The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 9: Calling the Tomb

Qin Yi stepped into the fountain, he felt comfortable like never before.

“not to mention immortality, this comfortable feeling huuuh.”  Qin Yi though.

He realized that this eternal spring is not even a spring, but a mixture of special energies. Simply put, it is a fusion of some mysterious substance and spring water. 

Gradually, Qin Yi felt the energy glittering with light blue and cool light in the spring water and began to flow to his terracotta body.

The feeling of stiffness was quickly dissipating. The soil around his body was melting and collapsing quickly, and the true face of Qin Yi emerged.

“The mysterious power makes me feel free!”

When he opened his eyes showed vertical pupils.

then, his body began to change rapidly.

a dark scales emerged in his skin, and his neck extended rapidly. his head, face, were also instantly transformed into a ferocious animal face, long beards grow from both sides of the cheeks, he roared and long claws and tail appeared and became a complete dragon.

This eternal spring water seems to have stimulated the latent power of the Dragon Emperor’s body, activated a fragment of his ancient gene, and completed the process of transformation from the human to Dragon.

A black dragon with a length of ten meters and a thickness of about three meters appeared from the spring to Zi Yuan.

Unlike the Dragon Emperor in the movie, Qin Yi’s body was exactly the Chinese Dragon.

The black dragon was showing endless hegemony, dignity.

This is a real behemoth, a horrible beast from mythology, Qin Yi felt as his power is endless.

this body can definitely be called invincible in this world.

“Zi yuan, you have the mysterious power of the ancient East. May you help me to unify the world and eliminate injustice in the universe?”

Qin Yi’s words shook the entire Shangri-La with its majestic.

“You have got all the power, why do you still need me?”

Zi yuan said coldly then, she pointed the sword to Qin Yi.

“I think that was a good opportunity.”

In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Zi yuan.

With a roar the dragon claws fell violently at Zi yuan, then she raised her sword, but her weak body, even with such martial arts, she couldn’t face Qin Yi.

In a thunderous sound, Zi Yuan’s figure was shot and bumped into the wall behind her. blood spread out from her mouth, and she was breathing hard.

“On this strength, you want to stop me?”

With a roar, Qin Yi leaped from Shangri-la up to the snow.

Unlike the Dragon Emperor with his three-headed Western dragon, this is a real Chinese dragon.

General Yang, who was waiting in the snow, heard a roar of a beast, and hurriedly looked up.

Immediately, he saw a legendary black dragon flying, rushing to his direction.

“Dragon!?” everyone panicked.

This kind of ancient god beast only exists in legend, so they were stunned.

The black dragon was extremely fast, and in a blink of an eye, it has already come to them.

“he is your emperor!”

Qin Yi said with his dragon voice then he transformed to his regular body.

“your Majesty!” General Yang and others were shocked, followed by great joy.

Long Di has such strength, and can also be transformed into the ancient Chinese totem, such power and meaning, he is naturally very clear.

We must know that at this time, China had just staggered out of the feudal society, and some old-feudal ideas still exist. to be an emperor who can incarnate Black Dragons represent some symbols to them.

“let’s go with the emperor to the ancient tomb, and you follow us with the plane!”

General Yang roared.

Qin Yi turned into a black dragon and took General Yang and the soldiers have gone back to the plane.

Qin Yi rushed to the sky flying toward the graveyard.

By this time, he had fallen in love with the feeling of flying with this dragon form.

At this time, Qin Yi was ups and downs in the sea of clouds, playing and having fun(poor General yang).

He flew from high altitude, crossed thousands of miles, and when he looked down at a huge statue, he realized that he had arrived.

“In this world, I shouldn’t waste time, first unify China, and then expand to the whole world!” then he transformed to his human shape then stand on top of the statue then he pulled out his long sword and pointed it into the sky. His face was cold and he roared.

“wake up!!!”

the ground crashed down, the terracotta warriors appeared.



Sounds of steps, soldiers and horses in shape of terracotta, armed with spears, lances, holding high flags, trampling on the ground, rumbling out, stood in front of Qin Yi. They were solemn and cruel. They are all warriors who have gone through a thousand wars.  

He nodded silently and was satisfied with the quality of the terracotta warriors.