The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 88: You Shall Not Pass!

The wind was roaring; the dust was flying; the fire of civilization was burning; it was the darkest moment for the Qin Kingdom.


The palm from the sky had not yet come, the land started splitting from the pressure, violent tremors made people tremble all over, and their hearts were filled with fear.

It was a scene beyond imagination. No Ninjitsu can create this vast scene. It’s like a god standing high and looking down, launching an angry palm.

it was getting bigger and bigger, the vast territory of the Qin State was like a small ball under this palm.

The gigantic palm was directed at the territory of the Qin State. The air was roaring and began to flee and twist.


 Massive tsunamis formed in the sea were rolling and forming huge whirlpools. The strong wind blew countless trees in the forest. Sand and stone rushed to the sky.

“hurry up! go to the world of Naruto!!!”

On the streets remained intact, the army quickly appeared and shouted.

People were panicked, they didn’t dare look at the scene at all, and no one thought what would happen to their world. Shadows flashed one by one and reappeared in the other world.

In the world of Naruto, in the kingdom of Qin, Hashirama, and others were shocked to see countless figures appearing in the streets.

“What happened?”

“اHashirama, it was… it was a giant hand, our world has suffered great disasters!”

“A gigantic hand was coming from the outside world; everything must be crushed into pieces right now!”

The heads of the clans who had been transmitted, with panic and fear on their faces, said.

That terrible hand was far beyond all their imagination. No one had ever imagined that such a terrifying force could exist in the world. In front of that big hand, everything must be destroyed; nothing can compete with it.

the high energy fluctuations above the big hand were far exceeding their level of Chakra, that kind of high energy level make them shocked.

Hashirama’s face was pale, and he looked at the Qin State through the Portal.

At this time, the people who were teleported were also staring at the sky over the Qin state.

In front of the conference room, General Yang and the people had just come out, and the building behind him collapsed under the pressure of a storm caused by the force of the palm.

“Is this?!”

Zhuge Liang and others looked to the sky, and their pupils shrank, they could not be more shocked.

“Hurry up, get Mr. Zhuge and others, quickly!”

When General Yang saw the scene, his face changed, and he immediately ordered the soldiers next to him.

Zhuge Liang and others trembled all over and were quickly pulled away by soldiers before they could observe.

“This is an extraordinary disaster! How could that be?” General Yang’s voice was trembling.

“It’s so huge; even our nuclear bombs will do nothing to it!”

It’s a massive palm at the size of a planet or bigger. Even they are familiar with magical things, the people here can’t imagine how such a big thing could exist. Is there a creature with such a hugeness is it god or a monster!

He looked up and saw a little light under the giant hand, which became more and more dazzling and brighter.

“Gandalf!” General Yang was excited.

Then a roar came from the whole void.

“Demon Immortal beyond the realm, leave this world!” Gandalf was roaring, and he was holding his long stick at this time.

His pupils were fixed, his face was grim, the strong wind blew his clothes, and his hat was shaking. There was an intense and incomparable glare around his body.

“Does a Maiar want to stop me?”

A loud voice spread across the whole sky, shattering countless mountains and rivers again, making Gandalf angrier.

It has to be admitted that Gandalf is not an opponent of this turtle or Taoist. These creatures’ powers can be compared with the God powers. They are above the moon-level, the level of those who can destroy planets easily.

“If you run away, you will live.”

“Otherwise, you will be buried with your world!” the huge hand was closer.

Gandalf saw the big palm coming, his eyes were wide, and his expression became distorted.


He raised his head to heaven and roared, and the Holy Light Burst. Then, his figure expanded, expanded, and became huge.

after a couple of seconds, Gandalf’s figure had reached a thousand feet, facing the hand.

He held high his staff, pointing with the front part of it, his body glowing white.

Soon, the huge palm fell on top of his head, pushing him, crashing the stick with a loud crash.

Just in an instant, Gandalf’s face changed wildly, and he spat the blood out.

“You can’t stop me!” The Black Turtle roared with a ferocious tone.

The big palm continued to fall, and Gandalf, who was as tall as a thousand feet, was pressed down inch by inch. Ten seconds later, Gandalf pushed to the ground, the earth collapsed, and countless people who had not yet had time to move were smashed.

At this moment, the whole land of Qin began to crack and collapse.

“goodbye, demigod!”


Suddenly, Gandalf held what’s left of his staff with both hands and exploded all his strength, but he still did not any change; he was bleeding hard.

Just then, a figure appeared beside him, printing, at a glance, a substantial wooden release body appeared, blocking under the palm.

“Hashirama, get out!”

Gandalf gritted his teeth.

“Isn’t the man’s duty to protect his country?”

When Hashirama touched the huge palm with his hands, blood burst out all over his body. That terrible force, he would even be injured if he touched it.

What a mighty power!

“by the way, all the clan leaders came too!” he said.

Gandalf glanced.

Then, he saw familiar characters flashing quickly under the giant hand and printing.

The leaders of the major clans, the powerful ninjas, are here!