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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 20: Skills

When he heard this familiar skill name, Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.

He is very familiar with the flying dragon hidden in the clouds. In the Chinese paladin No.3, it’s Jing Tian’s unique skill. In Chinese Paladin No.1, it’s Li Xiaoyao’s exclusive skill.

Now, the first skill Jing tian is going to teach him is the flying dragon hidden in the clouds?

Qin Yi saw this technique in the game, and it wasn’t that great technique. Indeed it is a technique to steal items from foes. However, he observed silently. A mighty pressure came from Jing Tian, which made his heart suddenly shake.

“This is the flying dragon hidden in the clouds. Look carefully!”

Jing Tian’s shouting made Qin Yi’s heart shake.

Next second, he saw a swimming dragon circling him. It was as fast as streamer light, and it fused in Jing, and many mirages appeared constantly, and sometimes dragon claws came out. In Qin Yi’s perception, it was just like the cloud in the sky at this time; Jing Tian was the incarnation of the dragon, He can only see the Dragon claws that appear and disappear alternately.

Qin Yi was shocked at this time and realized that the reality is far more complicated and more might than the game and TV.

The flying dragon hidden in the clouds skill is a combination of body technique and claw technique. Try to think about how strong it is to achieve the ability of Jing Tian?

And the purpose of the flying dragon hidden in the clouds is to steal the object as we said, after what Qin Yi saw, he knew that he could steal anything from anyone if he mastered such skill.

Qin Yi’s eyes were more and more bright, and his natural talent played a role. At this moment, he remembered the body method and technique that Jing Tian demonstrated.

When the Dragon technique ended, the dragon’s claws faded, the light in Qin Yi’s eyes gradually disappeared.

Close his eyes and recall again. Qin Yi made sure that he had made a complete record, opened his eyes, and sighed softly.

“Good technique!”

“Hey, your sword, and your bottle.”

“Be careful!”

Jing Tian said with a smile, with a sword in his left hand and a bottle in his right hand, Qin Yi’s pupils contracted.

His sword is always behind his back, and the bottle is on his waist. With his optimized senses, he can feel any kind of disturbance, but he felt nothing taken away from him.

“the flying dragon is hidden in the clouds technique.”

Qin Yi was shocked.

Jing Tian is only used to take things from him, but if it is at such a speed, why won’t he use it to attack?

It’s amazing.

“How is it? Are you interested now? it looks easy but, but there are some tricks to do it well. “

Jing Tian said with a smile.

“it is incredible, manager Jing Tian.”

Qin Yi said.

Although he had memorized the body method and the claw method, the majestic mood in them is not what he can accomplish alone, which needs the careful guidance of Jing Tian.

“Haha, don’t worry. Since Changqing asked me to train you, I will try my best.”

Qin Yi nodded and thanked him.

After that, in addition to dealing with business affairs every day, Jing Tian took the time to teach Qin Yi ‘the flying dragon hidden in the clouds technique’.

What surprised Qin Yi was that it took him a week to master it.

And he did as a newbie, far less than the magnificent momentum of Jing Tian’s dragon.

“you have basically mastered it, and the rest needs you to practice constantly to understand the artistic conception of flying dragon technique.”

Jing Tian was also surprised by Qin Yi’s qualifications.

The flying dragon hidden in the clouds technique was created by the monkey Demon Jing Jing, the thief of Bashu. Jingtian met him; he studied it and improved it.

Now, what Qin Yi has mastered is that the flying dragon of Jing Tian version, which is more potent than that of Jing Jing.

“Next, I’m going to teach you Universe Throw!”

With a smile, Jing Tian explains Qin Yi’s next skill.

Qin, Yi nodded and smiled.

As the name suggests, when it is launched, if the whole heaven and earth were thrown violently, the earth moves, and the mountains shake, the heaven and earth color change, and its destructive power is fantastic. The only thing that makes Qin Yi feel confused is that it needs money to launch.

“This is a piece of copper money. I took it from you.”

“Let’s show you the power of this technique.”

Jing Tian said with a smile, then he took the copper money in his hands and threw it.


In a moment, Qin Yi looked above; the coin was divided into countless pieces, and the tens of meters of his space were shaking violently. Even more, it gave him a kind of fear that the heaven and the earth were about to turn upside down.

He was deeply shocked. He could not understand the scene and the principles involved. But it is very clear that such a copper coin launched a repulsive power in the universe, he was afraid that he saw something like that before in Naruto, Isn’t like Chibaku Tensei.

“that’s it!”

“The more money you use, the greater the power of this technique.”

“Of course, there is a limit to its destructive power, which is the only defect in this trick.”

Jing Tian explained with a smile.

“Do you like it?”

Qin Yi naturally has no opinion. At this time, he just understood the reason why Xu Changqing asked him to study with Jing Tian.

It’s magic and exclusive secret skills; Even Shushan cannot teach such things at all.

The principle of Universe Throw is complex, but it is much simpler than a flying dragon hidden in clouds technique. Qin Yi has spent four days and was able to use it.

“Ten copper coins can break the space hundreds of meters ahead.”

Qin Yi has nothing to say about the magic of this technique.

Later, Jing Tian also taught him Wine Golden Paper, Embroiling fluent mouth core incantation, Ghost Refining Wild Magic, Anything goes, and Nothing is Taboo, you think these are weird names? Could you wait until you see them then?

After learning all these skills, it has been two months since Qin Yi came to Xinan Workshop.

“I will not teach you the Immortal Wind and Cloud Body Technique, Five Spirits Immortal Technique, That’s Shu mountain’s specialty.”

“Next, I will teach you my most powerful skills. You must practice hard.”

When it comes to this, Jing Tian looked serious for the first time.

Qin Yi looked at him with doubts.

“Destroyer of Nations Silver Shot Wave, this is my best technique. You must try your best!”

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