The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 12: Tengai Shinsei

Maybe this immortality only in this world.

He printed quickly with his hands and pressed down.

“Tengai Shinsei!”

“what is this?!”

Below, in the twelve Japanese military bases, Japanese soldiers quickly came over and wondered about this inexplicable phenomenon.

twelve meteorites of the size of small hills emerged at a height of ten thousand meters. broke through the clouds, falling down toward the ground below.


This scene made the people on the ground stunned, their pupils shrank and their faces changed.

“what is that?!”

To be honest, the meteorites summoned by Qin Yi was not as big as the meteorite of Madara in anime, Of course, there is no need to exert all efforts against these Japanese troops. It is enough to divide a large meteorite into twelve parts.

Twelve hills and small meteorites, marking the road in the air, swooping down at high speed, let the Japanese  army immediately panic to the extreme.

At the same time, some Chinese people saw the direction of these meteorites, just toward the bases of Japanese Army, suddenly they were kneeling from this majestic scene.

“God is punishing these demons!”

“Shoot them, smash these bastards!” ”

The people’s tears of excitement flowed out. These cruel guys had done so many bad deeds in the Xia Kingdom and Heaven finally came to collect them.  

At this moment, a black dragon appeared in the sky and roared.

“Your emperor will back to his throne after he cleaned up these demons!”

The sound of the dragon made people shocked and panicked.  It is the Dragon Emperor who unified China recently! 

the extremely fast fall made sand and stone flying, and the military bases shook and their weapons were helpless in face of such a disaster.

When they saw the sky covered they knew their destiny.


the meteorites fell into the military bases. A sound like a landslide came out, and a large area of land cracked.

At this moment, it seems that people can not see anything. The meteorites created a terrifying and shocking scene.

a couple minutes later, the dust was blown away under the roar of the gale. The Xia people who were near this.

“Oh my God!” they said.

“This is caused by the Dragon Emperor?!”

“It’s terrible!”

Even they were excited, they were frightened by the power of the Dragon Emperor.

meteorites in the size of the hills and he smashed the bases in just a few minutes, with their weapons and vehicles.

They looked up at the sky, the black dragon disappeared into the clouds.

When Qin Yi returned to the imperial palace, the whole Chinese country had, (oh no, now it should be called the Qin kingdom) united.

Imagine that there is such a Dragon Emperor with such ability to summon meteorites, Who has the courage to resist?

On the third day, General Yang came with an excited face.

“Your Majesty, the story of the meteorites that smashed The Japanese Army has been spread all over the world!”

Qin Yi sat in a dragon chair and looked down.

“What did the Emperor tell you to do?”

“Your Majesty. All parts of the country obey you. Even those who fled to Taiwan they were in fear. They came to Kyoto yesterday, waiting for your mercy.”

General Yang shouted.

In the past two days, Qin Yi’s King power has been constantly increasing. But at this moment there is something weird, the entire country, there are more than 500 million people joined his kingdom.

“is the whole Qin State united now?” Qin suddenly stood up and said.

“Yes, Your Majesty, the world, everyone knows the name of the Dragon Emperor, Everyone is in awe!!” General Yang shouted.

Before he looked for the dragon emperor, he had already anticipated this scene, but he did not expect it to come so fast.

The power of the dragon emperor is so powerful, and it is invincible and is a true god. Who will be his opponent when such a person exists?

“Very good!” Qin Yi nodded with satisfaction.

Before he came to the world of Dragon Emperor, he expected that it would not be difficult to conquer the country of the world. his purpose was only to use the size of this world to expand the size of his own king’s world.

For him, the way to rapidly strengthen his world is undoubtedly to invade the low-level worlds.

Next, as long as he establishes the portal, pulls the Ninja from the King’s World and uses them to unify the world, it is only a matter of time.

Of course, before that, he has to solve one thing.  

The eyes of Qin Yi glittered. His eyes crossed the Hall, across the ocean, then he looked to another continent.

On the other side of the ocean far away, there is a country that has already advanced with its technology.

He deeply knows that beyond this era, the theme of the next era will be the collision of nuclear weapons.

“The atomic bomb?”

“It is a very useful force!”

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