The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 15: U.S.A

What is Qin Yi’s idea?

Conquer the world. Of course, It’s simple as a sentence at least but there were countless plans and possibilities.

It must be said that General Yang is indeed a very talented man. Otherwise, it is impossible, just in an afternoon, to made the leaders of all clans have a general understanding of the political systems and the power in this strange world.

In addition, when he first came to this world, Qin Yi had already transmitted the language of the Dragon Emperor’s world to all the leaders through the power of the king, and they could understand the Chinese language naturally.

Three days later, the three thousand Ninjas set out from the State of Qin to the journey of conquering the East Continent.

Among the Qin countries, a large number of troops were gathering and began to spread around.

Such frequent and intense military operations naturally fail to be hidden from other countries.

On North America, councils were stunned and staring at each other.

“What is the emperor of the Great Qin Dynasty thinking about? He wants to bloom on both sides, to conquer Eurasia?”

“this is crazy, his lost is near!”

But when ordinary people think so, O’Connell and others just have arrived there. After the mummy incident, they were terrified of the power of the Dragon Emperor.

That kind of terrible power is the same as the power of the gods.

“General Secretary, please do give us some time. This matter concerns the peace and safety of the whole world!”

O’Connell and others are naturally not qualified to meet Roosevelt. They come here from their adventure directly.

The sudden appearance of them naturally shocked Roosevelt and his bodyguards.

Just as the bodyguards reacted and tried to drive them away, O’Connell shouted loudly.

Roosevelt waved: ” say what you have to say.”

The bodyguards stopped and then stared at O’Connell and others.

“Mr. the President, we were seven days ago in China, where we saw frightening things.”

O’Connell and others began to talk in front of Roosevelt about the scene when they saw the Dragon Emperor.  They told him about all the details..

“You mean that the destruction of the Japanese military base was done by the Great Qin Emperor?”

“He summoned an army of undeads to wage war and unify the whole world?” Roosevelt couldn’t believe it.

You know, this people who were developing an atomic bomb and have a military force that made the world silent, but at this time, those adventurers said that in China, there is an undead army?

“Yes, you must believe us! The ancient emperor, who came from two thousand years ago, had unified China in a short time, and changed its name to Qin state!”

“Next, he wants to unify the whole world.” O’Connell said.

Roosevelt was thinking. The actions and expressions of these people in front of him do not seem to be fake at all. Of course, there is no need for them to break through the blockades and come here to tell a fake story.

After a while, he called the secretary next to him and whispered a few words in his ear.

The secretary’s expression changed. After looking at O’Connell and others, he went out.

couple minutes later, the secretary came to Roosevelt , whispered in his ear, and then put documents upon the table.

At this point, the expression of Roosevelt changed.

“You have to go to rest first, I will deal with this matter.”

O’Connell and others heard Roosevelt’s words,

They did not get any accurate answers, so did the President send them away?

The bodyguards took a step forward and forced them out.

When Roosevelt was alone, he said.

“These things are real!” 

Modern science and technology will face the old myth. He feels ridiculous, but he has to believe it.

The documents on the table contained photographs of the Undead army and a black dragon flying. 

The Dragon Emperor, Roosevelt has also seen that his face is blurred in the photograph, but it makes people terrifying, as if facing a beast.

Two hours later, Roosevelt was sitting with the heads of the military and political system of the USA.

“So what should we do now?” Roosevelt asked with a deep tone.

They looked through the documents in their hands, and they couldn’t believe what they saw.

In the past few days, there were actually rumors about this news, but no one believed it and thought it was just made up by some people!

“The State of Qin has not yet done anything detrimental to China’s interests, and in the case of the State of Japan, we can still say that it is a common enemy. So, in light of the current situation, we are still unable to start the war with China.”

An executive thought for a moment and said.

“I hold the opposite view. the great Qin Emperor is an emperor with a clear ambition”

“In the face of an emperor with ambition to dominate the world, what we have to do is to prepare for the rains and eliminate all dangers in the bud!”

“Once he has a plan for our country, it will be too late!” A general said.

Roosevelt agreed with him.

It can be said that the United States at this time was the strongest. Their military, land area and resources are the most powerful in the whole world. And they have great ambition to rule the world. At this time, the birth of Qin State is undoubtedly the strongest obstacle to them! The legendary Dragon Emperor made them terrified!

“I suggest to strike them as soon as possible.”

No one can afford the devastating power of their new weapons.

Roosevelt remained silent, there was a long controversy in the room. 

In the end, the call to the war won.

Roosevelt said.

“Then, the military departments should be prepared to strike the evil Emperor Dragon of the State of Qin as soon as possible!”

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