The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 87: The Huge Palm

The Taoist had a ferocious expression, crazy eyes, and killing intentions.

Looking down coldly at the empty stars below, it is just a moment for his Yin Yang eyes, and they scanned everything.

“This country name is Qin, and they had been established the king’s eyes!”

“Does it got another world that it touches the edge of the vertex magic, which was called the magic of Ninjutsu? Funny! It’s just a poor wretch who doesn’t understand the Tao at all!”

“The fire of civilization is ignited, and it is distributed in everyone’s body. Civilization is developing at high speed and is about to leap forward.”

“It’s interesting, too. I’m delighted to destroy it, Black Turtle!”

” after destroying such a country, it will allow me to vent some hatred.”

He was in the void, with dim stars behind him and bells ringing around his waist. His eyes twinkled, and his right hand was about to pull down the sound that would destroy a country, but when he was about to touch it, he was handcuffed.

“Star-level civilization, only me allowed to crushed it personally, it is enough to relieve hatred!”

With insane eyes, the Black Turtle raised his hand violently, opened his five fingers, and went down towards the vast stars.

“One palm covers the sky!”

“Just give me a hand to crush this country King Shangjiang!”

King’s World, Qin Kingdom.

The integration of Naruto and Dragon Emperor’s world has made the whole country develop at high speed at present. At this time, the entire new country is vigorous, and everything presents a thriving condition.

When Qin Yi went to the world of One Piece, the officers and ministers elected were responsible for all affairs in the state of Qin. Among them, Gandalf is the most special and the highest one. The other one is General Yang, who returned Recently.

At this time, General Yang led many people in armors and was holding a calm meeting in the conference room.

“Mr. Zhuge Liang, what I want is to conquer the whole world of the Three Kingdoms, not a single Kingdom.”

“As you can see, the strength of a country, for our huge Qin Empire, is simply as a room.”

“With our preparation, if we a war launched with all our strength, we can conquer the whole three Kingdoms in a concise period.”

Sitting at the end of the long table, General Yang murmured.

Facing him is a middle-aged man with a feather fan and a silk scarf and a smiling face. It is Zhuge Liang from the Three Kingdoms world.

“General do not rush, I had already understood the Qin State in a few days, with all kinds of magic, made me broaden my horizon.”

“General Yang’s unification of the whole world is only a matter of time with such vast details and backup support.”

“What’s more, we have such generals as Cao Cao and Lu Bu; we can say that we have already a strong advantage.” Zhuge Liang fanned the feather fan and smiled softly.

General Yang’s eyebrows contracted. He is eager to make sure of the Three Kingdoms world. His Majesty has opened up the right of communication for him. However, the resources he can bring to the Three Kingdoms’ world are not enough. He must develop everything by himself.

In the three kingdoms, he took the first chance and had occupied territory, and he even gathered many strong men and great military divisions, even Cao Cao was joined by him to serve the Qin Dynasty.

Such achievements can be attributed to science and technology, and Ninjutsu, which transcended that era too far, and to the enormous backup of the Qin State, made Cao Cao and others join such a vast empire.

Anyone who sees such a country knows very well that if he stands in front of it, he will be trounced.

On his side, Lu Bu was sitting. When he heard his name, he smiled slightly.

At this time, Lv Bu was curious to observe everything around him. He is a battlefield commander, but when he comes to the world, he was still shocked repeatedly.

the abilities that are for gods are everywhere.

Moreover, those powerful firearms let him also be unable to resist. In the face of such a huge imperial civilization, Lu Bu will naturally make the right choice.

the emperor and Dong Zhuo are nothing.

General Yang was about to talk again, but at this moment, Gandalf stood up with a gloomy face.

After a couple of seconds, Gandalf roared.

“General Yang, hurry up and order everyone to go to the world of Naruto. Now!”

Gandalf almost instantaneously, his whole body was shining with white light. In the conference room, everyone closed his eyes.

Soon, the white light dissipated, and Gandalf disappeared from there.

“what?!” Zhuge Liang and others were puzzled.

General Yang stood up suddenly without any hesitation: “Come with me, everybody!”

He strode outside, making phone calls with national politicians and officers.

“Order the whole country to hide in the world of Naruto. Quickly!”

“Don’t ask why. Speed up. it is the highest order of President Gandalf and the instruction of General Yang!”

Soldiers and civil servants on duty quickly responded.

There were no more than a minute, and there were loud alarms all over the country.

“go quickly to the world of Naruto!”

many people and Members of the major clans of the world of Naruto entered the world of Naruto.

Such alarms spread all over the country, and they immediately realized that something was terrible happening.

However, even so, there are still people who are a step late.

“Demon Immortal!” Gandalf’s figure appeared in the empty place, looking at the Black Turtle in the sky, his face severe to the extreme.


The roar was like a heavenly storm, and in a moment, comes to the whole country. At that moment, countless people burst their eardrums and screamed in pain.

Followed by the violent winds, many buildings were rolled up. Even if you have cultivated Ninjutsu, the ninja whose physical quality surpasses that of ordinary people, in this disaster, he can’t help but run away.

The storm swept across every inch of the country, and the horror reached its zenith.

After that, people who were still on the territory of the Qin State suddenly realized that the sun was gone.

After they looked up in amazement, they noticed that it was not the sun that had disappeared, but a vast and incomparable curtain that covered up the sun, like an incomparably dark shadow, it covered up all the light. The temperature in Qin State dropped at this moment.

Soon they could see it.

it was a huge hand.

Shade the universe, the hand that can crush all the world!

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