The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 91: Worth it!

The void ruptured at this moment, and the middle-aged man saw an endless starry world.

That was the first world that Qin Yi explored with the eyes of the King.

The majestic King Shang Jiang was sitting here at the moment, gently clasping the teapot on the table beside him.

“Why are you here?” he said.

“It’s an honor to us to marry our fairy to king Shang Jiang; it is a blessing for the Ziliu family and to our beautiful fairy.” An elder dressed in robes said. He was standing behind six powerful, strong men.

Behind him, a group of grim-faced immortals, they were secretly gritting their teeth. Among them, a girl with fair skin, thin eyebrows, and goose-egg face dressed in a lavender dress, wearing a pale green cloak with an indifferent expression.

When they heard the words of Shang Jiang, the elders of Ziliu and the fairy were silent.

“Now that you have chosen to obey, you will go tomorrow and become my seventy-second concubine in my King’s world.”

“This little fairy can give the king pretty joy.”

Said King Shang Jiang showed his greed.

The people of Ziliu clenched their fists; they felt humiliated to the extreme.

However, at this moment, the emptiness in the hall suddenly shuddered. King Shang Jiang reacted quickly and looked ahead immediately. His eyes shrank.

Sitting in a dragon throne and wearing a black dragon robe, a middle-aged man with indifferent eyes appeared in front of him.

“a king!” King Shang Jiang became nervous.

The people of Ziliu were shocked, the situation here was too bad with one king, and now another king came, and he seemed more terrible than King Shang Jiang.

“you are?” When King Shang Jiang looked at him carefully, he was shocked.

“The kid that day!”

“No! Not him!” Just as he was about to complete his words, the middle-aged man stunned him.

Just at one glance, King Shang Jiang was shocked. Countless golden stars appeared, and his body seemed to be impacted by an invisible shock. He was flying from his seat and hit the wall behind him severely.

Then, the father king disappeared from there.

The people of Ziliu were astonished and puzzled. The monks could not figure it out. They didn’t understand what had happened all of a sudden.

Looking in the direction of King Shang Jiang’s fall, the people felt good secretly, and the fairy smiled slightly. They were deeply shocked by the King’s means of coming and leaving quickly.

They saw that King Shang Jiang, who was standing up quickly, had closed his eyes tightly at the moment, with fresh blood flowing out, but had dried up as soon as it flowed out as if he had been in burning flames.

From the tremor of his whole body, they could feel the fear in the King’s heart.

“that’s right!”

“That’s absolutely right!”

“he looks like the kid who peeked at my world on that day!”

“he must be someone close to that kid!”

“A double king, man!”

Taking a deep breath, King Shang Jiang felt that the King had left, and his mood quickly calmed down.

He restrained his mood and soon realized what was going on.

“It is a warning to me! He discovered that I sent the Black Turtle.” His eyes twinkled, and Shang Jiang King trembled again.

He sent the Taoist and the black Turtle to destroy the Qin Kingdom of, but unexpectedly he was discovered.

The power of the King was far higher than that of him; he came instantly, and just with a look made him struggling.

“I have to go! Go back to our own King’s world!”

“just in this way, I can be safe. Otherwise, when the old man comes back, he will kill me!” King Shang Jiang was thinking.

He took a big stride and led the six strong men behind him to leave. At this moment, he didn’t care about the fairy or Ziliu family.

Compared with some desires and dreams, his life is undoubtedly more important.

In the palace, the exhaustion in the Father King’s eyes was clearly visible.

“Your Majesty, you said just you’re going just to save the Qin Kingdom.” Tuo sighed helplessly.

He knows very well that his Majesty’s strength is terrible, but he was critically wounded

“I just pointed at it only once, Tuo.” The middle-aged man smiled faintly.

“You are fooling yourself.” Tuo sighed again.

“Today, I see little Yi; he is outstanding. I am delighted.”

“don’t ruin my happiness.” Said the middle-aged man with a smile.

“he is worth it!”

After the last sentence, the middle-aged man’s exhaustion had spread to the whole face, and he closed his eyes slightly.

“Your Majesty,” Tuo shouted.

“Nothing. I just need a rest.” The middle-aged man whispered.

Tuo raised his hand to the middle-aged man, carefully helped him lie down, leaned on the Dragon Throne, and then watched him closed his eyes and fell asleep.

After the middle-aged man fell asleep, Tuo’s eyes suddenly became extremely cold.

He strode forward and pulled out an ancient sword from the sheath.

“Your Majesty is resting. Now let us, as ministers, conquer this magnificent river and mountain for him!”

“If you can advance to the east, Your Majesty will be healed and back to his peak again!”

“The ten realms must be unified as soon as possible!”

His voice was rumbling, spread throughout the hall, countless soldiers underneath roaring with him.

King’s World, Qin Kingdom.

Everyone looked at the empty sky like it was a dream and glanced at the damage around them slowly.

“Are we saved?”

Hashirama and the ninja chief were sad.

“Gandalf sama, he.” General Yang rushed to see Gandalf lying on the ground.

“his Life was exhausted, I will make a seal keep a glimmer of life.”

Shaking his head Hashirama, sighed.

“How can we save him?”

“When your Majesty comes back, how can we explain to him?” General Yang said bitterly.

The relationship between Gandalf and His Majesty was well known throughout the country. How will be your Majesty if he knows what Gandalf in a bad situation?

“Don’t overthink it. Keep Mr. Gandalf’s body well and wait for His Majesty’s return.”

“We all see the power and magic of this world. Maybe your Majesty will be able to revive Mr. Gandalf in the future.” Said Hashirama.

Everyone nodded.

In the blink of an eye, another seven days had passed.

On this day, the people of Qin State suddenly found that the tall Portal was flashing.

Suddenly, they all stood up.

“Your Majesty came back!”