The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 10: New Dynasty

“Today you awake to a world…in the grip of chaos and corruption.

Open the gate of the past and free the souls of the wrong who he’s damned.

I will restore order…

I will retake what is mine.

I will conquer without compassion.

I will now lead you past the Great Wall.

Once you cross, you will be indestructible!”

he roared and the 10,000 soldiers were listening silently, showing good military qualities.

At that moment, General Yang led his soldiers, who also quickly arrived here, joined the terracotta army, raised their right hand, saluted respectfully Qin Yi.

“General Yang!” Qin Yi looked at General Yang standing in the front of him.

“Your Majesty!” General Yang shouted.

“If we want to conquer the world, we should unify China first. What’s your suggestion?”

Qin Yi asked.

“There is a civil war in China, The people were struggling and they deceived by the western civilization, your majesty only needs to go out and fight them. All evils along the road should be eliminated as many as possible!!”

“His Majesty can take the place of Communist Party in China and the government of Taiwan!”

General Yang replied loudly.

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, it was clear that the history of this space-time is different from that of the earth, after all, it is another dimension and time, how can it be exactly the same?

Qin Yi roared.

“then I will take what’s mine now!”

Holding up his right hand, suddenly roared.


With one order, the terracotta army rushed forward and made the ground trembling.

Qin Yi jumped down and came to General Yang.

“General Yang, you will accompany the emperor.”

“my soldiers and horses are immortal, and there is no need to worry about them!”

General Yang was so happy that he immediately saluted, “your orders!”

 Qin Yi nodded, then they went to the military jeep parked on the side.

“Go straight to the capital!” Qin Yi ordered the closed his eyes in the car.

General Yang was shocked by this atmosphere of the ancient emperor dragon.

Terracotta Warriors are very fast. They don’t eat or drink, they don’t sleep, and their speed is comparable to that of motorcycles.

On the third day of the march, they met the first batch of troops blocking the front.

“This is Xia Jun troops. He is my friends, but they have not yet surrendered to your Majesty.”

General Yang said.

“Crush them!” Qin Yi opened his eyes and said.

With his order, General Yang saw an unforgettable scene that made his eyes wide.

The fighting power of the undead army made them understand.


thousands of warriors marched forward in an orderly manner, They ran faster, and when the spears were still a hundred meters away from the enemy, they had put them down and pointed straight ahead.


the archers pulled their bows, and in a moment the sky was covered with a black cloud of arrows, draw parabola, and then accurately and then fell precisely into the enemy’s ranks. Let Xia Jun lose a large number of the soldiers.  

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang bang!”

At that moment, the gun sounded, and the bullets came from the terracotta warriors, but only knocked out a few pieces of soil, and there is no harm to the soldiers.

Instantly, the two armies faced each other.

Such an invincible undead army, Xia Jun army was smashed.

Qin Yi was watching silently from the back of the Jeep.

General Yang was silent too, he was shocked by the strength of the ancient empire.

Even though modern soldiers use advanced weapons and concepts that are two thousand years ahead, in that ancient past, there are such mysteries.

When the undead army crossed the war zone, the enemy had collapsed. Their general surrendered.

“General Yang, you are responsible for recruiting them.” Qin Yi said.

General Yang responded and got off the Jeep and led the soldiers forward.

This thousands of elites are strong. In those remote ancient times, they were able to catch tigers and leopards, skilled in variant martial arts.

Thinking of this, Qin Yi sat in the jeep and was displeased from the plot played in the movie.

The Dragon Emperor was so humiliated!

After a short rest, at dusk, Qin Yi and others went out again. They marched and headed straight for the capital.

In this country that is weak in the world, Qin Yi must take him down and use it as a site to expand the world and unify the world.

With the undead army and a snowball-like growing army on the road, he became stronger.

They marched day and night, and by the seventh day, they had reached the gate of the capital.

“Your Majesty, our soldiers are ready to attack!”

“In these seven days, along the way, we took 13 cities.  Although the soldiers worked hard, they were very excited!” General Yang was excited and roared loudly.

The undead army was really invincible. The mortals can’t stop it. In just seven days, they have swept almost a quarter of China, which means that a quarter of China has changed its name to Qin.

Now the number of soldiers under Qin Yi has reached 180,000!

This is not 180,000 people with melee-weapons, but modern fighters with Firearms such as tanks, artillery, aircraft, rocket launchers, machine guns, automatic rifles and so on.

Qin Yi has been an ordinary human after all.

On the 7th day, his army of ordinary people has reached the limit.

“Let the Army accompany you and take a rest!”

He ordered him and he took his sword.

His eyes were fixed on the magnificent palace close by, and he waved it indifferently.


The army immediately moved forward, the ground trembled, the rumbling sound spread throughout the city, making people in panic.

The gates were quickly taken. Then a large number of soldiers spread out four roads and entered the palace.

Qin Yi knees and bends from the ground, and comes to the top of the city gate, looking down.

“Great rivers and mountains, now in the hands of the emperor!”

“This world is at your fingertips!”