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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 21: Five Years

The national silver bullet wave.

Qin Yi was shocked when he heard the name of this skill.

Naturally, he knew the origin of this skill very well. It was originally created by Long Yang, the crown prince of Jiang state, in Jing tian’s previous life (his previous reincarnation). After Long Yang died, the technique was almost lost. It was taught to Jingtian by Chong Lou. This skill was that Jing Tian used to fight with Chong Lou.

What Qin Yi didn’t expect was that Xu didn’t teach him by himself, instead, he let Jing Tian teach him everything he had learned.

Qin Yi and Jingtian have already become a teacher and a disciple.

“Manager Jing Tian.”

Qin Yi deeply bowed and was grateful.

“No need for that, I have no interest in cultivating to be an immortal. Although I look strong, my realm is poor. I’m afraid I can’t live forever, just like mortals.”

“Xu Changqing said that you are talented and have the talent to become an immortal. He is busy recently and can’t teach you in person, so he asked me to take care of you. By the way, I’m looking for a successor?”

after that, Jing Tian smiled and stared at Qin Yi.

“Now it seems that you are qualified to be my successor!”

Qin Yi suddenly realized that, on the one hand, he understood why Jing Tian could compete with the 50% strength of Chong Lou, but he had a middle-aged face, and on the other hand, he understood Xu Changqing’s plan to make him a disciple of Jing Tian.

Just for a moment, Qin Yi thought of Xu Changqing’s plan.

Who is Jing Tian? he is a reincarnation of Fei Peng! Who is Fei Peng?

The first divine general in the heaven, who is in charge of the divine world’s heavy troops, is called the scepter of the emperor of heaven, and the invincible force in the whole divine world. In his whole life, his rival was Chong Lou, and neither of them was able to defeat his opponent and they gradually become less willing to destroy each other out of mutual admiration!

Even after several reincarnations, he became Jing Tian, but his soul is still there. However, How can he be sure that he will become Fei Peng again in the future?

Once Jing Tian recovers his identity as Fei Peng the divine general, Qin Yi will be Feipeng’s disciple!

Although Xu Changqing is just and kind-hearted, kind-hearted and chivalrous, he is the leader of Shushan in the end and has a plan for Shushan. He wanted to make Qin Yi the patron saint of Shu mountain after he left.

“You can leave after learning this.”

“Even though I don’t know what are going to do next, I can tell you one thing.” Jingtian said with a smile.

Qin Yi listened.

“Follow your heart, go wherever you want, and do whatever you want!”

“release the demon in your heart, know him, accept him, and let the two of you become the complete Chang Yi.”

Jing Tian said softly.

Qin Yi was stunned, then pondered.

It took Qin Yi a lot of time to learn the last skill. he finished learning it after three months.

Qin Yi knew very well how Jingtian’s skill is profound.

During his study, he also asked Jingtian why he didn’t want to cultivate immortality and live forever.

Jing Tian replied with a smile.

“After living for too long, I want to experience the life of mortals!”

“You know, my biggest ambition was to be a shopkeeper. Now I am the richest man in Yuzhou. how I cannot be satisfied? Besides, I can spend my whole life with my favorite people. “

“What’s the difference between Jing Tian and immortals?”

“Well, in this life, you have the free will.”

“What suits you is the best thing.”

Qin Yi could not help but ask again, “you are a god!?”

Jing Tian shook his head: “that’s the past. Now, I’m just a person. I’m a new manager.”

“Oh, I’m still your master now. I’ve never thought of accepting an old man in his fifties as an apprentice. Hahahaha!”

Listening to Jing Tian’s laughs, Qin Yi shook his head and laughed.

before he left the workshop, Jing Tian gave him another thing.

“take this, it belongs to Feipeng. I hope you fight with him after you get more powerful.”

“But your master, me, have no interest at all. After getting it, I have never seen it. I see that you are interested in cultivation, and I will leave it to you.”

“Cultivate well. One day, beat that old Demon up and revenge for me, your master, haha.”

This master always seems to have a smiley face. Although his face is not the same as that on TV, he is also beautiful and handsome. If he is serious, he is definitely a gentleman who Charms thousands of girls. 

“Then master, I’m leaving. When I come back, I’ll bring you a bottle of good wine.”

“Nah not wine. Your teacher’s mother likes Xiqiong tea in South Xinjiang. If you pass by, bring some back.”

Jingtian stood at the door of the workshop, holding a beautiful woman in her right hand and laughing.

Qin Yi looked at the woman and knew that this is Tang Xuejian. wife of Jing Tian and the mother of, Jing Xiaolou.

Qin Yi waved and strode away.

From this moment on, his journey began in the immortal sword world.

With the sword behind him and a bottle of wine, Qin Yi was walking.

He did not fly with the sword, nor rush to the road. he went where his heart took. He tasted the fruits and rivers water and having a good time.

The talent of the king in his heart was sparkling, making him improve every moment.

In the spring rain, he doesn’t take an umbrella, but he let the rain wet him, feeling the coldness and softness of the rain.

When the sun was shining high, his skin was tanned and sweaty, and he experienced the heat.

When it snowed, he sat in the snow and become a snowman. he watched the children in the village throw snowballs in front of him.

In autumn, he carried his foot over the withered leaves and felt the process of everything withering.

This is a process of understanding the Dao. He walked slowly, compared with Qinghui’s letters, and understood everything himself. His heart became calmer and his cognition of the world became clearer.

The fog in front of him seemed to be clearing away layer by layer. He knew that he was already walking on the road, experiencing, harvesting, and learning.

he didn’t know how long it has been, let alone how many miles.

On this day, after he mastered the sword god thoroughly, he felt suddenly that he had been away too long. 

“How many years I was here! “

“What year is it tonight?”

Suddenly at a loss, Qin Yi was confused.

It was so addictive and so fascinating that he had forgotten the time.

“Who is the leader of Shushan now?”

He found a man in the rivers and asked him.

“Chang Hao, leader Chang! Who are you? “

“the Leader Xu, where is Xu Changqing?”

“he had gone to heaven. “

Qin Yi was stunned and suddenly woke up.

“Has it been five years?”

“Cang Sang Tian, Bai Yun Cang Dog.”

“Elder brother Changqing, you’re gone after all.”

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