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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 25: Bad Romance!

Ning Ya was quiet. Looking at the eyes of Qin Yi in front of her, she can’t imagine that the handsome man is so coquettish.

She knew Anyi’s identity. It’s not an ordinary human being, but rather…

“you wanna die!”

Anyi gritted her teeth, moves her body, and protruded her white and delicate wrist. Then she will attack Qin Yi.

However, Qin Yi, on the opposite side, moved his index finger.


The sound of the swords was heard all over the sky. Before the sharp sword’s inner came out, the whole pavilion had been broken. Nine Qi swords were rotating to break through the void. With a clang, they shot straight into the ground in front of the women and formed a circle.

“Such a beautiful lady, I don’t want to hurt you! “

Qin Yi said gently; he was staring at Anyi.


An Yi saw the Qi sword that imprisoned her and felt the sword’s inner of flowing from him. She was scared.

The man in front of her is so strong! For a moment, she dared not move.

“brother Yuan Li, is he?”

Ning Ya was trembling. She looked at Li Yuanli for help.

“Too, uncle, we are here to save younger sister Ning Ya. It has nothing to do with this girl.”

Li Yuanli came over and whispered.


Qin Yi smiled and pointed to Anyi.

“I’m afraid it’s this girl who arrested your younger sister.”

He took a step, grabbed An Yi’s right hand.

“But it doesn’t matter. From today on, you are mine.”

Li Yuan was so confused: “uncle Chang Yi, is that how you flirt girls?”

It seems that he finally understood why Qin Yi didn’t have a princess in such a huge country. Such a rough dude!

“What a joke!”

An Yi was furious. Her figure suddenly expanded, and the white hair like a needle burst out. Her figure became huge at this moment.

A beast roar came out, and all the things within a hundred meters exploded.

Li Yuanli pulled Ning Ya back quickly. The wind blew, and the rocks were flying. In a short period, a white fox with a ten-foot-tall appeared.

“She, she is the demon!”

Li Yuanli was frightened.

Ning Ya was also anxious. She wanted to rush up to persuade, but Li Yuan pulled her.

“Don’t go; it’s dangerous.”

At this time, Qin Yi stood in front of the huge fox, but his eyes were still indifferent, looking at the huge, ferocious fox, with a smile.

“Even your sound is so kawaii.”

“Well, I can’t help you anymore.”

He stepped forward, he released a seal with his right hand and waved forward.

“Ghost Refining Wild Magic!”

“Anything goes, Nothing is Taboo!”

He buffed himself. In the golden light, the white fox suddenly rushed. Its eyes immediately turn red, and it started to attack Qin Yi.


It hit with a barrage of its big claws, the cave was shivering with the force of the monster, but it didn’t beat Qin Yi once.

“It’s not cute in this way.”

With a sigh, Qin Yi stepped on the sky and came to the top of the fox demon.


In the void, a sense heavenly Sword intent came out. All of a sudden, it suppressed the fox’s four sides, making everything shaking, and the air became suffocating.

When the sword was directed out, the Qi sword burst out and directed at the fox’s eyebrows, the latter calmed down for a moment.

“I’m reluctant to kill you. Although this aggressive form You are really cute.”

Qin Yi said, the eyes of the fox twinkled, but after a couple of seconds, its body shape sparkled, and it became An Yi in her human form again.

“What do you want to do, Taoist?”

Anyi growled.

She knew that she was not an opponent at all. This young Taoist has a formidable strength. It’s just that his behavior is so weird that she can’t understand it.

“I made it very clear that I am infatuated with you.”

Qin Yi stepped to the woman and said softly with a smile.

Not far away, Li Yuan breathed a long sigh and tapped his forehead.

“It’s too rough for this guy to flirt!”

“Infatuation ?!”

Anyi’s eyes were full of anger and sneer.

“I’m afraid you don’t notice. I’m a demon, and you’re a Taoist!”

“So what? In the ancient times, there were Xu Xian and a she-demon, Ning Cai Chen and Xiao Qian. Me and you. Who dares to say anything? “

Qin Yi said with a smile.

Anyi was silent for a while; then, she said: “cute boy!”

She turned around and was about to leave, but Qin Yi grabbed her wrist again.

“You can’t go.”

Anyi found out that she had been held up by Qin Yi. She wanted to stop him, but she was under his control, she could only yield.

“Yuanli, Uncle, and sister Anyi.”

Ning Ya was already in a hurry.

“Well, it seems that the grand uncle will not hurt Anyi.”

Li Yuanli was embarrassed. He didn’t expect his king to have such a rough attitude.

That Anyi girl, he knew that she’s not a human being! And he understood that this was the one who had dealt with him and his master before.

A moment later, Qin Yi came to the two with An Yi in his arms.

“Is this your sister?”

Qin Yi gave a look to Li Yuanli, and he stepped forward.

“Uncle Chang Yi, sister Anyi!?”

Ning Ya asked anxiously.

“Don’t worry; she will be mine forever.”

Qin Yi laughed and said a sentence that made the two people behind him dumbfounded.

“Son of a bitch, what are you talking about?”

Anyi yelled.

“said that again, and I will kiss you.”

Qin Yi said, let Anyi gritted her teeth and shut up.

Half of an hour later, the four stopped in a forest.

Glancing at An Yi, who was staring at him with furious eyes, Qin Yi said.

“You should be glad that I didn’t kill you directly and give you the chance to be my partner.”

Li Yuan shook his mouth, pulled him, and whispered, “Your Majesty, You’re too tough. Be gentle.”

Qin Yi raised his eyebrows and took a look at Anyi, but her expression remained unchanged; he grabbed her hand.

“You see, she didn’t mind.”

Ning Ya shouted: “that’s compulsion! Uncle

“Haha, we are all adults, don’t worry. I still coax her. “

Qin Yi said with a smile.

“We’re not fit. let me go.”

Anyi said coldly.

“I like you; you are mine.”

Qin Yi said.

“What do you like about me? I’ll change it.”

Anyi gritted her teeth.

“I like it all.”

“I will, kill myself!”

Li Yuanli and Ning Ya look at these two people. They are helpless, but they were not happy. One did not expect the young king to look like this, and the girl felt the same way but for an elder.

After a while, Qin Yi said.

“To be honest, miss Ning Ya, I want to ask you a question.”

“Uncle, of course.”

Ning Ya knew that the grand uncle is powerful.

“you know, Qionghua?” (the old school)

In a word, Ning Ya and Anyi’s faces changed.

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