The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 83: My Guest

  Under the sea.

Sengoku and others stood on the warship. Garp, the strongest one there who had not eaten the devil’s fruit, rushed out of the ship. Swimming, his whole body turned into a sharp arrow and went straight to the large water ball.

“Did the boy cohere the seawater, pull the water molecules with the inherent gravity, and lock Aokiji in?”

Garp rushed into the water polo.

Garp was passing a large pulling force; his body was involuntarily deflected along with the place where the water polo was rotating.

“this skill restrained the ability of devil’s fruit perfectly!”

Garp’s eyebrows contracted, he hit the ball with a hefty punch.

With the tremendous force of the punch, the water ball was smashed into space, suddenly a prominent blue point appeared.

Then, Garp shocked and rushed out of the place where Aokiji was.

Garp was swift, his swimming speed in the water almost as fast as his running on land. Just then, he reached the edge of the ice where Aokiji was.

“Aokiji boy is smart enough to freeze himself, so that he will not be restrained by the water ball, but also save his life.”

Garp nodded when he saw Aokiji with closed eyes in the ice.

Then he turned his head and looked at the dark chains deep in the ice.

“This thing, with a strange force, seems to be able to suppress the human spirit and body, is it a devil’s fruit ability?”

Frowning slightly, Garp covered his right hand with Haki, and then he broke the chains.

Without hesitation, Garp knew that the chains were there to make the rescue Aokiji difficult. So he broke it.

A series of bubbles were out of his mouth, Garp felt pressed in his chest.

“I must hurry up; the pressure in the deep sea is uncomfortable!”

Garp looked at the massive ice in front of him, clenched his right fist again, and then punched violently.


In the water ball, a violent force burst out, a series of water columns burst out in all directions; it was like water snakes.

Then, on the hard surface of the ice, cracks began to appear. Garp punched again and smashed it.

The water was flowing violently pressure was higher. The ice in the middle of it collapsed at this moment.

Aokiji woke up immediately. The rolling sea suddenly drowned him, weakening him, he showed a trace of surprise in his eyes.


When he saw the man in front of him, Aokiji relaxed.

A strong sense of weakness made him close his eyes and lose his conscious.

Garp grabbed Aokiji and turned around. He was swimming like a fish towards the direction of the warship.

After a couple of seconds, Garp and Aokiji both came to the deck.

“check his condition quickly,” Sengoku commanded.

Immediately, an officer who was good at medicine came out behind him and began to check the physical condition of Aokiji with a severe face.

“Turn the rudder; let’s go back!”

As soon as Sengoku turned his head, commanded the helmsman again.

The warship quickly turned, and it was leaving in the direction of coming.

Hidden beneath the water with the ability of the devil’s fruit that hide protect their sign, Sengoku was sure that this battle plan has been successful.

Soon, the warship had sailed near the port of Nanohana and headed to the next area.

At this time, Aokiji sat up violently and coughed out the seawater.

“huh, what a strange life!” Standing up slowly, Aokiji said.

“Aokiji, you may not understand the current situation, but this is not the right time, now we must quickly return to the Marine headquarters,” Sengoku said.

“Before that, you have to take care of yourself and get ready for battle at any time!” Sengoku said.

Aokiji nodded and moved his wrist. When he found the other Admirals on the warship, he became confused.

The coming of these men illustrated the importance and fear of the Navy towards Qin State.

Five minutes later, the ship slowed down.

“Sengoku Sama, someone caught up; we were discovered!” An officer shouted.

The crowd turned around abruptly with a sudden change of expression.

Just then, a beam appeared under the water; it was cylindrical torpedo toward the ship quickly.

“This is the underwater torpedo of the Qin State! It’s going to explode. Be careful!” Sengoku roared.

At this time, a vice Admiral stepped out, pulled out his sword, and swung it violently.


the torpedo exploded in a series of explosions immediately, many bubbles rose.

“Speed up, go out of the sea!” Sengoku roared.

There was a Submarine behind them, but gradually they sped up and left it behind.

Sengoku knew very well that those who had the ability of devil fruits on the warship would undoubtedly have a significant impact on their combat effectiveness if they fought, and the sea touched them.

The warship immediately turned around and floated up. A few minutes later, it rushed out of the sea.

With the cracking of the coating, the warship slowly stabilized after several ups and downs on the sea surface.

The officers quickly turned around to see if the enemy was catching up, but the scene they saw made their pupils shrink.

The submarine that had been closely following them had been parked hundreds of meters behind them. Instead, three large warships were surrounded them, forming a triangle shape.

Moreover, the people on the ship in front of them were very familiar with them.

“King of the Qin State, Qin Yi!”

“Uchiha Madara!”

“The three Generals of Qin State!”

“and the six councilors!”

no many people that surrounded them, but they were the strongest in the first half of the Grand Line, especially those on the warship in front of them so that Sengoku was very gloomy.

“Sengoku Sama, you came to visit the State of Qin.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”