The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 13: Back to Kingsland

Science and technology are different from the cultivation of the human body. can be said to be two completely different evolutionary paths.

Qin Yi believes that they have to be together on the same path.

Now he is just the king of a world of ninja civilization. Next, when the common world is completely unified, he intends to carry out the King’s Road and integrate everything into the king’s world. At that time, the whole country will undergo tremendous changes.

What will happen after the integration of Ninja civilization and the initial scientific and technological civilization?

One day later, Qin Yi met with military and political leaders from 24 provinces and cities in the Golden Temple.

they were terrified by the Emperor’s majesty.

The dragon emperor spoke out slowly and deeply. made them believe that they were facing a god, not an emperor.

No one dares to speak up and no one dares to rise up.

“The Emperor wants a stable and strong world.”

“All the initiatives that are conducive to this goal can begin!” 

“But the only iron law is that it must not affect the lives of the people!” Qin Yi said with a loud voice.

“The country will rest and prepare for a month, and soon we will wage war on the whole world.”

“The world will eventually be unified by the Emperor.”

“we will begin from the North of the Great Wall!”

This Iron-blooded voice made the people in the room stunned.

With their current strength, let alone against the whole world, fighting that country (Russia) in the north is very difficult. How could the wise and invincible Dragon Emperor make such a mistake?

“I know what worries you.” Qin Yi said.

“You don’t need to worry about anything. You just need to be ready. The Emperor will summon an army from another world.”

The military and political leaders’ faces changed inexplicably.

“A different world? Is it a fairyland?”

“Yes, Emperor Long has been immortal and has such strength. Maybe he came from another world.”

Thoughts made them confused.

However, instead of explaining to them, Qin Yi waved back to the door.

When the provincial elders returned, Qin Yi called General Yang.

“General Yang, you have been serving the Emperor for a while, so some things should let you know.”

“Of course, the whole world will know about it, but, not now.”

General Yang followed Qin Yi and his head filled with doubts.

But his Majesty did not say a word but took him to the palace where he lived.

“Come in!” Qin Yi stepped in and turned around and said to General Yang.

General Yang hesitated and stepped in.

just after General Yang stepped in, he immediately turned pale.

The light around him was twisting rapidly, and the colorful light flashed towards him as if he was going to crush him.

“Relax, the Emperor will take you to another world!” Qin Yi smiled.

At this time, Qin Yi seemed he put down his Majesty of the Dragon Emperor and returned to the status of the king. This room, as early as a few days ago, has been transformed into a Portal.

Now, with the power of King Qin Yi, it is no longer necessary to spend a long time to establish the Portal.

General Yang took a deep breath,

Force himself to calm down. He had never experienced such a situation in his life.

After a few breaths, the world in front of him suddenly lit up, and General Yang squinted unconsciously.

“Here we are!”

General Yang opened his eyes when he heard Qin Yi.

Then he stunned from this scene before his face!

There are huge gates with big eyes on top of it(the King’s eyes), the buildings with a strange style, people were leaping on the roof of the house. Some of them release fire, some of them release water, some of them could control the wind.

What kind of world is it?

“Here is King’s World! Yeah, where the Emperor come!” Qin Yi stretched his hands and said.

After going to the world of the Dragon Emperor, he turned subconsciously to a ruthless emperor, conquering the world needed such character.

“King’s World?” General Yang murmured.

Looking at these things in front of him, made him fascinated. his world outlook that has been built up for decades seems to have been shattered with a click.

Can humans do these actions? In addition, he has reached another world in an instant? also, His Majesty, who has always been admired and regarded as a myth, is actually an alien?

Qin Yi and General Yang, who was shocked and confused, walked all the way to the palace. People on the way greeted him respectfully.

“Your Majesty, are you back? It seems to be a success!” in the palace, Gandalf was wearing a pair of glasses and documents in his hand, he asked.

“It’s not finished yet. This time, I’m here to take an army and unify the whole world.”

Qin Yi stretched out and sat on the sofa.

Here is the office especially responsible for reading all kinds of documents; Gengetsu looked up at General Yang, said with a smile.

“Is this our new buddy?”

“This is General Yang, the right assistant I got from that world.”

Qin Yi introduced him with a smile.

General Yang surprised by Qin Yi’s easygoing attitude at this time. He realized that the two people in front of him were definitely the most powerful people in the country. Otherwise, it is impossible to talk to your Majesty like this.

“Hello, Gongs.” General Yang was polite and respectful.

“Oh, this General, There are seats. Sit down and talk.”  Gengetsu said.

General Yang looked at him and he shook his head like a rattle: “I’ll just stand up.”

“What a good boy with good manners.” Gengetsu joked.

“Where did you get him, Your Majesty? he is so polite? he’s much better than the old guys like us. Are you going to fire us?” Gandalf laughed.

“I think you two have a lot of work to do.”

Qin Yi laughed.


“This time, I come back to take an army to unify the world of the Dragon Emperor completely.”

“In addition, there is news coming from Madara?”

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