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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 15: Join Me!

Qin Yi, shocked, just hit him at random. Xu Changqing even tried his best to deal with Chong Lou and suffered internal injuries.

He knew very well that Xu Changqing had already surpassed the Immortal’s way and was in Heavenly Immortals. But the gap between him and Chang Lou is still so big.

“Who are you? How dare you hurt my leader? “

Dugu Yu was in a hurry. He shouted angrily and helped Xu Changqing. Qin Yi also stepped out and stared at Cheng Lou.

Chong Lou looked coldly but didn’t answer him.

“Don’t be impulsive, Dugu!”

Chong Lou frowned and stared at Xu Changqing: “I didn’t expect that you would protect them even if they are mortal!”

“even if they are ignorant people who attack Shu mountain, but you still protect them!”

“As the leader, you should not bring this weak man with you!”

Said Chong Lou looked to Qin Yi.

By his magic pupils, he saw only fear in Qin Yi’s hear.

“Huh? Well, he has pretty good Talent.”

Chong Lou stared at Qin Yi.

“Go to Jing Tian in Yuzhou City and ask him to guide you. Maybe in thousands of years, you can fight with me to relieve my boredom!”

His words surprised Xu Changqing slightly. Chong Lou would observe a few people in the world.

he bore the pain; Xu Changqing said: “thank you for your help!”

“Hum, even if Shushan turned into ashes has nothing to do with me, but if there is slight damage to the lock demon tower, I will turn Shushan creatures into ashes.”

Turned around, Chong Lou rose to the sky.

His right hand trembled and waved his fist down the mountain.

All of a sudden, the void trembled, and the magic flame rose. This punch broke through the void. A large number of soldiers and artillery at the foot of the mountain vanished in an instant.

This scene shocked Wen Ce back and forth, and he sat down on the ground, his eyes full of fear.

After all this, Chong Lou flew up and left.

Qin Yi blinked, and the long sword behind him also went out of its sheath, he stepped on it, it turned into a streamer of light and chased towards Chong Lou.

“Brother Chang Yi.”

Xu Changqing shouted when Qin Yi left.

“Leader, don’t worry. I’ll be back soon.”

Then, Qin Yi had disappeared.

Three minutes later, Qin Yi stepped on the sword and stood on the void, but his brow was wrinkled. He has tried his best to fly with his sword but still hasn’t caught up with Chong Lou. The strength of the other side, beyond him too much, is ultimately the comparison between ants and elephants.

“Boy, you follow me. What do you want?”

Just turning around, Chong Lou appeared in front of him.

Qin Yi was shocked. He was nervous in the face of such a mighty dude.

“lord Chong Lou, your strength has reached the highest level in this world. No one is your opponent. If you want to find a strong one, you can’t get it.”

“Since the reincarnation of Fei Peng, there has been no opponent.”

“You are lonely!”

As soon as Chong Lou’s eyes were fixed, Qin Yi held out his hand. Almost instantaneously, before Qin Yi could react, Chong Lou held Qin Yi’s neck.

“Don’t talk nonsense. What are you going to say? Say more and I’ll kill you! “

Fear, the great fear of death, hit Qin Yi’s heart at this moment. He is already swearing at the moment in his heart. What a dangerous world it is, He just said a few words and will be killed.

Facing death, the feeling that life is not controlled by oneself makes people despair. Compared with Chong Lou, he is too weak; he is nothing.

“There are no strong ones in this field, but there are others. I can take you to other worlds to compete with other strong ones.”

Qin, Yi shouted.

“You can go to other realms? No wonder I see a different breath in you, I am afraid that your identity is a big problem.”

Chong Lou released his right hand and said coldly.

“I have learned a method and studied it for 50 years. Recently, I have just found out that it is the magic skill to go to other worlds. As long as Chong Lou demon lord joins my State, he can go to other worlds with his people and compete with the strongmen of other worlds.”

Qin Yi took a deep breath and said quickly.

He risked his life to catch up with the devil, just to say this.

Well, that’s clever, especially if the demon accepts and joins Qin country, he will be Mighty!

“It’s ridiculous to believe that you are a weak man!”

Chong Lou sneered. He waved his robe and shook the void; Qin Yi was directly bombarded into the air.

“When you have the strength to face me one day, come and repeat this!”

“You are not qualified now!”

Qin Yi sighed.

Until he fell on the ground, lying in the grass, Qin Yi’s mind still reverberated with the words of Chong Lou.

Those red pupils were full of disdain and sneer.

In the face of Chong Lou, Qin Yi had no such feeling of weakness for a long time. Let him both despair and anger, raging.

“Wait, Chong Lou. Sooner or later, I will stand in front of you.”

“Let you be my minister!”

His eyes become fierce, Qin Yi roared.

The arrogant and overbearing devil thoroughly angered him!

After calming down, Qin Yi began to recover from his injuries. There are a lot of recovery techniques in Shushan. Although he is not very skilled, after spending three days, he had almost recovered.

Flying to Shu mountain, Qin Yi went to see Xu Changqing.

“brother Changyi.”

At this time, Xu Changqing was recovering. Seeing Qin Yi’s made him a slightly surprised, he asked him to sit down.

“Leader Changqing.”

Qin, Yi nodded.

“You’re fine.”

Xu Changqing said, his face was pale, he wasn’t okay, something wrong in him.

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed when he saw him, but he understood that the event of lock the demon tower had aroused some memories in the headmaster’s heart.

“Does our leader think of Miss Zi Xuan!”

Obviously, Xu Changqing was shocked all over, and he seemed to be much older at this moment.

“I’m sorry for her, alas.”

Qin Yi shook his head and sighed.

Xu Changqing also shook his head: “brother, have you ever experienced a love that is unforgettable?”

Hearing the other party’s sudden question, Qin Yi suddenly froze, he quickly recalled that those loves on the earth, there are too many utilitarian, interests, boring and naive, where is the love? Where is the unforgettable love?

Qin Yi was stunned.

Love? What is love? How did he know before he had not experienced it?

“You have no experience, so you can’t understand at all!”

“brother, it’s like cultivating. If you don’t go in and experience it, you will never know it!”

Xu Changqing sighed.

“This way, you see it, you go in, and then you have to come out, you would think that you forgot, but When are you alone, recall, and think of it, it’s a sweet and bitter feeling at the same time.”

Qin Yi wondered, “Brother, isn’t this love?”

Xu Changqing smiled and shook his head: “it’s the same Chang Yi, the same!”

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