The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 90: My Father


He hesitated for a moment and wanted to talk.

“No harm, just a little push for little Yi Yi and a chance to became stronger.”

“he worth it!”

At this time, the middle-aged man sat up. When he lay down, he was like a sleeping dragon. At this moment, the whole palace was trembling, and all the people there were frightened.

“I’m very interested too.”

“How is my son now? Has he got rid of his first dilemma?”

As a king, the setbacks and encounters are more numerous and terrible than others. There are countless situations of life and death in their paths, but the worst scenario is to fall from the beginning, their weakest moment.

When the man left, he knew exactly what his son was going to face. But the eagle can grow stronger and fly higher only after leaving the nest.

Only after independence can a beginner king grow up and be a great King. The King, who serves others, is not a king!

Sitting on the Dragon Throne, the middle-aged man’s atmosphere changed, an endless majesty and tyranny power was overflowing in the vast palace.

Space was trembling under his mighty.

Slowly, the middle-aged man lifted his right hand.

Then extended his index finger slowly toward the void ahead.

At the moment he pointed the front space, it cracked in vibrant colors. The power of the King bursts out from his fingertips, and goes away along the space rift in an instant, towards the depth of the endless starry sky.

“Your Majesty!” Ito sighed.

The middle-aged man pointed out his finger, and there was a trace of fatigue in his eyes as if this action had exhausted him.

“How is the battle in the ten-party world?”

“At the same time, attacking the Ten realms World has brought us tremendous gains, and great losses too. It may take some time to fully conquer it.” Ito whispered.

“Avoid losses to our country as much as possible.” The middle-aged man said slowly and then coughed.

he looked like he was severely damaged, and even his voice like seemed exhausted.

But even so, he was sitting in the dragon throne at the moment, as if he is a supreme god of thatvast and magnificent World, controlling everything.

Just then, Ito’s eyes flashed, he saw an empty planet from the crack, a massive palm of a vast black turtle.

“Your Majesty, here we are!” He said.

the King, who was still tired at that moment, suddenly became cold and tyrannical in his eyes, everything was trembling from the presence of the supreme King.

“you are a cultivator, you’re really shameless!”

The middle-aged man’s face was majestic, and he was still pointing his finger.

Outside the stars of the State of Qin, the black turtle was sneering and the Qin people were fighting desperately.

Suddenly, in the empty space ahead of him, a circle of ripples appeared, and he saw a king sitting in his throne with cold eyes and a terrible atmosphere around him.

“a king!?” The Black Turtle was shocked.

The King, who can directly break through the void and appeared in front of him, instantly made him frightened.

“Dare to attack my son’s world, and kill my son, you will die!”

The middle-aged said firmly, and his majestic eyes contain endless cold and indifference.

The tip of his finger, the power of the King, rushed out, rolling red-like breath, and blinked to the front of the mysterious turtle.

“the red flames of the sun, you!”

“You are!”

The Black Turtle trembled with fear all over his body. The strength of the coming man was far beyond his imagination. This skill like that of the stars power, which could shine warmly in the cold empty sky.

The terrible energy made the black turtle scream sadly.

This terrible King’s red flame, in a couple of seconds, burned all over the body of the black turtle, so that he did not even have a trace in this empty starry sky.

With the disappearance of the black turtle, the giant palm over the Qin State also disappeared.

The King looked down across the infinite distance of time and space and instantly saw everything that comes down.

“three worlds?”

“Civilization has entered the first level of civilization, reaching its peak, and there is the possibility of advancement to the next level at any time!” His indifferent eyes saw through time and space at a glance, even those who hide in the World of Naruto he saw them clearly.

“My son is not here.” he smiled when he didn’t find him.

“he is excellent and diligent to enter and conquer these worlds.”

the father King suddenly stood upright at this time, and then he looked at the tall Portal in the capital of the Qin King.

“It would be a pity not to see him once.”

with his King’s eyes, went through the World and goes straight to the World of One Piece when he reached him.

Meanwhile, Qin Yi was sitting on the throne of King Qin in One piece World, suddenly opened his eyes.

He felt a powerful King’s eyes coming on him, the majesty and the familiar atmosphere of the King made him feel shocked.

“My son!”

Sitting on the Dragon Throne, the middle-aged man with the background of the vast palace behind him suddenly appeared in front of Qin Yi.

“You are?!” Qin Yi shocked.

He saw that the man’s appearance and figure were somewhat similar to him. an older copy for him.

After the man called him, his figure was distorted, disappeared in front of him, making Qin Yi wonder.

“That’s the father of my predecessor!”

“No, not just the father of my predecessor.”

“He is my father too!”

In his eyes, he recalled the other person he had just seen. Qin Yi was in a daze. There was an awkward expression on his face.

Just because he was shocked to see that the middle-aged man was precisely the same as his father on earth!

The only thing missing is the breath of the King.

“What the hell is going on? Why is he coming?”

Hidden, Qin Yi has an ominous warning.

King World, over the Qin State.

In the aura of ripples, the middle-aged man sitting in the Dragon chair just glanced at the bottom. His King’s power was so high that he was freely moving in the empty space.

After that, his eyes condensed again and became indifferent.

“Now, let’s see who behind that.”

“the one who wanted to harm my child!”

his eyes suddenly became fierce, and the middle-aged man looked deeper into the stars again.


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