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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 23: Ning Ya

Not far from Qin Yi, a man and a woman were talking.

The woman was dressed as a Shushan disciple, she was middle-aged, and the man looked a bit young, and his face was more familiar to Qin Yi.

“Li Yuanli.”

With a flash in his eyes, Qin Yi smiled; he followed them hidingly.

The young man is Yuan Li. Qin Yi has not heard from him since he entered the immortal world. After trying to get in touch with him, Yuan Li was unwilling. After a few times, he stopped paying attention.

He never expected to see him in such a small town.

“Master, that demon is powerful. Let’s go back to Shushan and ask for reinforcements.”

At this moment, Li Yuan said to the woman seriously.

As soon as Qin Yi’s eyes were fixed on the woman, he did not expect that the woman with a big waist, rough face, and man-like appearance was Li Yuanli’s teacher.

“let’s pray that Shushan brings us back.”

Qin Yi found that the opponent ’s cultivation had reached the seventh level, only one level lower than him, which surprised him slightly.

“This man is hiding a lot of secrets!” Qin Yi was thinking.

As a king, Li Yuanli has many mysterious and persuasive skills. Unlike Qin Yi, Li Yuanli has always been afraid of running around with his master to subdue the demons. In this way, when the king’s skills play a role, Li Yuanli’s progress will surpass that of ordinary people.

“Yuan Li, I can’t go back to Shushan. Leader Chang Hao expelled all the female disciples. From that moment on, I’m not a student of Shushan.”

The woman shook her head and smiled bitterly.

“But you have excellent qualifications. In just six years, you have reached the seventh level. Your future is far greater than that of your master.”

“That demon is powerful. I’m not his opponent. I’m seriously injured. And you can’t beat him, stop nagging.”

Li Yuanli looked sad and said in a tragic voice, “master, how could you let that demon take the little sister without a fight?”

“I can see your thoughts on Ning Ya, but you are.”

The woman shook her head and sighed.

“Really inappropriate!”

Li Yuanli cried: “I will not give up. If I save Ning Ya this time, she will marry me.”

Hearing this, Qin Yi, who was hiding in the dark, was stunned.

Li Yuanli is so horrible! Qin Yi knew before that Yuan Li was flirting his blood sister, and even when he came to a different world, he didn’t forget to flirt with his younger martial art sister! What impressed Qin Yi most was what his master said at the next moment.

“Yuanli, you’re a good man. I like it very much. Now I am no longer a disciple of Shushan, and I am not your master anymore, We can make a good couple!”

“Ning Ya dos not worth you!”

The woman’s face was soft, and she looked at Li Yuanli and said.

Qin Yi’s mouth was wide open. He was completely stunned.

Karma Bitch! Karma!

Li Yuanli was so scary!!!

“Master, we are not suitable. You are a good master and deserve better men to love you. I am just a prodigal and will miss your happiness!”

Li Yuan said.

The woman shook the corners of her mouth to say something, but she sighed.

“It’s love… oh!”

Qin Yi went out with a smirk.

“Li Yuanli!”

With a shout, he appeared in front of them.

When he saw Qin Yi, Li Yuanli opened his eyes wide open and fixed at him speechless for a long time.

Like Qin Yi, Li Yuanli also didn’t expect to meet his own king here. When he came to this world, he was just like a fish in the sea. His strength rose as fast as a rocket. His recalling talent, recalling the past, made him excited, What’s more, exciting for him is the shocking scene he saw by chance recently.

The sight he saw over and over again gave him great enlightenment. In the mountains of Shu, he saw the broken cultivation experience and scenes of the past leaders or elders. Down the mountain, he saw the path of many cultivators had taken and understood. For six years, his practice was increasing every day, which made him feel happy. Even more, after he fancied that day, he would return to the king’s world; he will show Qin Yi his power and exchange their status.

But he didn’t expect to see Qin Yi here.

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s you!”

“Call me a grand uncle, aren’t you a disciple of Shushan?”

Qin Yi glanced at Li Yuanli and said coldly.


Li Yuan was stunned.

“Yuan Li, don’t be rude. This is Chang Yi, the new elder of law and morals. According to his rank, you really need to call him Grand Uncle.”

The woman pulled Li Yuan away and said softly.

Li Yuan’s eyes were wide open, completely stunned.

Qin Yi also entered Shu mountain and becom an elder? What a joke! He came to Shushan earlier than him!

