The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 16: Jiang Qing

Qin Yi is still confused. The cultivation way is not as simple as he thought? Xu Changqing said it’s simple, but it’s hard to understand.

“little brother, in the past 50 years, you have been sitting in the flower garden, cultivating your mind and growing flowers. Your spirit is nice, and your Qi is quiet, but you have lost a little bit of the meaning of the world of mortals.”

“In this way, you have to go in to get out!”

Xu Changqing said softly.

Qin Yi was thinking. He recalled that he had just faced his weakness in front of Chong Lou.

In the world of Naruto and One Piece, he has raised his level of strength too fast. But with this kind of power, in the immortal sword, even if he will be a talented disciple, it will take ten years or even twenty years to achieve something here. But how long does it take for him to be capable of playing?

The breakneck cultivation speed made his strength and mood not match, and his pride, hegemony, and self-esteem beyond his strength level.

Facing Chong Lou, he was frustrated for a while. Even if he reaches the next realm, he will not be happier; he would know that he still far beyond Chong.

Along the way, he has paid great attention to the cultivation and his mood, but it is still difficult to avoid the grumpiness brought by the growth of strength.


Qin Yi suddenly understood the meaning of the headmaster’s words.

The most important thing about cultivating is to keep a calm mind, take care of your body, and refine Qi. Only when there is rationality can we see through everything in the world, let our minds be free from distractions, and then we can thrive.

“your heart is like a mirror. you have to clean it regularly.”

Xu Changqing’ said, and Qin Yi nodded.

At this time, he came to this world, not only to become stronger but also to become wise and to make his heart clean.

“I understand.”

Qin Yi said in a deep voice.

“Your talent and savvy are higher than that of my elder and me. Even the Lord demon recognizes you. Don’t waste such advantages; let alone create a proud and arrogant demonic heart. You should always be revered and devout.”

“One day, you should be able to climb the road and become immortal.”

Xu Changqing said with serious eyes.

Qin Yi naturally understood and kept nodding.

Later, Qin Yi retreated and was carefully understanding what Xu Changqing said.

The leader’s words though they were simple, they were intriguing.

After that, he went to the Sword Qi platform and sat on the edge of the misty mountain cross-legged, abandoning his negative thoughts.

Qin Yi’s King Talent is really strong; his character is as fine as a shonen protagonist; he is good at summarizing, receiving advice, and has a broad mind. That is the main reason why he was respected by all officials and people in the Qin state. After careful consideration of what Xu Changqing said, he can do it.

“Chong bloody Lou.”

In his mind, he recalled the scene that had happened before. Qin Yi was calm.

There is no anger, no reluctance, no hatred, He was like an outsider watching a movie; even he could give you an objective review.

After a while, Qin Yi sighed out, and a quiet smile appeared on his face.

“now let’s master Sword Controlling Technique, Mount Shu Sword Skill, Myriad Swords Art, Heavenly Sword, Sword God, and so on.!”

Qin Yi was yearning for these Shu mountain sword skills.

He began to practice these Shu mountain sword skills and reached the sixth level, which is enough to cultivate most skills.

After this day, Qin Yi’s figure often appeared in the sword Qi stage. He was breathing and cultivating every day. The long sword above his knee and he reached the one hundred swords technique then one thousand swords.

After fifteen days, Qin Yi had already done what he wanted, he mastered the ten Thousand swords technique, even without a sword in his hand, he was able to release Qi swords from his fingers as powerful as real swords.

A month later, Qin Yi was sitting at the edge of the Sword Qi platform, keeping his eyes closed. In front of him was a sea of clouds; he was surrounded by clouds and mist, like a fairyland.

On this day, a handsome man came there, followed by Dugu Yuyun, with respect in his eyes.

“Elder Jiang Qing, Dugu is very grateful that you can teach me swordsmanship.”

Dugu Yuyun said softly in awe.

“Don’t be polite, young brother Dugu. You are a great young man in Shushan, and it’s my duty to give you some advice.”

Jiang Qing said with a smile.

He is very charismatic. He looks like a dragon or a Phoenix. It makes people feel glad looking at him.

At this time, Dugu Yuyun suddenly saw Qin Yi on the sword Qi stage.

“Uncle Chang Yi.”

“Uncle Chang Yi? Is that him? “

Jiang Qing was stunned.

During this period, he often honed his sword skills here. Whenever he came, he could see that this uncle was more diligent and hardworking than most of his disciples.

“Yes, Uncle Chang Yi’s talent is amazing.”

Dugu Yuyun nodded.

Between the two people talking, Qin Yi suddenly burst out a Qi sword.

This sword with a very overbearing aura suddenly swept up into the sky, as if it a sword of a king sitting on the throne; once it is out, everything would be deterred, and all the gods are afraid.

“What a strong sword intent!”

Jiang Qing was surprised. Dugu Yuyun’s pupils shrank.

He knew that the cultivation time of the grand-uncle was not long, but in a short time, he was able to brew this powerful sword, which was really frightening.

The sword skill lies in using heart Sword Control, and the Qi.t’s not hard to practice. You can master it quickly. The most important of these is the meaning of the sword.

Sword meaning is a person’s own will, the Essence, Energy, Soul (Jin-Qi-Shen), and the unique idea achieved by the integration of swordsmanship. Unlike with cultivation, Qi refining, and sword meaning symbolize the powerful attack power, which must be mastered by the sword immortal. Only sword skill with sword meaning, can only truly achieve what you want and break everything.

It’s hard for ordinary people to have such a sword meaning without twenty or thirty years of cultivation. However, they were shocked that Qin Yi had only cultivated for a short time.

“Although the amount is not large, this sword is full of mighty king’s domineering spirit. What did you do before, grand uncle?”

Jiang Qing said.

Dugu Yuyun shuddered and didn’t speak. He was even more shocked by the Grand Uncle.

At this time, Qin Yi’s sword rushed up and. Suddenly, a hundred Qi swords appeared. After a flash, they turned and formed a large ring of swords.


Qin Yi said, and when hundred Qi swords rush to the sea of clouds in front of him. A large cloud got shattered in a moment…

“He even changed the ten thousand sword Technique?!”

Jiang Qing said.

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