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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 17: Wisdom

The round sword plate was more flexible than the original ten thousand sword technique, and it was more cohesive.

They couldn’t believe that uncle Chang Yi, who just practiced sword skills for a short time, has achieved this.

Perhaps the sword power of breaking the sea of clouds was not enough for Jiang Qing, but his talent shocked him.

As a genius who can also integrate the Shu mountain sword technique with his own conditions and create a new sword technique, Jiang Qing is acutely aware of the difficulties. Learning and creation are totally different things.

“Dugu, here you are.”

At this time, Qin Yi has opened his eyes and said softly.

“Uncle Chang Yi, your cultivation has been refined, and it’s really amazing.”

Dugu Yuyun stepped forward and admired.

“it still nothing compared with you.”

Qin Yi shook his head, turned around, and looks at Jiang Qing again.

“This is?”

“This is senior brother Jiang Qing, Grand Uncle.”

Du Gu Yuyun introduced.

“Uncle Chang Yi.”

Jiang Qing smiled and bowed to address him.

Qin Yi looked at Jiang Qing, and his eyes were slightly fixed. He knew that this is the legendary senior brother of Shushan. He fell in love with the demon and finally walked into the lock demon tower. As a result, the next leader gave the order that Shushan disciples should not enter the lock demon tower.

As far as he knew, Jiang Qing was extremely talented, even better than Dugu Yuyun. If he hadn’t gone through that event, he would have been the leader of Shushan mountain.


Qin Yi nodded.

Like Dugu Yuyun, he couldn’t see through Jiang Qing. The calm momentum of the other side is like a mountain abyss, which suppresses the four sides and bursts out sharp Qi, which makes people tremble.

“Sword intent.”

With a thoughtful look, Qin Yi felt the breath of the other person.

Dugu Yuyun also had a sword Intent, but he was far inferior to him. As for Qin Yi, he was naturally inferior to the two people in front of him.

“Uncle, like brother Dugu said, you are very talented. You have such a realm before half a year of Cultivation. I’m really admiring you.”

Jiang Qing said with admiration.

“Not as good as you.”

Qin Yi shook his head and laughed. He didn’t expect that this elite disciple of Shushan is humble. Instead, he is familiar with the Cultivation.

“I intend to sit down with Uncle Chang Yi and talk about each other’s progress. I don’t know uncle Chang well.”

Jiang Qing said suddenly.

In Dugu Yuyun’s eyes, there was a surprise. Elder brother Jiang Qing is more advanced than him; many elders are not his opponents. In regular times, he often goes out to kill demons and eliminate ghosts. He seldom stays in Shu mountain, or practice meditation.

Cultivation is mutual progress, but when one side’s Cultivation is weaker than another, that is called guidance.

Elder Jiang Qing, did you have a plan to guide the grand uncle?

“Of course, I have to thank you.”

Qin Yi agreed with a smile.

Jiang Qing saw that Qin Yi didn’t refuse to hold his own privacy, he smiled.

“Dugu also wants to join in.”

Du Gu Yuyun said with a smile.

As soon as he said, a figure came down, shouting.

“And Situ Zhong, hehe.”

Later, the four people sat around the edge of the Qi Sword platform, looking at the undulating sea of clouds in front of them, discussing.

This discussion took a long time.

In a flash, three months have passed. During this period, Shushan often had a vibration coming out, which caused the tremble of disciples; however, it could not attract the eyes of these four people.

They have been completely immersed in the understanding and study of the Tao, absorbed and unable to extricate themselves.

“the Gods is the commander of essence and Qi. If your Qi is strong, your ears and eyes will be clear, even if your eyes were close open, you would be able to see the distance of thousands of miles, and you can also hear the sound of a whole country.”

“your flesh and blood will be strong, strong, and will live forever.”

” That means the human body is naturally weak, but when Heaven and man are one, and Yin and yang are in harmony. Everything will be different; this is the truth of the cultivation way. Therefore, they can lead the atmosphere with its weakness, accommodate it, and achieve immortality. “

“Only when the essence, Energy, Soul (Jin-Qi-Shen) are full and go hand in hand can we integrate with all things, with Yin and Yang, and with the universe.”

Qin Yi said lightly.

This is his comprehension of the three realms (levels) he has experienced through his Cultivation and the information he received in his previous life.

Essence, Energy, and Soul are the three treasures of the human body, such as for the sky, sun, moon, and stars, which must complement each other without any defect.

“Uncle Chang Yi’s understanding is in line with the way, which is the ultimate pursuit of our generation. “

“What I have learned from Sword Technique, sword intent.”

“The sword intent is just like a bucket of water, and the sword technique is water. If your sword intent is strong enough, the swordsmanship side can expand more. As long as the sword intent is strong enough, all things in the world can be endowed to the sword and become a weapon in your hand. “

“Under the ultimate Sword Intent, even if you stand in one place, you can take an enemy’s head even if he is thousands of miles away!”

Jiang Qing’s words surprised Qin Yi and the others.

At this time, in Shushan, they focused the sword techniques. After years of tempering, these sword techniques are naturally tested by history, and each move is mighty. But Jiang Qing paid more attention to the sword Intent than the sword techniques. As long as the Sword Intent is strong enough, the sword Techniques will be in your pocket.

“the sword is not in your hand; the sword must be in your heart!”

Qin Yi thought genuinely, and Jiang Qing’s words made him understand the sword Intent.

“My comprehension is in the way of Cultivation. It is not as profound as Uncle and Brother!.”

Du Gu Yuyun smiled.

“I think that if we want to enter the Tao and become cultivators, we need to experience the rolling of the world of mortals, the life of ordinary people, love, hope hate, agony, and pain… Only when we have experienced it with a deep heart can we know how it feels.”

“Then, we can walk out; then we can transcend and become real cultivators. In essence, we can abandon the identity of human beings and become immortals.”

“Only when you test it enough can you understand enough.”

Qin Yi nodded slightly. It seems that after Dugu Yuyun became a swordsman and reached this level. He forgot his previous feelings.

“Hahaha, I’m not as deep as the three of you.”

“Life is to live, I think, just have wine, drink! Have meat, eat! Girls! Play! Kill demons, cut them all! There are demons, get rid of them! “

“to become an immortal, I didn’t think about it. I want just one thing.”

“Have a good time!”

Situ Zhong laughed.

His words made the other three laugh.

“Have a good time!”

The next second, the three of them were listening from situ Zhong, laughing loudly.

Yes, if there is no carefree, what is the immortal?

This rotten drunk’s words, though thousands of miles away from the cultivation way, but still have some truth!

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