The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 86: What is Despair?

Time passed, and another month passed by in the twinkling of an eye.

By this time, the territory of the Qin State had reached almost half of the Grand Line. That made shook the world. The navy was angry. The flame of war was about to erupt.

The world government cannot tolerate, nor the navy. Every day, there are red warnings issued by the world government, which made the whole world panicked.

“Your Majesty, the world government, and the navy are warning us again to stop these crazy actions.”

“Otherwise, a desperate war will be launched soon!”

the Three generals reported to Qin Yi in the Den Den Mushi.

Qin Yi said, “Let them warn, don’t pay attention.”

“Quickly just take the last territory, I want to establish the Portal!”

The indifferent response made Qin Lin excited immediately.

“Is that all right? Your Majesty!”

“That’s your last point, so hurry up!” Qin Yi said.

Qin Lin and others were immediately excited, and then the whole army rushed out again.

Everyone in the Qin Dynasty knows very well that as long as the Portal is successful built, they will be fearless in this strange world.

navy, world government, and even the four emperors will be nothing and will be vulnerable to a single blow under the clank and iron ride of the fabulous Qin Empire!

What is the quantity of Qin’s armaments? In fact, the three generals only knew about the last number, but their real size can be shocking. Once the whole army was deployed, the speed of annexing the world is beyond imagination.

All over the country, they immersed in the excitement of the coming army, looking forward to fantasizing.

At the same time, in the King’s World.

The universe is infinitely vast. I don’t know how far it is or how big it is. Since its birth in ancient times, no strong man had been able to find out the edge of the universe. Even the greatest Kings in our world, in this vast and deep starry sky, will feel that their kingdoms extremely small.

Immortals, gods, saints, elves, angels, spirits, demons, and other magical races exist in this universe, which makes people deeply feel their own insignificance and the vastness of the world.

Kings are one of the most powerful races, but also the most dispersed. They have born randomly in corners of the universe. They have the best birth and talent, but they are also the most dangerous and easiest to be buried.

Even between kings, they have fierce competition for survival. From ancient times till now, the kingdom is about hegemony, and kings facing other kings, unless they establish alliances, relatives, otherwise, will erupt into terrible conflicts.

 all kinds of races are deeply afraid of the king and even hate them.

So there is a reason why kings are at the top of the universe. Their survival pressure surpasses that of any race.

At this time in the starry sky, a silhouette appeared, wearing a brown robe, advancing fast.

If you want to achieve such an achievement by stepping on the starry sky, at least you need to be above the level of six-Stars of the King’s rank. Only a strong body and vast foreign forces can Resist the unknown danger in the whole universe.

the terrible rays of the sun and all kinds of toxins echoing in the sky are deadly, and even the king can not face them.

At the moment, the mand with the brown robe was grim and horrible hatred in his eyes.

“Asshole, bastard!”

“Bastard King! I can’t forgive you!” The figure with eight diagrams under his feet shining with a startling light. Every time he stepped on the ground, he passed thousands of miles.

we couldn’t compare this mighty atmosphere with the world of One Piece or Naruto,

I am afraid that it is one of the top powers, and I can’t support a collision of this breath.

His body was shining, like a lake of water under the moonlight, sparkling with a silvery glow.

 the man with a brown robe is mighty; he had the power to destroy a planet or a world easily.

 his expression became more and more fierce and crazy, and he was very fast in the vast starry sky.

Gradually, he had been running fast in the sky for three days, but the hatred in his eyes did not drop a bit but became madder.

On his way, he was scanning around with his Yin Yang eyes.

“Spacecraft in Science Fiction Civilization.”

“Not a king.”

“The gods Land in the divine civilization has nothing to do with me!”

“The devil of hell is roaring, don’t stare at me, or I will destroy your whole world!”

At a glance through time and space, the Taoist in brown robe saw many stars, many continents in the universe, as well as gods land and hell.

 his hatred is directed against the kings and has nothing to do with other people.

In the near world, people were frightened. They saw a vast face emerge from the sky with a crazy and murderous look, even the devil was afraid.

“This is the most powerful person who can make or destroy a whole world!”

Immediately, when people saw him were nervous and shouted. The voice spread all over the world, and they did not dare to confront him.

The brown-robed Taoist’s eyes were crazy, and his figure flashed quickly, and soon, he was gone.

Two days later, his Yin Yang eyes fixed in a world, he saw a planet float in the void. There was a big portal on it, which represented a king’s world.

“a king!!” The Taoist roared.

He stepped over ten thousand miles, and he descended upon the sky of the King’s World.

“The soul must be pure; the demon must be exorcised.”


With a fierce roar, the brown Taoist threw a bell with a black and blue light down.


Quickly, the bell grew bigger and bigger. Just then, it expanded to the size of the moon. Its loud and loud ringing went on all over the world in an instant.

Suddenly, the King’s world turned into hell. There is no sound but the sounds of crying and flames.

Within the palace, the Queen sitting in the king’s chair was killed directly by the bell when she was going to run away.

“The civilizations that have not arrived in the Star-level, I must destroy them!”

With a roar, the Taoist laughed loudly and sneered. As soon as he turned around, he quickly disappeared into a flash.

Six hours later, his eyes were full of excitement.


“the peak of star-level, hmmm this civilization is advanced? The king is not here!”

“Very well, very well. When you come back, I will let you know.”

“What is despair!!”