The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 89: Gandalf!

“you guys!”

Gandalf was delighted that these people had come at a time when the country was in great trouble.

Hashirama and the ninjas quickly leaped high to block this vast and incomparable palm. However, at the time they touched it, they had injured.

Its vast power was far higher than that of Chakra.

However, even so, there were still some people who kept flashing out and contributing as much as they could.

“Gandalf, I’ve brought the soldiers here!”

General Yang roared. At the same time, Gandalf gritted his teeth.

“Your Majesty will be very proud of you!” Gandalf sighed.

Qin Yi had always been famous for his kindness, freedom, equality, and sharing with the people in the country. Because of this, people respect and admire him very well. Facing such a disaster in this country, these hunderds of millions of ordinary people had come forward to fight for their country.

Even though these forces were still weak in the face of that substantial divine force, in the end, they gave him a little extra power.

“Your strength is helpful, just hold on for a while, just a few seconds more.”

“The old man will sacrifice himself and summon the power of the greatest king, and our country will be saved!” Gandalf said.

Hashirama and the others all of them sweated and bloodstained at this moment, but they were still struggling.

“Mr. Gandalf, please hurry up! We can’t hold on for long!” Gandalf nodded and held his staff with both hands. His face became extraordinarily sedate and solemn.

“Although the old man was just a demi-god and small in such a universe, have a sacrificial skill!”

“This skill!”

After a pause, Gandalf did not say anything.

The king’s father, who handed over this skill to him to use it for help in times of crisis. Although the king is a ruthless race, the father king was just the opposite. Even though he left, he still cared about his children and the Kingdom.

However, this sacrificial technique uses his vitality to ignite the divine fire to make the sacrifice.

Gandalf closed his eyes and dropped his magic that was pushing the hand.

At this moment, the countless people who pushed the big hand below sprayed blood and fell to the ground. However, numerous people came forward to fill the place of Gandalf.

More than two billion people in the Qin Kingdom; at this moment, all of them were united in their determination to defend their homeland!

“A flock of ants, with their vehicles and toys, you are looking for death!” The Black Turtle was shocked by this scene, sneered.

They did not realize that the people of this world could stand in front of them for so long. That’s the world of King Qin; they must know it. Only a civilization at high levels of Start-Level can possess such a power.

He pressed his hand stronger.

“boom!” the strength of pushing was continually increasing.

It was also at this moment that Gandalf’s clothes moved without wind, and his eyes opened sharply.

“With the sacrifice of my body, burning the fire!”

“that light my way, and call my king!!!”

Gandalf roared, a dazzling white light flashed up, burning his spirit.

In front of him, there was a small gap, twisting and extending to an unknown distance.

At this moment, Gandalf’s vitality was burning crazily, and the small gap was also rapidly extending to the extreme.

At a glance, Gandalf’s skin began to wrinkle; his hair began to fall off; his spirit was rapidly fading.

“Hurry up! Be sure to find him! “Gandalf muttered.

His lips began to crack, his skin and the flesh of his arms began to shatter, becoming thinner and thinner, and the energy of his whole body was rapidly evaporating.

The people under the great palm were struggling.

Most of them have bowed, and they were standing firm in front of death.
The mountains collapsed at this moment, and the tsunamis drown many pieces from the Kingdom, despair, despair atmosphere was glooming the world of the king Qin like the Taoist said he would do, it seemed that the Qin Dynasty ended.

On Gandalf’s side, increasingly blurred vision, see that in the small gap, there was an extraordinary scene.

Mountains were all over the world, countless huge trees stand on the ground, the rivers like the sea, the seas like universes, a colossal beast was walking on the ground, making deafening vibrations. Just a look made Gandalf feel the shock and intoxicating spiritual smell coming from this world.

That was a vast world, far beyond his imagination.

Countless sights were flashing fast. Finally, Gandalf saw a considerable palace glowing like a star.

Then, he saw across tens of thousands of people standing in awe, bowing their heads, they dared not look up, in front of them a middle-aged man was wearing a crown of jade, a black dragon cloak, sitting on the top of a Dragon Throne.

“Your Majesty!” Gandalf smiled when he saw the man.

Finally, he found him.

Subsequently, his vision was blurred, the gap disappeared, and his huge body fell to the ground.


“Mr. Gandalf!”

After Gandalf’s fall, the small hope that they had all disappeared, and they were wailing and weeping.

It is inconceivable that such a powerful, unknown, and kind old man had fallen.

Hashirama closed his eyes; he was sad for Gandalf and their final destination.

It was hard for them to resist such a colossal palm more.

At the same time, Gandalf saw the magnificent and majestic palace before.

“Gandalf!” The middle-aged man, sitting in Throne, was suddenly shocked.

After a little, he sighed slightly.

“The ability of sacrifice?”

He moved, and he was about to stand up.

“Your Majesty, you are not well, you can’t.” Next to him was a man in a green robe with an ancient sword on his waist. His eyes were bright; he advised him immediately.

“Nothing, Tuo, Gandalf is the only help I left to the kid.”

“Now, he used the sacrifice technique; the kid must be in a problem.”

“I gave him life, and I should protect him once.”

The middle-aged man looks pale and feeble. Even to climb up from the Dragon Throne, he seemed to be slow and painstaking, but his tone was substantial.

Then Tuo’s expression changed; he knew the meaning of his Majesty’s words and was determined.

In any situation, His Majesty would act like a king no matter what he faced, but at this time, he changed. Moreover, the deep care in his Majesty’s eyes for the moment made him speechless.


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