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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 22: Morals Elder

Qin Yi looked sad, but It has been five years since he went into his journey.

In the past five years, he has been addicted to Tao cultivation, followed his feelings, drifted aimlessly on the earth, observed all kinds of life, and looked all over the mountains and rivers. For him, time has lost its meaning.

When you indulge in one thing and focus on it, you will forget all the things around you.

The cultivator has a firm will and a cohesive mind, and this kind of thing will go more in-depth.

“Leader Changqing, I don’t know if I will have a chance to see you again in the future.”

With a long sigh, Qin Yi let go of the man and left.

Once a man of cultivation chooses to seclusion, he will dive into the abyss like a dragon, which is hard to find. They see through the world of mortals, detached from the world. Their mood has long been different from the ordinary. Qin Yi was sure that the world of the immortal sword is different from the people who practice Taoism in his previous life on the earth. They are always mortal, greedy, hateful, obsessed, and ordinary.

After five years of cultivation, he has practiced five series of immortal skills, Shu mountain sword skills and the unique skills taught by Jing Tian.

Since he began to cultivate, he regarded himself as a mortal. He never used his magic power or made any moves. He stands aloof from things, like a bystander, watching everything quietly, without participating.

He still saw the Taoism and the world unclearly.

“I saw it, but I need to come out and forget.”

“In this way, I can achieve Forgetting Dao’s state.”

Qin Yi thought.

“I know my path and how to do it.”


After a pause, Qin Yi sighed.

“But, I didn’t have time to see elder brother Changqing!”

The elder brother waited for his return at the gate of Wuji Pavilion, but he could not wait for a long time.

Qin Yi walked through a street and walked out of the unknown town.


When he left, it was sunny, but then there was a sudden downpour.

Qin Yi awoke from his long meditating.

He continued to walk, walking thousands of miles.

“I want to go to Miao Land.”

“Jingtian and Xuejian, I miss Xiqiong tea.”

With a smile on his mouth, Qin Yi headed for Miao.

The land is very vast. He is far from Miao at the moment. He naturally cannot get there in a short time walking.

Six months later, Qin Yi reached to Leizhou.

In this city, he met the disciples of Shushan mountain.

“Uncle Chang Yi, the leader ordered the disciples of Shushan to return. He wanted to arrange things.”

The young Shushan disciple recognized Qin Yi’s torn and messy clothes and bowed respectfully.

“Master? Chang Hao? “

Qin Yi shook his head, looking pale.

“I still have something to do and a way to understand.”

“I’m afraid I can’t go back.”

Shushan disciple was confused: “but, this is the leader’s order.”

“hmm, Then tell Chang Hao that I’m Chang Yi can’t be ordered by him!”

Qin Yi suddenly said in his momentum, which made the disciple of Shushan step back with astonishment.

When he looked up again, the strange uncle had disappeared.

“What terrible power! When will there be such an elder in Shushan?”

He was panicked, and he was about to leave and report back to the headmaster. Just then, a light rune fell from the sky, and the disciple heard a cold voice.

“Also, tell Chang Hao that I am the elder of law and morals in Shushan! If he does something against the rules, I will be after you! “

“and I will not be polite!”

The voice was indifferent, but with a loud and overbearing voice.

“morals, Elder?!”

The disciples of Shushan mountain stared at each other; their faces were tense.

When the former headmaster was in office, he did arrange an elder named Chang Yi. The information of the elder has been widely spread in Shushan mountain. It is said that he is talented. In just one year, he has cultivated to the eighth level of Taoism. Unexpectedly, they met him here.

“It’s elder of the Morals then!”

The disciples were shocked and trembled at the same time.

What a joke! The elder of law and morals, however, is in charge of criminal law and supervision power. His real strength is the top one except for the leader.

What’s more frightening to the disciples is that morals elder is so oppressive that he dare to warn the leader!

Morals Elder, he is really talented and strong. After five years down the mountain, he has reached such a level.

