Garp’s face.

“Can’t avoid it!”

Garp eyebrows contracted and his heart sank.

Close to Madara’s hand, Garp could feel the intense energy fluctuations contained in this black ball. If it hit his body, it will be not good.

“Be polite to the old man, you bastard!”

At this time, a roar came from the top of them.

Madara suddenly rose his head; it was the golden body Buddha of Sengoku.

“Impact Wave!”

Sengoku roared a halo on his right hand expanded and pressed down to Madara.


Madara was stunned, and he waved his hand and his truth-seeking ball to the direction of Sengoku.

Just then, the glare of the light and the horrible energy shock radiated out, followed by the whistling of the wind, and the cracking of the ground beneath the three men; The navies present were all shocked and blocked their faces.

“That’s terrible! These three men!”

“It’s just a couple seconds, but they have made such a terrible situation!”

“It’s impossible to imagine that we can still participate in such a battle?” The Marines were shocked.

Among the smoke and dust, the three men retreated. Madara pulled out a trace on the ground, then he stood firm, his armor was broken entirely, but his momentum did not drop at all, but he was even more fierce.

“Finally, I met good rivals!” Madara muttered.

In front of him, Sengoku and Garp stood together.

“Garp, this guy is not easy at all. It’s dangerous!” Sengoku said.

“I see, he is at the same level as us, it’s hard to deal with him!” said Garp.

Such a strong man, they didn’t know from where he came. What’s his purpose from making such a fuss?

After looking at each other for a moment, the three men suddenly moved again.

Almost instantaneously, they collided with each other quickly.

The golden Buddha punched with a big golden fist, Madara twisted his body to avoid this fist, but Garp next to it hit him.

He moved his arms in front of him to block, but Garp’s punch smashed his body. He collapsed and flew out.

“I am shocked by this powerful physical skills!”

It’s hard to fight hand-to-hand combat with Garp; even Madara was troubled, his physical solidity beyond imagination.

“Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!”

Then he leaped up, roared and spit out a great fire.