“How could you don’t know Uncle Chang Yi?”

Qin Yi said coldly.

“so. sorry, uncle!”

Li Yuan gritted his teeth. He wanted to resist, but in a blink of an eye, he finds that he can’t see through the cultivation realm of Qin Yi, and suddenly he was sweating.

“younger sister, I think his qualification is acceptable. I want to take him as a disciple. Can I?”

Qin Yi ignored Li Yuanli and looked at the woman.

“Head Chang Hao ordered that I am not a disciple of Shushan now. If an elder likes Yuanli, he is his.”

The woman said sadly.

“Chang Hao expelled the female disciples? It’s really nonsense. “

Qin Yi was stunned, shook his head slightly.

He has a good understanding of what Chang Hao has done since he took office. The twenty-fourth leader after Xu Changqing is stubborn and conservative; he is arbitrary. After taking office, the primary thing that happened was to drive out Nangong Huang, who had made significant contributions to the events in Shu mountain. Because he didn’t like female disciples, he ordered Shushan to stop accepting women and expel all women.

After that, there was a big event that shocked later generations. It was the event of The lock demon tower.

The main character of this matter is Jiang Qing!

Of course, there is no way for Qin Yi to get back time. Chang Hao’s position is doomed. Maybe Xu Changqing intended to make Qin Yi the leader, but he missed it after all.

“Li Yuanli, come with me. Uncle Chang Yi has something to tell you.” (creepy)

Qin Yi looked at Li Yuanli with a weird smile.

The latter one shivered, and he began to sweat even more, with a bad premonition.

After a while, Qin Yi was in front of him, and Li Yuan followed him with flashing eyes.

When they went far away from that woman, Qin Yi sneered.

“What a bravery, Li Yuanli!”

Li Yuan was sweating from his forehead. He immediately clenched his right fist and smashed it hard on his left chest and shouted.

“I’m sorry. You can punish me! However, there is a reason for me to do so. It is! “

At this point, Qin Yi suddenly turned around, two swords twinkle in Yuan Li pupils, and the sword locked his neck in a moment, made him tremble.

“Is cultivating inseparable? Or is it fun to flirt with young women, so forgot who your king is? “

The cold words, as well as the shocking sword in his eyes, shocked and frightened Li Yuanli. He didn’t expect that his King had already cultivated such terrible sword skills.

“I, I, I didn’t.”

Li Yuanli stuttered.

“Hum! I don’t want to hear your crap. What else can you gain after six years here, except that young woman and this master? “

Qin Yi said in a deep voice.

Li Yuan’s eyes twinkled, and he felt relieved. He knew that it was still useful for the other side to keep him. He took a deep breath and said.

“I was afraid that your Majesty is already angry. and If he doesn’t get something satisfactory from me, I would be in trouble.”

Gritting his teeth, Li Yuan approached Qin Yi and whispered in his ear.

“I did find something, Your Majesty, do you know my king skill is’ Memories from the Past?”

” Memories from the Past?”

Qin Yi was stunned and stared at him.

“Yes, my talent can see some images and information from the past time. I recently have got a huge clue.”

Li Yuan whispered.

“Tell me!”

Qin Yi’s eyes narrowed slightly. He didn’t know Li Yuanli’s talent.

“Do you know why I want to chase that Ning ya?”

Li Yuan said.

“hmmm, maybe because you’re skirt-chaser?”

Qin Yi sneered.

“Of course not,” said the latter, “I saw in Ning Ya that she had something to do with a powerful school  that had disappeared decades ago.”


Qin Yi raised his eyebrows and motioned to the other side to continue.

“This school, called Qionghua school, was once located on the Kunlun Mountains. Its scale and power are so great that it’s no less important than Shushan school.”

“If we can follow this clue, we may get the inheritance of Qionghua that disappeared, or even.”

Taking a deep breath, Li Yuan looked very serious.

“On this basis, we can open up new sects in this field, and then further; we can establish a portal!”

When he said this, Li Yuanli was shouting and crying in his heart.

Damn! This clue was what he wanted to do to himself! Curse you, Qin Yi!

After listening to Li Yuanli’s words, Qin Yi was a bit stunned and surprised.

After a while, he smiled and patted Yuan’s shoulder gently.

“Good job!”

Li Yuan twisted the corner of his mouth, and he was about to cry.

“Then, take me to your girl.”

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