The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 81: Rescuing Aokiji

After the Sabaody Incident, the Navy was gathering its forces quietly.

What made the world’s surprise; they did not act directly towards the State of Qin but did not act at all and fell silent. However, people who care about it all know that the people who control the whole world, whether they are the world government or the Navy, will not let it go.

One day later, in the sea near the Qin State.

On the flagship of Qin’s Navy, Ace walked solemnly to Madara, who was staring at the sea and his hands on his back.


“hmm boy.” Madara gently nodded.

“I’m leaving the State of Qin.” Ace said.

“Go ahead,” Madara said with a smile.

Ace was aware of his master’s character, so he stopped talking more and turned around and was ready to leave.


Just as he was about to get off the boat, Madara sighed.

Ace stepped, turned, and was puzzled.

“Take this; it will be useful!”

As soon as Madara raised his hand and threw his Gunbai away, Ace took it.

“Gunbai Uchiwa!” he was shocked, and Ace stared at the Gunbai.

 Ace knew the magic of this fan very well.

“Don’t fail your Sensei!” Madara said coldly and fell silent again.

then he did not turn around to look at Ace but looked down at sea ahead.

Ace gripped the Gunbai in his hand, took a deep breath, bowed down to his Sensei, saluted again, and then retreated.

It is a magical and powerful weapon; he knew very well that this Gunbai could convert incoming attack into wind nature transformation and reflect it. At the critical moment, it can save lives. He didn’t see Madara used the sickle that is connected at the end of it, but it was undoubtedly a mighty weapon.

After bidding farewell Madara, Ace and his crew set sail again.

At the same time, an emergency meeting was held in Marine Headquarters.

“The situation now is very critical, you know what happened to the Grand Line.” his two hands on the table, Sengoku said in a deep voice.

Kizaru and Akainu were on both sides, who had not yet fully recovered from injuries, and both of them were gloomy at the moment.

The battle that was not long ago brought them trauma and shadows in the heart, especially Huang Qi, and their faces were smashed.

“The world government proposes to start acting now!”

“But, I think it is irrational to open the box of war impulsively.”

“From the information gathered from various places, we know that the Qin State has the technology above our knowledge, they have developed a new weapon with a strong offensive force!”

“Besides, there are many strong people in this country!”

“Qin Lin, Yang Yi and Fang Lan, the three generals of the Qin State, have shown no less strength than our three Admirals!”

“Once the war begins, it is likely to affect many civilians in the first half of the Grand Line.”

“You know, the State of Qin must not be a merciful fellow. As soon as they appeared, they invaded Alabasta, and even earned Crocodile and other criminals.”

“No one knows what they will do in the wartime.”

Sengoku said in the conference room table in front of high ranked officers; it made people think deeply.

That was showing the Navy’s strong intelligence capabilities. The officers’ pupils shrank, and their hearts shake when they saw pictures of weapons and the powerful skills of Qin.

It’s not just different from the Navy’s current weapons shape, but it’s more powerful and shocking.

“This is a new weapon called tank, and this is artillery made by Qin soldiers, and there are also new artillery shells such as these.”

“These weapons, we have never seen before, but we can expect that they must have great power!” Sengoku said and pointed to the pictures.

What really made Sengoku stunned was that from these weapons, he saw that the Qin State had already begun to build its own military factories.

Unlike the revolutionary army and the pirates, the Qin State was the real threat for the moment!

“Therefore, it is not appropriate to act rashly and start a war!”

“But, it’s not right to let them develop without taking action!” Sengoku said.

The atmosphere in the scene became quiet, and the officers realized how terrible the Qin country is.

“I think the most important thing now is to rescue Aokiji. we got reports that he is not dead, but he has been sunk in the sea of Nanohana.” Akainu said.

“His ability plays a significant role in a sea war.”

“As for the affairs of the State of Qin, as the Fleet Admiral Sengoku said, we must not be hasty, we need more information, and the navy is prepared for war anytime.”

“It’s not too late to go to war when the time is right! Patient men win in the end.” Akainu said, the people there nodded.

It can be said that the Qin Dynasty’s choice of geographical location was really excellent. In the first half of the Grand Line, even if the Navy controlled the tight areas, the Qin state had the places of high population. Under such circumstances, the State of Qin suddenly took the lead, so the Marine could neither make a move easily nor remain motionless.

Even if war breaks out, it can only be on a small scale. Once it expands, it will affect the civilian population, which is very dangerous.

Sengoku’s eyes flashed, it was clear that Akainu’s suggestion was the most appropriate one at present. A desperate war will only bring disaster to the Navy and the World Government.

“Then, be ready to rescue Aokiji.”

“Besides, call Shichibukai back!”

After a glance, Sengoku finally made this decision.

In the twinkling of an eye, a month had passed quietly.

On this day, Qin Yi walked out of the palace, and the brilliant sunshine fell on his head, making his eyes narrow.

“I haven’t seen the sunshine for a month. I’m sluggish!” Stretching, Qin Yi had a faint smile on her face.

This month, he studied all kinds of abilities on his body. Of course, his real focus is on his three main devils fruits, as well as the two types of Haki.

With his talent, this month had brought all kinds of abilities together, and his power had gone up to a new level.

“Then, it’s time to speed up the pace of annexation and expansion!”

His eyes suddenly became sharp; Qin Yi looked far away.

He is not patient as the Marine, after all!