The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 82: New Skills

The time spent to establish a country in the Naruto world was longer than here, but this was just the initial stage.

it will be impossible to say that the establishment of the portal In a world with the same level of civilization of Naruto, with many such resources and powerful strength from Naruto, will be difficult.

Stepping up toward the palace, Qin Yi gradually disappeared.

An hour later, Qin Yi looked up at his desk.

“now we have occupied the quarter of the first half of the Grand Line!”

The officer immediately bent down and respectfully replied: “Yes, Your Majesty, half of the sea west of the Grand Line of Qin, has been fully subdued under the majesty of our country.”

“And, not long ago, Our Qin army has been stationed there.”

If the eyes flashed thoughtfully, Qin Yi felt it in his mind, and he realized that his King’s power was enhanced a lot.

With a flash in his eyes, Qin Yi felt something in his mind and realized that his King’s power had been enhanced a lot. The massive power of the King has faintly surpassed the trend of the Naruto world. In Naruto’s world, Qin Yi only occupied the country of water, but here, he didn’t know how many countries have been included in his pocket.

“Then, it will take another two months to occupy the first half of the Grand Line completely.” Said Qin Yi

“There is no problem. Master Crocodile is a very active person.” The officer said.

Qin Yi smiled, the Qin army was blooming everywhere, fighting everywhere. Only in such a situation can he guarantee the fastest speed to win such a vast place.

the quarter of the Grand Line, this area is not small.

Waving his hand, Qin Yi allowed the ministers left, sitting on the throne, his eyes slightly stunned.

During this time, his King’s power was overgrowing, and now it was beyond his last peak.

Qin Yi was hoping to get a new king’s skill as the King’s eyes or the plunder skill; every new King’s skill has an influential role.

With the improvement of the power of the King and the development of the level of civilization, the skills of the King he masters will inevitably be developing again.

 After the King’s eyes, he did not get any king’s power. Now, this agile development made Qin Yi very happy and more eager for the development of new skills.

Even, associated with the King’s world, as the world of One Piece progressed, he also seemed to feel that the level of civilization was gradually changing.

“The expansion of the pirate world can also affect the civilization level!”

“Then, the awakening of King’s power seems to be very much related to the improvement of the level of civilization.”

His eyes flashed, and Qin Yi gradually understood.

Only with his progress, the increase of the power of the King, the growth of the King’s world civilization, the skills of the King hidden in his blood will wake up and be in his grip.

The fundamental skills, each can be said to be extremely powerful, but only for the beginning of the King.

“What will be the next skill? I have a feeling that seems to be related to the King’s respective instincts.”

Qin Yi was overjoyed from his expectations.

Just then, soldiers walked into the hall.

“Your Majesty, the Navy was discovered in the nearby waters!” The soldier said quickly.

Qin Yi took a glimpse then he said: “that’s interesting. The Navy start moving?”

“How many people do they have?”

“We found only a warship, but it sailing under our water with high-speed seas!” The soldier replied.

“is it?”

After thinking about it, Qin Yi slowly stood up.

“Let’s go and see it!”

The Navy, who suddenly sent troops, made Qin Yi very curious about what they would do.

At the same time, under the sea near Nanohana port, a coated ship was quietly moving forward.

“This guy called Madara is just above, couldn’t he notice us with his eyes?” Akainu said.

That indifferent guy, with his extraordinary vision, and his pair of strange eyes, he seems to see through everything.

“Don’t worry! Akainu, there is no problem.” Sengoku said

The Navy has made a detailed study of the strongest of the Qin Dynasty to the weakest, including the regular pirates, which took a long time to prepare for, to ensure that the operation is safe.

“hmmm!” Akainu nodded and fell into silence.

On the warship, there were Sengoku and Akainu, and a series of figures appeared next to them. If others could see them, they would be shocked by this elite.

Garp was picking his nose with an indifferent look, Kizaru relaxing with closed eyes, serious-looking Vice-Admiral Tsuru, and more than a dozen other commanding officers. It can be said that almost a third of the Navy’s high-level was there!

This team is really not numerous, but their strength was not less to any Yonko regiment!

“How long will it be before we reach the location you’ve explored?” Sengoku asked.

“an hour and a half.”

said the officer who was steering the ship, said.

“for one hour and a half.”

Sengoku said and turned back to the crowd.

“Prepare yourselves.”

The Marines in the rear all nodded their heads, and their eyes were full of attention.

The rescue of Aokiji is of considerable significance to all navies. This mission must succeed and not fail. Otherwise, it will be a massive blow to the Navy’s enthusiasm, prestige, and self-confidence.

Time passed slowly, and the Vice-Admiral was steering the ship forward steadily.

When an hour and a half later, before a Giant Water Ball appeared, which was slowly rotating, carrying continuous currents.

“Here, we are!”

“Here it is!”

The Marines on the warship stared and shocked.

Especially Akainu, this moment when he saw the water polo, his expression was more complex; this Mercury was much bigger than the moon on which Madara lifted him into the sky.

“Just like a Mercury!”

Close to the distance, everyone was very shocked; after witnessing this scene, the legendary power of the Invader king was more clear to them.

“Huh!” Sengoku sighed.

“quickly, break the water polo and rescue Aokiji.”

“We don’t have much time!”

At the same time, the shape of Qin Yi has also appeared at the port of rape.

“the Marines.”

“Where are you going?” Looking at the front of rows of neatly arranged warships, and a mighty army, Qin Yi muttered.