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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 24: Love!

Qin Yi smiled when he looked at Li Yuan’s ugly expression on his face. 

This kid is different from his subjects in his country, and his identity is the same as him. Although he already belonged to his kingdom, he is a risk factor.

It is almost impossible for the people to revolt, but if the king wants to revolt, the chances of success will be great.

Qin Yi can see through Yuan Li with his talents, but it is still useful to keep him in his side in this weird world, it’s better than no one.

What’s more, he inspired him.

“Qionghua sect!”

He was murmuring and was smiling; he didn’t expect that Li Yuan could get the news of such an old school when he left here.

He knows a lot about that legendary world; he naturally knew about the Qionghua school.

Once upon a time, Qionghua was like Shushan at this time, and it was located in Kunlun and was one of the eight schools of Kunlun. But later, because they wanted to fly against the sky, they angered the emperor, so the burned by the fire, and they doomed by destroying.

Qin Yi didn’t expect that Li Yuanli could get such a clue that disappeared for a long time. As we said, if they can really make use of it, they can take it as the basis, and they can establish a big school that is not inferior to Shushan.

Just for a moment, Qin Yi’s eyes twinkled, and he had made a new plan.

“Where is Ning Ya?”

He asked Li Yuanli with a smilE.

The latter sighed: “It’s in the immortal fox cave ten miles southwest of the city.”

“Immortal fox cave, humph.”

Qin Yi nodded.

“Let’s go then!”

Li Yuanli hesitated for a moment, and then said, “there is a monster in the Immortal Fox cave. Strong. The master is not his opponent. it’s dangerous, your majesty.”

“Are you worried about my strength?”

Qin Yi smiled.

“Follow me and watch it.”

He made no more nonsense, took a step towards the void, and for a while, his body was shaken up like a gust of wind. Still, in an instant, he had already leaped 30 meters into the sky, and there was an increasing trend.

“Flying Immortal Technique.”

Li Yuanli squinted and knew that this is the way of Flying in Shushan mountain.

He floated and chased Qin Yi.

They were flying fast in the air one before the other. When they were two or three hundred meters in the air, they went straight to the southwest of the city.

They passed the all way of miles in seconds, they slowly landed.

“The Fox cave is in the deep forest ahead. The demon is powerful, and its charm ability is significant. Your majesty should be careful.” Li Yuan said.

Despite his dissent, he knew very well that in this strange and vast world, the only one he could rely on and trust was the young king in front of him.

“I know.”

Qin Yi nodded and walked.

He is still very confident; although his cultivation realm at this moment is just at the eighth level, his fighting ability has already surpassed his cultivation level so far, and he had five-year of meditation; anyway, he could reach the ninth level easily.

Based on his strength at the moment, Qin Yi probably judged that in this mortal realm, he is a strong man and has a foothold.

In a flash, they have entered the Fox cave.

This Immortal fox cave is not as gloomy as the monsters’ caves Qin Yi saw in some of the earth’s series and films.

At the top of the cave, there were jewels inlaid with jade, were as bright as day, and there was a lake inside the cave, and a Fountain in the center of it spewing up water.

“A good place.”

Qin Yi smiled.

Li Yuanli was cautious and nervous behind. The demon in the cave hurt his master. The two of them had been kicked out without even seeing the face of the monster.

“It seems that this demon is lascivious; he catches your princess.”

As he walked deeper into the cave, Qin Yi was still interested.

“I just hope that the sister is OK. Otherwise, the clue will be broken.”

Li Yuanli said nervously.

Qin Yi believed that this was indeed the case, so he accelerated his pace and walked towards the deep place.

Five or six minutes later, Li Yuan pulled Qin Yi away.

“If you go forward, it’s where the demon is.”

He said softly.

Qin Yi’s eyes flickered, he nodded slightly.

Then, his pupils narrowed; he was suspicious about what will be there.

He raised his head and looked.

“It’s a good place.”

After Qin Yi saw it clearly, he sighed.

“it seems that your princess doesn’t have been arrested as you think.”

Qin Yi said to Yuan Li and walked forward.

Li Yuan looked puzzled and followed closely.

Soon, they crossed the huge stone road and saw the courtyard ahead.

“This is?!”

Li Yuanli was stunned. There were trees, grasses, pavilions, and hallways in front of him. It’s a garden yard!


At the same time, he also saw Ning Ya sitting under the pavilion.


As soon as they appeared, Ning Ya, under the pavilion, was stunned and called out.

Ning Ya was wearing a pink dress, her face covered by a white veil, and she had a slender figure with big eyes.

“Is he your brother?”

a woman asked in a soft voice,

Qin Yi was stunned. In all his previous life and the current, he didn’t know what love was.

But at this moment, when he saw the girl with white hair, he got everything.

There are few joyful and painful words in a person’s life; those words are “you are in love”!

You cannot escape, and you are doomed.

For those who practice, everything can be spent. Wealth, power, reputation, all such kinds of desire, greed, hatred, ignorance, and hatred, they could be got threw out and forgotten through cultivation.

But there is only one word that can never be forgotten. It is love.

“Sister An Yi, don’t do it.”

“I will ask them to leave. “

Ning Ya said with nervousness.

But before she finished speaking, there was a sudden wind in the pavilion. Qin Yi had come here.

His eyes looked directly at An Yi, exhaled softly.

The wind suddenly swept out, the veil fell, showing a white, delicate face.

“Do you know what you look like?”

Qin, Yi asked softly.

An Yi pursed her lips, and her eyes flashed with shyness. She had never seen such a bold person.

“Like a star.”

“I can’t stop looking at you!”

Li Yuanli was stunned at the back!

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