The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 85: The Deal

“Do you want to join the world government?” Sengoku said.

At this time, he understood Qin Yi’s ideas very well, and clearly, what he was doing was totally contrary to the policies of the world government. However, he proposed such a condition.

“Sengoku Sama seems to have misunderstood? All I need is a confirmed national title.”

“And this title needs can be given just from the world government.” Qin Yi said.

“However, you will still not obey any orders from the Navy or the world government. The only function of this condition is to maintain that the friction between us will not expand anymore.”

“and stop the war for a while!”

Sengoku’s pupils shrank, he completely understood Qin Yi.

The so-called accession to the world government is just an excuse for reducing the tension between the two sides. In fact, it is in the interests of both parties at this time. Both of them wish to destroy each other immediately, but various forms force them, and they cannot implement it. At least in a short time, such a war cannot happen at all.

“This will not harm the navy, the world government, or anyone, isn’t it?” Qin Yi smiled.

Sengoku looked at him, thought for a while, and asked him.

“What on earth do you want to do?”

“I told you, Sengoku Sama.”

“Unify the world! let people live the perfect life!” Qin Yi stood up and said slowly.

Later, Qin Yi stepped out and disappeared from the navy warship, as he said, the Qin army quickly withdrew, in a few minutes, there was only the navy warship left on the sea.

“What on earth does he want to do?” Garp wondered.

Although he had been sitting here since the beginning, he still did not understand the meaning of Qin Yi’s words.

Take a deep breath; the eyes of Sengoku were full of fear.

“He wants to join the world government.”

Garp shocked and had not yet commented. Akainu next to him stepped forward.

“This fellow wants to give the Navy and the Qin State a time to relax, he wants to grow more and more, but confirming a usurper of Alabasta, it’s too bad.”

“So, he wants to get rid of the bad reputation and get on board the ship of the world government to do what he wants!”

Sengoku said: “This fellow is undoubtedly more thoughtful than the revolutionary army. There are absolutely a group of terrible planners behind him!”

“It’s a good idea to make ourselves stronger in this time and using the shell of the world government to prepare ourselves, Sengoku, such a wise and mysterious fellow, we must take action as soon as possible and stop him!”

“Before it’s too late!” Tsuru murmured.

Everyone nodded.

“We must prepare for a full-scale war.”

At this moment, Sengoku said, the high-level people on the warship were aware of the danger of Qin Yi. Compared with the Four Emperors of the New World and the Revolutionary Army, this fellow was even more terrible.

“I am afraid it will be soon!” Sengoku looked at the sea sharply and mumbled.

Time is the primary factor, and every day count as Qin State development time, the future threats faced by the Navy and the world government become bigger. They wanted to start war decisively, but war readiness, the safety of civilians, and the reactions of Nobles and the world must be taken into account.

That was the difference between the Navy and the State of Qin. Qin Yi only needs to consider where to fight and whether to fight, while the Navy needs to think about all these factors.

Once the war is going to start, he must minimize the losses it brings.

Three days later. On that day, the Navy sent a message to the outside world.

“From today on, the State of Qin is officially classified as a member of the world government and qualifies to participate in the Levely!”

The news shook the whole world. During this period, what the Qin State did in the Grand Line was seen by the world. How the world government let it pass?

Not only did they not conflict, but they also shook hands and made peace.

However, some people say that this was only the last calm of the storm. When a storm comes, it will sweep the whole world.

“Qin’s means of governing were too strong, which stuck the main points of the Grand Line, made the Navy unable to advance and retreat and made great strides to get Legal immunity for itself. It’s amazing!”

“Not only that, but then the Qin state is going to speed up. Soon, the first half of the Grand Line will be in its hands.”

Around the world, people were talking about this event.

Seven days later, the expansion of the Qin State had not stopped.

Their army was a tireless Iron-blooded army, was capturing an island after island, a country after country, expanding every moment.

In the palace of the King of Qin, Qin Yi sat in his chair, his eyes twinkling, and he was smiling.

“very fast!”

“My King’s power has been growing, and I feel that the next King’s skill soon will be awakened.”

“The Portal will be established soon.”

“At that time, it’s only a matter of time before we can conquer the whole world.”

Qin Yi knows very well the purposes and tasks of his coming to the world of One Piece. The first is to select the right assistants and ministers, and the second purpose is to expand territory, develop the civilization so that the country becomes richer and stronger.

At this moment, Qin Yi has been able to feel the connection between the state and some rules of the world, which was more and more transparent. That also represented that soon, he will be able to penetrate the two worlds.

“Compared with the hard of the process on my side, Hashirama is Excused.”

Qin Yi thought about Hashirama and shook his head and laugh.

Hashirama’s character is really different from that of Madara. Even though he knows the beauty of Qin, he still hesitates to take a step. He was trying peacefully without making some small incidents.

“When the worlds are connected, I must punch this guy.”

“No way, I can’t do it, I’ll transfer him over to take charge of One Piece.”

After thinking for a moment, Qin Yi closed his eyes.

He was no longer responsible for expanding the territory, the three generals and the Council were able to do a good job.

What he had to do is to familiarize himself with the strength of his body as soon as possible during this period and make himself stronger.