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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 14: Asia

“The people of the major clan in the Kingdom were doing nothing recently, so they can go with your majesty.”

“As for Madara, there was no news from the time he went with three generals to the world of pirates .”

Gengetsu looked up and said.

“In addition, the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) is under construction. Hashirama Sama is responsible for it. It is prepared in this world. In the future, it will be up to them to carry out the task of information in the multi-worlds.”

Qin Yi was shocked when he heard that, which was beyond his expectation.

ninjas are essentially assassin-type professions, and they do have an advantage over such collect information missions.

“Hashirama? Isn’t he busy with the unification of ninja’s world?”

Gengetsu shook his head.

“Don’t you know how gentle is Hashirama? If Madara did it, the war may have started long 

time ago.”

“However, Hashirama is still fantasizing about using love and peace to ease the contradictions between the great powers and to achieve unity.”

Qin Yi heard and smiled slightly.

“But your Majesty, Mr. Hashirama has been made progress, and by this time he has brought up some ninja from Konoha,” Gandalf said.

“Oh? Who?” Qin Yi was curious.

“The Uchiha clan, as well as some members of Ninja clans, has a small population. This matter, made the brothers fight a big battle and the dispute between them get bigger.” Gengetsu said.

“Uchiha clan?!” Qin Yi stunned for a moment and then overjoyed.

There are many clans among Konoha, all of which have great power. Naturally, the Uchiha clan are among the top clans. It is indeed a great joy to have Madara first and all of Uchiha later, all of which have become part of the Qin State.

He immediately used the power of the king and instantly tried eyes one by one.

“Yes, the entire Uchiha clan.”

Conquering the world of the Dragon Emperor can be said to be simple but complicated. The world is not big, but it also has the same vast area as the previous Earth. Among them, there are countless countries. Of course, Qin Yi is not interested in conquering the whole planet. He only needs to bring the major powers into his own hands, which is enough.

“If your Majesty wants to conquer the other world, he can order the major clans in the country. They will send troops.” Gandalf said.

Qin Yi nodded, and then he no longer hesitated.

he went out of the office with General Yang, Qin Yi immediately ordered the leaders of the major clans to come to the Palace.

Half of an hour, in the Palace, General Yang was sitting at the bottom, with curious and somewhat scared.

He could feel the strength of the people sitting in the hall at the moment, and everyone has a superpower he could not imagine. What shocked him, even more, was that all the people in this country had such power.

“Your Majesty, what do you need us to do?” the Uzumaki leader Nagase asked; there was more than 30 leader there.

“I need an army, our goal this time is a group of powerless countries, mostly civilian fighters, with some difficulties, but not much.”

“So, I need an army from the most elite ninja in your own clans.” Qin Yi said.

With the army of ninja, the Dragon Emperor World can be said to be in control.

The clan leaders looked at each other and they did not hesitate.

“Your Majesty, consider it done.” Qin Yi waved and smiled.  

the army was under construction.

“Your Majesty, can you tell me what’s happened Madara sama?”

When almost all the leaders left, there was still a kimono-clad man there, who was the current leader of the Uchiha clan.

“He is now in another world, everything is fine.” Qin Yi nodded.

The Leader left after hearing that, he knew that for sure he is fine.

In less than three hours, the leaders of the clans have chosen their candidates. When Qin Yi and General Yang came to the Portal, there stood from all clans of the ninjas, a total of more than 3,000 ninjas.

General Yang knows that these people all have superpowers.

Here, as an ordinary person, the status is quite embarrassing.

Qin Yi went over and glanced at it. He found that the leaders of all clans were there. They all came out in person and nodded secretly.

After joining his country, everyone will be influenced by the country and become positive. However, this does not mean that they have changed their nature. In essence, they are still themselves. selfish and have their minds but they love this country as the best citizens ever. In his case, Qin Yi let them live as they want in peace. But when he needs them he will not hesitate to use them.

“Since all are here, let’s go!”

Qin Yi took the lead with Yang General and stepped forward.

instantly, Qin Yi has come to the world of the Dragon Emperor again.

more than 3,000 ninjas were in place.

“General Yang.” Qin Yi roared.

General Yang quickly came over: “Your Majesty!”

“Lead the ninjas to a place to settle down, and then teach them everything they have to know as soon as possible.”

“After three days, I need them to conquer this whole continent first!” Qin Yi said.

“Understood!” General Yang said and walked with the clan leaders.

At this moment, Qin Yi stretched out and went back to his room to rest. In this world, he made up a good situation. If nothing serious happens, the leaders of the clans and the generals of the Qin State will handle everything well.

Now, he only needs to take charge of the general direction.

but he still cannot go to the pirate world.

he needs to do the King’s road and integrates the two worlds.

Three hours later, General Yang and the clan leaders gathered in a makeshift conference room.

General Yang took a deep breath and said slowly.

“It’s a great honor to be here with you. Next, I’ll introduce you to His Majesty’s idea.”

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