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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 14: The Demon!

Situ Zhong was afraid of Xu Changqing. When he heard this, he waved and left.

At the gate of Wuji Pavilion, Qin Yi met Xu Changqing.

“Yes, Changyi, you have reached the sixth level. You have made great progress in cultivation.”

Xu Changqing said.

Even for him, the speed of cultivation of Qin Yi is superb.

Qin Yi saluted Xu Changqing, just smiled, and nodded.

“Headmaster, I’ll go first.”

Dugu Yuyun said to Xu Changqing.

Xu Changqing, nodded.

In the next second, the three of them jumped, and their sword flashed, then they rid them and flew towards the entrance of the mountain, and they were like a flash.

In this month, Qin Yi also controlled the sword technique and could fly the sword easily. In a blink of an eye, Qin Yi rushed out of Shushan island. In a blink of an eye, the scene at the foot of the mountain was magnified.

After a couple of seconds, the two men slowed down, the long sword under their feet retracted, and slowly landed on the ground.

“Shushan, what a big shelf? It’s forbidden to enter. It’s not under the control of the school, but it’s an Immortal Land? “

Just after landing, Qin Yi heard a young man shouting.

Dugu Yu’s face was expressionless: “Shu mountain is indeed a paradise granted by the Gods. Gods bless it.”

“I was ordered to catch some prisoners. Wherever our army went, it was the king’s land. Let’s go and find them immediately!”

A man said coldly.

“Please wait a moment, general Wen Ce. I have sent someone to inform the leader.”

Dugu Yuyun said.

Qin Yi glanced at the people and found that behind the general named Wen Ce, there were all mortal soldiers. He looked at the bottom of the mountain; there are a large number of soldiers and artilleries.

“Get out of the way quickly. The artillery is aiming at Shushan at the moment. Immortal is also flesh and blood. I don’t believe that they can resist the power of artillery.” “

Wen Ce shouted.

Dugu Yuyun didn’t say a word, but Qin Yi sneered.

“Mortal ignorance, do you not know the difference between immortals and mortals?”

” you can’t hurt me with all your army, mortal!”

Wen Ce was furious. Dugu Yuyun was also surprised. He wondered why Qin Yi would talk at this moment.

“foolish!! Are you going to disobey the royal government blatantly? “

As soon as he said, Xu Changqing appeared in the twinkling light on the opposite side.

“Younger brother, don’t be rude!”

Once here, Xu Changqing first said to Qin Yi.

He then started talking to Wen Ce.

they ignored Qin Yi, so he was watching quietly.

He knew that it was Wen Hui who was caught by Wen Ce and one of the heroines in the story of love. At the moment, they were also on the mountain of Shu, hiding not far away from them. But he is not interested in catching them. On the contrary, Wen Ce was aggressive and proud of his ignorance. He dared to provoke Shushan and made him laugh.

Xu Changqing is a just and generous man.

After a few words, Xu Changqing let Wen Ce go in and search, but he didn’t expect Wen Ce to wave his hand and let the army in.

“How dare you, Wen Ce, do you really think that there is no one in Shushan? Dare to bring the army in! “

Qin Yi shouted, stepped forward.

His True Essence is vast, and the sword behind his back it bursts out of the scabbard at this moment. After the handle of the sword blade rotated, it has reached the neck of Wen Ce steadily.

“Chang Yi!”

Xu Changqing shouted.

“Headmaster, it seems that we need to teach this kind of arrogant mortal man a lesson.”

Qin Yi said coldly.

Although Dugu Yuyun felt that Qin Yi was impulsive and had violated the great precept of cultivating immortals, he felt inexplicable stimulation in his heart.

“Take back your sword.”

Xu Changqing’s face was gloomy.

Qin Yi’s long sword was swift. He went back to the sheath and made Wen Ce slightly frightened.

“How dare you! General Ben will let you know what will happen if you offend the court. “

Wen Ce was furious, but he was also frightened.

The flash of the sword almost cut his neck.

With a look of anger, he waved.


Wen Ce was so angry that he wanted to attack Shushan.

And the artillery at the foot of the mountain was pointing toward the landmark building in Shushan; it is Lock Demon Tower.

Qin Yi was standing aside, with a sneer in his eyes. He knew very well that there is one of the strongest creatures in the world here.

“The road to death!”

Hearing these words, Dugu Yuyun was puzzled.

Xu Changqing’s face changed a little. The artillery had burst into the sky and shot out. They went straight to the lock demon tower.

With a loud bombardment, the artillery shells went straight to the lock demon tower, and the runes over Shushan were shining. Compared with the magic armor of the school, the power of mortal artillery was not a concern at all.

However, how dare they.


Just as the shell was about to hit the lock demon tower, there was a black and red ripple in the void, which was torn open by one hand, then it was waved gently.


The shells fired a moment ago were all smashed and exploded in the air.

In the sky above the lock demon tower, half of the sky suddenly changed to black and red at this moment. The monstrous flame was burning up, shaking the space for thousands of miles.

A man with two horns and long red hair steps out of the armor. His blood-red eyes look down on him and direct down on Wen Ce.

“you will die!”

The deep magic sound shook the void for a moment, which made everyone’s eardrum vibrate, and some people lose their hearing for a while.

Standing at the entrance of Shushan mountain, Xu Changqing was shocked to see the figure emerging over the lock demon tower.

“Venerable Devil Chong Lou!!”

Qin Yi murmured.

The most powerful of the “Immortal Sword Three,” the Boss and the most powerful in the last period the whole Immortal series, In this world, except for the three emperors and Fei peng, almost no one is his opponent.

With the emergence of Chong Lou, the runes above the Shushan mountain seem to be torn by its aura. Golden lightning burst open, making a continuous sound, which is like setting off firecrackers. This unexpected scene shocked the people in Shushan.

Chong Lou stepped out, and came to Qin Yi and the others in an instant, his eyes locked on Wen Ce, his eyes were frozen.

“Dare to touch the lock demon tower; you will die!”

The devil flame boils; half of the sky seemed to be cracking. Wen Ce was frightened, Dugu Yuyun’s eyes were also frightened at this moment. Qin Yi’s pupils narrowed.

Only when we face it with our own eyes can we know the power of the Demon Lord.

With his current strength, under the impact of the demon’s momentum, they were pushed.

In a flash, Chong Lou disappeared. Standing in the void, then he punched toward Wen Ce.

The bursty red ball rushed down and headed straight for them.


Xu Changqing’s eyes changed. At that moment, he stopped it and suddenly pulled his hands.

A five-element wheel quickly appeared in the air, with gold, blue, green, red, yellow, and cyan lights shining, immediately expanded to a few kilometers away, covering the entire Shu Mountain.


After the blow, blood appeared on the corners of Xu Changqing’s mouth, but the attack of Chong Lou was stopped.

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