The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 84: The Condition

“we’re going back; there’s no need to disturb you, king Qin.” Sengoku looked solemnly and said.

He glanced at both sides and felt a little relieved when he found no one else.

“Now that you’re here, why don’t you stay in the State of Qin for a while? It is an honor to be your host?” Qin Yi said softly with a smile.

Behind him, the three generals looked at them with serious eyes and indifferent expression, while Crocodile looked at them with a smirk.

“do you make trouble?”

“It’s too arrogant, king Qin!” The expression of Sengoku changed dramatically and shouted angrily.

“fleet admiral Sengoku has been more concerned. I have not much interest neither in rescuing Aokiji or get him to your headquarters.”

“I have no intention to fight with all of you sitting here at this time.”

“In fact, we both know that even if we want war, this is not the best time.”

Qin Yi’s indifferent voice made Sengoku’s pupils shrink.

He felt complex; the man in front of him had more strategies than they thought. Every step of this fellow seems to have a plan, step by step.

For the first time, Sengoku found that the Navy would be so helpless about such things.

“What on earth do you want to do?” Sengoku said.

Qin Yi smiled. He raised his right hand then pointed at Aokiji.

“Admiral Aokiji is my gift to you. Today, I will not stop you from leaving here.”

“But I have one condition.”

Sengoku was angry.

The conditions for this ambitious king will be by no means simple.

“Do you think you can stop us?” He shouted, and his whole body flashed a golden light.

The navies behind him were also ready for battle at this moment.

On the other side, Qin Yi, who was standing in front of the warship, suddenly became gloomy.

“If I want to stop you, you can’t go!”

His right hand suddenly waved, as if he had passed some command.

At the next moment, the faces of Sengoku and others changed dramatically. They looked at all directions; suddenly, there were many dense black balls raised from the sea; they were naturally quite aware of what these black balls are.

“You’re try hard to stop us!” Sengoku murmured.

The present situation in front of Qin Yi and his group of together with these black balls was critical.

“I just want to talk to you, Sengoku sama!” Qin Yi said.

“After talking about the conditions, you can leave!”

Sengoku looked at him, frowned, and thought for a while, then nodded and murmured, “let’s talk then.”

Qin Yi smiled lightly and stepped out.


Suddenly, a series of sparks appeared with a roar. The navies above the warship were shocked, Qin Yi had flashed in thunder form and reappeared in front of them.

“Is this?!” The navies shocked and stunned.

“Goro Goro no Mi! The most potent Logia Fruit! “Sengoku was shocked.

Aokiji’s eyes were gloomy to the limit at this moment.

He knows very well that in the last fight with Qin Yi, the man in front of him did not yet have this ability.

“Well, let’s talk then!”

Glancing at the navies caught up in a tense alert, Qin Yi smiled and sat on the deck, without worrying that the other side would attack all at once.

In the face of Qin Yi’s extraordinary courage, Navies felt terrible. Only Garp laughed and sat down.

“Stand back, and I’ll see what he’s going to say.”

Sengoku raised his hand and stared closely at Qin Yi, and then sat down.

The three Admirals and Officers were looking closely.

“you get Aokiji, and all of you left safely as a gift.”

“This is a gift for the Navy and the world government on behalf of the Qin State.”

Qin Yi smiled.

“Yes?” Sengoku sneered.

“Your attempts to seize the Grand Line, to expand your territory, and to unify the world can hardly be seen as a sign of good governance!” Said Sengoku, Qin Yi, just smiled.

“Ha-ha, then is justice the world government or the Navy? Maybe even you Sengoku Sama know this answer?” these words made Sengoku stunned and gloomy.

He did think that the Navy was just, but as he grew older, he saw a series of dark things and began to question himself. However, what can he do about it? Pain and suffering are taxes of living in this world, as long as he got a position in this world, he had to try to do well and to take his responsibility.

Now, facing such questions as Qin Yi, he really does not know how to answer it.

“In my opinion, to safeguard people’s living and working in peace and comfort. to stop the war, to allow people to have their own ideas, to pursue their dreams, and to have an equal society for all is justice!”

“That’s why I’m doing all this.”

“In the territory under my rule, I can assure the people that there is no war. Moreover, they are free to do whatever they want. No one can stop them. you know even they can talk about me freely.”

“In my country, there are no superior Celestial Dragons, no racial discrimination, officers, and people can live in harmony, between different races, without fear or hiding.”

“Believe that Sengoku Sama had lived for long, have you seen all this?” A few words made Sengoku angry, but he could not refute.

He knows what Qin Yi was saying is accurate, and when he knew about his country’s situation, he was stunned. How can such a thing be achieved so easily? Such a thing was and still very difficult to achieve?

Even they forgot about their goals and enjoyed the game of power.

However, under the rule of the Qin Dynasty, it happened.

Garp, beside him, startled and asked, “Sengoku, are these true?”

Sengoku did not reply and kept silent.

“Of course, I won’t lie, Vice Admiral Garp.”

Qin Yi smiled.

“What I am pursuing is a truly just and free world. Compared with the selfishness of the world government and the foolishness of the Navy, I really assure you that I can achieve that.” Qin Yi said.

Sengoku’s face changed.


“Well, let’s go on, Sengoku is angry, then I’ll go straight to the subject.”

Qin Yi waved his hand, and his eyes suddenly became fierce. He plucked out the ancient sword behind him and inserted it in the middle of them.

“I want the Navy and the world government to recognize the status of the Qin Kingdom!”

“And we’re going to join the World Government!”

“This is the condition that I want!”

Short three sentences, made Sengoku surprised.