Soon, the news of Qin Yi’s appearance came to Shushan. The first one was the leader at the moment, Chang Hao, the 24th generation leader of Shushan.

Chang Hao is a rigid, stubborn, and conservative man who abides by the rules and regulations. When he heard that Qin Yi dared to disobey his orders, he was furious.

“Boldness! This Chang Yi, has he rebelled? “

“Also, warn me in turn!?”

Below it, a young and steady man heard this and immediately said.

“Master calm down, morals, elder. perhaps at a critical moment of cultivation, so he can’t come back.”

“Elder Zhen Wu, he seems to be arrogant. He is not saying that he is busy in cultivation! the elder brother Changqing appointed me the position of leader, and he completely ignores my orders, isn’t too much? “

Chang Hao shouted, his eyes full of anger.

At the moment, this elder is Dugu Yuyun. Before Xu Changqing rose, he made him an elder.

“What does the leader want? you don’t want to be removed or kicked out of Shushan. “

Dugu Yuyun listened to the leader’s words, but another person beside him said it.

“Situ Zhong, how dare you!”

Chang Hao shouted.

“Haha, I think you have to look at your actions. “

“Since you came to the top, you kicked Nangong Huang, and Because of prejudice against female disciples, you even dismissed all the female disciples of the whole set.”

Situ Zhong sneered.

“Now, I’d like to see what you want to do, Morals elder ?”

Hearing this, Dugu Yuyun looked cold: “Situ Zhong, go out!”

The latter laughed and stepped out of Wuji Pavilion.

Chang Hao’s face was ugly, and his eyes were burning from rage.

“Master, calm down. He’s a drunkard. He can’t speak properly.”

“Now, Shushan is empty and needs talents to stay. anyway, what will you do to Chang Yi?”

Dugu Yu said in a deep voice, turning off the topic.

Hearing this, Chang Hao took a deep breath and then calmed down, he gazed him coldly.

“if He doesn’t want to come back, then get him back!”

“I’d like to see how capable he is. he dares to disobey my orders!”

After the recovery of the Shushan mountain incident, Xu Changqing realized that it was because of his significant development of the mountain over the past ten years that the power of the human realm and the power of the demon realm was not balanced, which led to the turmoil. Plus Zi Xuan, he finally chose to retire. He passed on the position of leader to Chang Hao as many elders of his generation retired too.

Later, he demobilized many female disciples, making Shushan much weaker and weaker.

Later, he even dismissed many female disciples, making Shu Shan’s strength shrink again.

Up to now, the strength of Shushan School has been reduced a lot. In addition to the pressure of other forces outside, it is the time when there is an urgent need for the scattered disciples to come back.

As early as a year ago, Chang Hao had issued an order to the disciples of Shushan mountain to spread all over the country and call the outer disciples and elders back.

Qin Yi was found in such a situation. But because he didn’t admit to Chang Hao, he made the other side angry.

In an instant, Chang Hao has called three elders of Shu mountain, all of whom are on the eighth level.

“The three of you go down the mountain to find Chang Yi and bring him to me!”

“He disobeys my order openly. He is the first one who disobeys the rules!”

Chang Hao roared.


The three elders answered, and then quickly turned down the mountain.

Dugu Yuyun’s eyes flickered but didn’t say a word.

Qin Yi, who is in Leizhou, doesn’t care about this small matter. Even if he knows Chang Hao’s order, he will only smile lightly.

In the past five years, although his accomplishments have not increased at all, his Taoism has been improved day by day, and his sword skills and magic skills have made significant progress.

Under such circumstances, he had the confidence to fight even the cultivators of the ninth realm.

From Jingtian, he learned that cultivation is a generalization of overall quality, that is, the comprehension of Tao. But the effectiveness and combat power are another matter. Jing Tian’s Dao realm is low, but his attack power may have reached an unimaginable state, which shocked Shushan mountain.

Although he is not as powerful as Jing Tian, he is at a high level now.

Three months later, in a small town, he saw the disciples of Shushan again, but the person he found this time raised his eyebrows slightly.

“It’s him!”

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