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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 19: The Flying Dragon Hidden In The Clouds

The gate of Wuji Pavilion closed slowly, and Qin Yi did not look back.

Without delay, he went down to Shushan mountain with a sword and a bottle of wine from Situ Zhong.

It’s a year since he came to the immortal’s world. It’s the first time for him to go down the mountain and see the great rivers and mountains. Qin Yi knows that the vastness of the world is shocking, far wider than One Piece and Naruto.

Just six different realms from this world are bigger than the One Piece and Naruto worlds together.

In this magnificent world, there are all kinds of magic and hidden powers.

Although Qin Yi no longer has the power to do free and reckless action, Qin Yi knew the responsibility of freedom and its price here in this dangerous world, anyway, he felt that he controls his feelings accurately and had sufficient clear thinking after the Cultivation.

The process of Cultivation is a process of recognizing the world and yourself, which can produce a sense of pleasure, the pleasure of reaching perfection.

Yuzhou City is a small city located at the foot of Shushan mountain. All the disciples of Shushan mountain must pass this small city when they go down the mountain.

At this time, Qin Yi was walking on the street of this town.

On the roads were bustling with people, and vendors’ shouts and cheers are loud. It’s a bustling scene. There are some familiar scenes, which made Qin Yi smile.

He padded in the street, with a cultivator’s heart, aiming to realize all kinds of things in the world, and his eyes scanning the life in the road.

After his long Cultivation, he gained such a spiritual vision; he could see through people’s hearts. It’s instrumental in understanding the seven emotions and six desires of human beings and the fluctuation of emotions.

With Qin Yi’s talent, even his walking on the street was good practice for him.

Seeing things with different eyes, different realms, it will produce mixed feelings. This is the charm and beauty of Cultivation.

Walking all the way slowly, he saw all the people’s faces, actions.

When he came to a Workshop, Qin Yi stopped, Rose his head and look at the large sign in front of him. his eyes flashed.

“Xinan Workshop!”

Muttering the name, Qin Yi smiled.

This workshop is the place where the Heavenly Realm Divine Will Fei Peng will reincarnate in Jing Tian. At this time, Jing tian has become a wealthy tycoon in Yuzhou. Different from the TV series, the background of the world seems to be from the game series.

Qin Yi raised his feet and stepped in. The workshop was crowded.

The workshop was huge and even opened branches all over the country. Qin Yi lamented that the little boy in the third Chinese Paladin had become a rich man at this time.

He continued walking inside. When people saw him dressed in Shushan clothes, all their eyes fixed on him, after a while, they ignored him.

On the third floor of the workshop, Qin Yi saw Jing Tian sitting in a chair with his head resting on his hands, and his face relaxed, humming a tune.

“How are you, shopkeeper?”

Qin Yi walked over with a smile and stood in front of Jing Tian.

“you are?”

Jing Tian sat upright and looked at Qin Yi with surprise. There was a trace of doubt on his face.

Qin Yi strode to him and gave him a letter from Xu Changqing.

Jingtian picked up the letter, looked at Qin Yi with doubts, opened the message, and read it carefully.

“Xu Changqing, I haven’t seen him for a long time.”

After reading the letter, Jing Tian sighed.

Then he looked up at Qin Yi, his eyes slightly fixed: “I know about everything elder Changqing said in his letter.”

Qin Yi raised his eyebrows. He only got Xu Changqing’s letter, but he didn’t know what the leader said in it.

“Elder Chang Yi, please stay in the workshop for a while.”

Jingtian said with a smile.

“According to Changqing, with your talent, it will take from you only three months here.”Qin Yi said, “three months?”

“Yes, in the next three months, I will teach you everything I have learned.”

Jing Tian nodded.

Qin Yi understood that what Xu Changqing wrote, he ordered the other side to teach him.

He was more grateful. Since the last time he met Chong Lou, the headmaster elder’s mood has been unstable, and he felt that he couldn’t give Qin Yi more. Also, Jing Tian was recommended to Qin Yi By Chong Lou.

“I didn’t expect that Chonglou would praise you so much.”

Jingtian sighed, his eyes full of memories.

“After the first world war with the sword immortal, I fought with Chong Lou and tried my best, and I was close to beat him.”

“If he says that you are gifted, he saw that you are qualified to fight with him.”

After a pause, Jing Tian said.

“Although I have retired from the cultivation for many years, the kindness between Shushan and elder brother Changqing cannot be forgotten.”

“This time, we should do something for Shushan.”

Qin Yi said: “thank you, manager Jing Tian.”

“Haha, I like the name of the manager.”

Jingtian laughed and stood up from his seat.

After half of an hour, Jingtian took Qin Yi to a blank grassland behind the workshop.

“Show me your strength, and I’ll see how to guide you.”

Qin Yi nodded, raised his Sword, and then pointed forward.

All of a sudden, the Heavenly Sword light ablaze, and a powerful king’s Sword came out. The lawn in front of him was just torn apart by his aura, revealing the bare ground.

“mighty and strong inner sword, astonishing Aura!”

Jing Tian praised.

“Although your realm is not high, your moves can be more flexible under the sword.”

“I don’t have much to teach you. I hope you study hard.”

He then said to Qin Yi seriously.

Qin Yi replied solemnly, “manager Jing Tian, please rest assured.”

Qin Yi dare not neglect this middle-aged man dressed like a rich man. However, His original identity is the Heavenly Realm will Fei Peng. His fighting power is called the first in heaven. In the whole heaven and earth, he is the only one who can fight with Chong Lou.

At this time, although he was reincarnated into Jing Tian, he is a master martial artist. After three seasons of the series, his accomplishments are not so high.

But his cultivation level is not lower than Xu Changqing, the Leader of Shushan.

In a word, there are many experts and strong ones in the world of the Chinese Paladin. After reaching a certain level, they will retire, which is strange. Perhaps, this is one of the characteristics of being mighty.

Jing Tian’s guidance to Qin Yi not much, but he should get more out there, he will have some understanding of the process in his walking.

On the contrary, he taught him a lot of techniques.

“Sword techniques are different from Inner Sword, but it is also important. Inner Sword is contained in the body and cannot hurt people by itself, but the sword techniques are the medium.”

“The stronger the sword technique, the powerful you are.”

“If one day, your sword moves are strong enough, even if you are not as good as the other side, you can win.”

“Next, I will teach you some tricks; you have to look carefully.”

Jing Tian said softly. When he saw Qin Yi nodding, he said again.

“This first one is the flying dragon hidden in the clouds!”

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