The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 8: Unbroken

A little fireball spurted out of his mouth, and then expanded quickly like a balloon.

In just two seconds, the fireball has expanded to a diameter of 100 meters, with hot air like it was the sun.

Almost instantaneously, the rolling avalanche confronted the huge fireball. The fragile ice and snow are vaporized and transpired into white mist in the instant of touching the flame.

Qin Yi bent over, and this huge fireball was in front of him.

The avalanche rolled down, but at this moment it skirted his position and slid down to both sides. In the middle, just a white mist rose.

In the ancient temple, O’Connell and others and General Yang all opened their mouths. When they saw this scene, they could not make a sound long while.

“Lin, are you sure that such a person can be stopped?”

O’Connell said.

Lin hung her mouth and was silent.

The man in front of them has been totally separated from the category of human beings, and his strength has reached a level beyond their imagination. The ancient historical legend of the Dragon Emperor, so powerful?!!

“Your Majesty!” General Yang muttered, and his heart was excited.

He knew that the only bet in his life was right. Such a powerful emperor, if he returns to his peak state, the world will surely united. And he had the honor to be his minister.

The avalanche finally stopped, and Qin Yi also took a long breath.

“Without breaking the seal, my strength will never reach its peak.”

His eyes became sharper. Qin Yi leaped down from the top of the Golden Tower toward O’Connell and others.

” do you want to stop the unification of the world ?”

Looking directly at Lin, Qin Yi shouted.

“You are a tyrant! If the world is united, the world will be destroyed!” Lin plucked up courage and shouted.

“This is what the woman told you? that’s ridiculous!”

With a sneer, Qin Yi’s face was cold, he took a step forward.

At this step, everybody felt that the ground was shaking. Then, the temple collapsed.

“No one can stop what the emperor wants to do!”

The majestic voice made all of them trembled.

“This world will be unified, the same text, the same language…!”

As soon as he turned around, Qin Yi stepped out and walked in the direction of Shangri-la. General Yang glanced at O’Connell and others and followed him.

He knows that in His Majesty’s eyes, these people are just like ants.

Walking through the Himalayas, Qin Yi was fine, but General Yang and others suffered greatly a lot. Here the wind, snow and narrow road, and if they don’t pay attention to it, they will die. Several times, a group of soldiers messed up and almost fell. At this time, Qin Yi pulled these people back.

Such a move made General Yang and others understand that the legendary Dragon Emperor was not a cruel and ruthless monarch, this made them more loyal to Qin Yi.

Three hours later, Qin Yi and others walked around the ridge of the bending area to the top of the mountain and saw the entrance of Shangri-la.

“Your Majesty, it is there!”

General Yang said excitedly, pointing to the entrance in the snowstorm.


Qin Yi nodded and his eyes lit up.

The terracotta warriors are always inconvenient in their actions and unable to release their strength to their peak state.

“Keep up and be safe.”

He reminded them.

As a king, Qin Yi knew naturally that something insignificant and easy to do could make his subordinates die for him. On the one hand, because of his status, on the other hand, because these people will be thankful for this opportunity. 

Later, Qin Yi looked at the entrance of Shangri-La,  his legs slightly bent, and jumped out.

The scene made the soldiers shocked, Qin Yi at this time is like a monster beyond the limits of human beings. on the steep cliffs, jumping fast and rising.

“Your Majesty is terrific!” The soldiers murmured.

In a short moment, they had seen Qin Yi reach the entrance of Shangri-La.

Inside the entrance of Shangri-La.

The entrance looks like a cave. It looks ordinary, but after entering it, it is another world.

Qin Yi glanced at the four directions. In front of him, it was a clear spring in a lake. There was no doubt that it was the eternal fountain in the legend.

“I will be immortal after drinking from this fountain?”

Qin Yi could not believe that he will reach the longevity dream of countless self-cultivators.

But it is star-level immortality.

“That is to say, this immortal spring has some limitations.”

When the scorpion flashed, Qin Yi walked away. He looked forward, crossed the front and saw a new world.

forests, rivers, grasslands, glittering with fascinating color are like Taoyuan. Independence from the whole world.

“You have been resurrected!” At this moment, a woman said with a cold voice.

“Zi Yuan.”

Qin Yi raised his hand, and broke the sword in her hand, then punch her in her abdomen.

“How can you be more powerful?”

Zi Yuan fell to the ground, shocked. She was a person who had seen the emperor and lived for two thousand years. from that ancient era, the emperor was not at this power level at all.

“The emperor has gained a new life.”

With a cold glance at Zi Yuan, Qin Yi stepped into the immortal spring

He would like to see for himself what kind of mystery this fountain can make people immortal.

In the world of Dragon Emperor, Qin Yi did not want to waste time. His purpose was simple and direct. He came for the land and population of the world. He plundered the identity of the Dragon Emperor and then accomplished the task of unifying the world with the help of his undead army.

he is more interested in and feels pressured about the world of One Piece.

But in Qin Yi’s view, although One Piece and Naruto worlds are both on the same level as star-level, there is many worlds and various mysterious powers in this worlds.

Of course, at this moment, Qin Yi is experiencing the power of this immortal spring.