The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 11: One-China

the capital was taken by Qin Yi.

Under the attack of the Undead army, any army has only two choices: surrender or death. The war took only five hours, and everything was done.

With the power of his army, even Qin Yi did not move from his position.

General Yang and the other seventeen generals have done everything.

At this point, Qin Yi is sitting on his dragon chair.

In the hall below, General Yang and the leaders of the mortal army stood there in silence, erect and straight. they did not speak. they were very disciplined.

“From today on, this city is renamed Kyoto!” Qin Yi said.

“The emperor’s will, to spread surrender letters to all provinces and cities across the country, if they obey, let them enjoy us, and their leaders will be governors under me!”

“If they not obey.” Qin Yi’s tone became cold.

“Hell is still empty, and I’ll fill it!”

the military leaders were stunned and realize for real that the emperor was back for conquering the world.

After coming to the world of Dragon Emperor, Qin Yi’s imperial atmosphere became more and more strong. With the strengthening of his power, the king’s power is also increasing rapidly, making him more majestic and domineering.

If the world of Naruto is his starting point so that he has the power to survive. Then this common world gave birth to his majesty as a king and made him understand the indifference and hegemony that a king should possess.

“Yes your Majesty!” all the generals shouted together.

“The military and the government will be divided into two parts. the military power will be handed to General Yang, find someone talented for the government.”

“Remember, I want a person who can handle it. If he fails, you will be responsible!” Qin Yi looked down and said.

The generals shuddered and nodded again. General Yang’s was expressionless, but his heart was overjoyed.  

He has worked hard and dedicated so much to this moment. The Dragon Emperor deserves to be an emperor for thousands of years.

In this period of war, military power may be more important than political power. Political power is maintaining stability, while military power is opening up territory and safeguarding their safety.

“Your Majesty, rest assured that will be certainly done!”  General Yang said.

“Well, go down!” Qin Yi waved to everyone.

The next day, the news came.

“Hexi Province declared that surrender to His Majesty, Commander of the Hexi Military region, will arrive in Kyoto three days later to meet your majesty!”

“Hudong Province surrendered and its commander will arrive after two days.”

“Guangdong and Lufeng obeyed.”

“In the north of the Yangtze River, there has been great chaos, and the capitulators and conservatives are in the midst of war at this time.”

“Tainan Island, occupied by villains, is still a long way away. It will take three days for our army to deliver the news.”


Qin Yi sat on the Dragon chair and listened silently to the general’s reports.

As a result, more than two-thirds of the country’s more than 20 provinces and municipalities have surrendered. After the Capital’s defeat, China’s government was beheaded. Qin Yi was sitting in golden Luan Hall. People who knew that he had changed the dynasty. Moreover, the legend that he was the Dragon Emperor has spread all over the country.

Faced with such an invincible emperor, a few people who have the courage to confront him.  

“Your Majesty represses the world with his name, everyone hears your Majesty’s name, loses courage.”

Qin Yi turned a blind eye to General Yang’s flattery and said.

“What about the three northeastern provinces?”

His eyes were fixed and he asked.

“occupied by the Fusang State. They were repulsed by the Xia Guo army before. but now they are nested there and refuse to leave.”

“Because the enemy’s firearms are advanced and superior to ours, they are very difficult to tangle with.” General Yang said.

“Difficult?” Qin Yi’s eyes became cold.

“In the eyes of the Emperor, there is no difficulty!” He jumped up and stepped out of the Golden Hall.

“Since you find it difficult, let Your Emperor do it.”  

“When I come back, if other provinces and cities have not yet surrendered, I will smash them!”

just then they saw a black dragon roaring up into the sky, winding forward at a fast speed.

Such a Dragon immediately made the people in Kyoto kneeling.

Chinese people have a fanatical belief in the dragon, a mythical and legendary creature.

“Your Majesty!!!”

Inside the Golden Hall, the generals shouted. 

“Your Majesty is going to eradicate the demons of the three northeastern provinces. We must also hurry and recover the whole country and restore the glory of Qin!” General Yang murmured.

they looked at each other, the generals did not hesitate and turned away quickly.

Qin Yi flew through the clouds, and three hours later, he had reached the sky of the three northeastern provinces.

Looking down from the clouds, he could see clearly in his eyes that the Fusang Army dressed in different clothes were clustered together in bases.

“A total of twelve bases, distributed in three provinces.”

“Not much, but it has the strength to make Xia Guo obey.”

“But for the Emperor, it’s just a Chicken!”  

“Unifying the whole country and establishing the boundaries is the beginning of my Conquest of the world!”

Qin Yi is transformed into his human body and stood in the empty sky turned his eyes to Rinnegan.

The Eternal Spring broke the curse seal on his body, and all his power has recovered. Moreover, he seemed to feel the special power of immortality.