The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 18: Bromance

For the next six months, the four often sat here and discussed.

Under this kind of communication, the Tao of each other merged, each of them had more understanding.

Qin Yi is no longer striving for the promotion of cultivation, but he followed the flow.

Taoist cultivation is to do nothing. If it is deliberate, it is annoying.

But even so, his natural and unique natural talent has played a role. Still, he has already promoted cultivation to the seventh cultivation realm (Nurturing the Dao), and the sword Inner has become more powerful. He has become a Heavenly Sword, which can achieve the unity of man and sword. Besides, he studied the Runes Art, which is much easier than the swordsmanship. In Qin Yi’s opinion, it is similar to Ninjutsu in Naruto but a little bit more complicated.

Runes Art covers the features of seals and summons, etc… and it is specially used to restrain demons.

In the 10th month, the four separated, leaving Qin Yi alone.

Jiang Qing’s strength is enough to walk down the mountain on behalf of Shushan and kill demons, he enjoys it, and he wants to improve his power in the battle.

Dugu Yuyun is going to work in front of Xu Changqing and follows the leader’s instructions.

Situ Zhong was lazy and occasionally reports to Qin Yi.

After twelve months in this world, Qin Yi reached the eighth level (Achieving the Dao).

The “Achieving the Dao” level is a good rank in cultivation and qualified to walk down the mountain and even take the position of elder.

However, Qin Yi didn’t leave the Sword Qi Platform. He was still cultivating. Sometimes he took some pills Xu Changqing gave him to enhance his spirit and Qi.

Qi Refining, Soul Refining, Essence Refining, Qin Yi’s cultivation till now is decent.

Essence, Energy, Soul (Jin-Qi-Shen) in the immortal sword game, represented in numerical value. Here in the real world, it represented in the person’s comprehensive quality, that is, the realm. If you want to grow, you don’t rely on upgrading to fight against monsters, but on cultivation.

A month later, Qin Yi got up slowly.

This month, he consolidated the eighth level and found that at this moment, it is hard to continue to cultivate again.

The next step after “Achieving the Dao” is called “Forgetting the Dao”! Such a misleading level name.

When he looked through Qinghui’s letters, he could only see that the other side recorded a little messy and incomprehensible words …

“Forget! Forget! Forget!”

“How can we forget purposely?”

“Only when you Archive the right way can you forget the way. Only when you forget the pain, you’ll be happy!”

I’m afraid no one can understand such words, right?

Qin Yi shook his head, finally got up, and went to Wuji Pavilion. He needs to consult Xu Changqing.

When Xu Changqing saw him, he was shocked at first sight.

“Did you really get there?”

“Fortunately, I did not disappoint you. It seems that the leader is going to give me the position of the Laws elder.”

Qin Yi said with a smile.

Xu Changqing looked at Qin Yi, then nodded, “since you have such qualifications, I will not hesitate.”

“From today on, you are the Elder od Laws and Morals in Shushan, who is responsible for managing and supervising the disciples’ words and deeds.”

Qin Yi bowed and answered: “Chang Yi obeys the leader’s order.”

After taking the position of the Morals Elder, Qin Yi was about to ask Xu Changqing how to get to the next level. But at this time, the other side asked first.

“Younger brother, it’s time for you to go down the mountain!”

Qin Yi was shocked.

“I have arranged for you to go down the mountain. Now Shushan mountain has stabilized. When you go out, there should be no hidden dangers.”

“don’t be panic.”

“Now, you are now the most important disciple to me.”

Xu Changqing said slowly.

“Your talent is unparalleled. If you practice 50 years earlier, you may have already become an immortal. Even I am not as good as you. Even the demon Chong Lou praised you. Naturally, you will be fine.”

“It’s a blessing for you to have such talent and for Shushan. It’s good to be here, but it’s not enough. “

“Besides, it’s almost the limit of your cultivation and be taught by others. You have to go on your own in the next step!”

He said, and Qin Yi nodded.

That is Xu Changqing’s plan to let him go down the mountain. The next step is to forget the state Achieving the Dao; The next level is more profound and complex. It can’t be achieved only by struggling alone.

So, he had to go down the mountain. Understand all things of the world of mortals, and realize the vastness of the existence.

There are differences between living in the mortal world, and the high realms, between those who cultivate, and ordinary people. They have different understandings of all things in nature; just when you can collect the best qualities of their beliefs and impressions, you can reach perfection.

“But remember, don’t let the Mortals world tempt you.”

“just be as you have always been.”

After saying that, Xu Changqing sighed, his eyes narrowed, and he looked far away.

After a while, the headmaster looked at Qin Yi with the eyes full of memories.

“Go now; take care of yourself.”

“When you come back, the leader will abdicate.”

Qin Yi sighed: “Leader!”

Xu Changqing has always paid a lot of attention to him. He is more just and generous. He is a real hero. No matter his character or strength, he is impeccable. Even a man would fall in love with him.

With such a leader, Qin Yi will be more relaxed. Although he didn’t spend much time with such a legend, he can feel Xu Changqing’s care for him.

“Go ahead, younger brother. I hope you can go further when you come back.”

Xu Changqing smiled and waved.

After leaving Wuji Pavilion, Qin Yi’s feelings were very complicated.

It can be said that when your cultivation reaches such a level, your feeling isn’t an issue. But Qin Yi had deep feelings for his leader and brother.

Although he has experienced several worlds and saw many characters, that’s the first time he considered one as a big brother.

he ordered Dugu Yuyun to help him cultivate; he gave him numerous elixirs and pills, he supported him and even saved his life…

Xu Changqing helped him a lot, and Qin Yi knew it well.

“you will abdicate when I come back?”

Taking a deep breath, Qin Yi suddenly faces him in Wuji Pavilion, smiled from the corner of his mouth, and shouted.

“I will not return!”

After he said this, Qin Yi strode away, without hesitation, straight to the foot of the mountain.

In Wuji Pavilion, Xu Changqing was stunned. He stared at Qin Yi’s back for a long time and could not speak.

He shook his right hand, a letter appeared, and then he threw it forward to Qin Yi.

The latter caught it, glanced at it, and saw the word “Jing Tian” on the envelope, and he remembered it instantly.

“you’re no longer a kid; you’re an elder.”

“Take care of Shushan.”

“If you go, you have to return!”

Light words, but let Qin Yi want to cry.

He knew that Xu Changqing had already foreseen something and was ready to face it.

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