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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 26: I’m The Leader!

Hearing Qionghua’s words, Li Yuanli also looked to Ning ya.

This is the information he got through his natural talent. The clue lies in Ning Ya. If he can explore it, it will be a massive harvest for them.

“QiongHua? I’ve heard of this school. It seems to be one of the eight schools of Kunlun in ancient times. “

Ning Ya finally said doubtfully.

“Uncle, why do you mention this all of a sudden?”

Qin Yi laughed: “nothing, just ask.”

“So, what is your identity?”

“It seems that you have something to do with Qionghua. your Uncle is curious.”

His eyes became fierce, and Ning Ya immediately felt that sharp swords locked her, and her whole body was sweating.

“Taoist, do you want to know about Qionghua school?”

At this time, Anyi said with a sneer.

“Yes, interested, you know about it?”

Qin Yi raised his eyebrows and stared at her.

It is impossible to describe such face-to-face feelings, pity, love, pleasure, and joy, which seem to be enough to express this complicated feeling in his heart. Qin Yi knew that he had an inexplicable affection for this woman, oh no, sorry, demon. At the same time, it is the last step for his realm Cultivation ‘Forgetting the Dao’.

If he can get through, he can easily step into the ninth level; if he can’t cross, his cultivation realm may stop there.

From ancient times to the present, some too many people could not make it. Like Xu Changqing, Jing Tian, Li Xiaoyao, what will happen to Qin Yi?

“I naturally know that I am the last disciple of the Qionghua School!”

An Yi said with a sneer.

“Are you a disciple of Qionghua?”

Qin Yi was surprised.

“Yes, Qionghua has been destroyed by the emperor, but there are still branches. Although I am a demon, the last Qionghua disciple left has died after he passed to me, no other disciple alive.”

Anyi said.

Her eyes despised Qin Yi and stared coldly, “do you want the inheritance of Qionghua?”

“It’s ridiculous that a disciple of Shushan would do such a shameless thing!”

Qin Yi’s face was pale, with a smile on the corner of his mouth. He didn’t believe what Anyi said, but he whispered: “Yuan Li.”


Li Yuan’s eyes twinkled, and he used his talent.

Remember the past, long ago, even from thousands of years, but Yuan Li could see it here right now. It’s a great talent.

He looked to Anyi. He passed through time and space by his mind.

After a while, Li Yuan left his eyes, bursting with excitement.

He saw the traces of the Qionghua School, saw the process of inheritance and transfer, and circulation and change, and also got where Qionghua had fallen and was eventually buried in the mountains.

“Your Majesty, in Kunlun! It’s in Kunlun! I see it! “

Li Yuanli said excitedly.

Qin Yi smiled. He glanced at the two women in front of him and saw that they were upset.

“you want to see it together?”

Qin Yi smirked and looked at Anyi.

“The last disciple of Qionghua.”

Anyi looked ugly and hummed.

They did not delay, the next second wind and rise, and all of them were flashing like light, rushed to the sky.

Three days later, in front of the four people’s eyes, there appeared a series of rolling mountains, giving off the majestic atmosphere of Qi. Looking at it, they felt shocked and awed.

Kunlun, known as the first holy mountain, is a treasure land of Feng Shui. There are many immortal caves here. There are also many relics. in which the spirits are hidden in them.

“There are so many mountains here. Where is Qionghua?”

Qin Yi looked ahead and asked in confusion.

“Qionghua is not liked by the emperor of heaven. It has been buried in history. no one dared to look where Qionghua was buried.”

“What if you find it? Repair Qionghua scriptures and be cursed by the emperor of heaven? Want to go against the sky? “

Anyi sneered.

“Right here, your majesty, I found it! Haha haha, we can build another school on the basis of Qiong Hua. “

“Then, we build the portal!”

Li Yuanli suddenly exclaimed excitedly, and when he had said it, he stopped abruptly.

His words made An Yi and Ning Ya suspicious.

“what will we do?” Anyi sighed.

Next second, Qin Yi and Li Yuan turned into light with their speed and shot at a mountain head of Kunlun mountain.

Kunlun has always been the place of Taoist cultivators. Ancient Qi Refiner gathered here. It is the best Dojo for people who cultivate because of its majestic atmosphere, abundant Qi, and numerous natural treasures. But when Qionghua went against the sky, it sent down by the emperor of heaven and burned by the heavenly fire, suffered a great catastrophe, and damaged its magic atmosphere. But at this time, Kunlun has recovered its former atmosphere after such a long time.

“Sister Yi Yi, he, they want to rebuild Qionghua ?!”

Ning Ya said in shock.

“I don’t believe it. It’s against the sky. If heaven knows it, they will surely die.”

“Qionghua shall be buried in the dust of history. This is the will of heaven.”

Anyi’s eyes twinkled, and she was confused. After staring at Qin Yi’s back for a long time, she followed him closely.

When they followed Qin Yi closely and fell down a mountain, they were shocked.

“right here!”

Li Yuanli was guiding them in the mountain.

“This is Qionghua ruins! King, here it is! “

Qin Yi’s eyes were fixed, and he was smiling. He closed his eyes slightly, then opened them. Under the dense cluster, he could see the vast things under the ground.

“Enter from there.”

They reached under a big tree.

The two stepped forward, but Anyi was shocked: “what the hell are you going to do?”

She thought the boastful Taoist was just a drunk, but she didn’t expect that the other side should be so bold. Qionghua sect was hated by heaven, so it fell and buried in the ground. All the world of cultivation knows about it, but nobody dares to do something. For many years, although some Taoists have explored it, they ignore such a taboo.

In front of him, he dared to really capture Qionghua.

He was standing under the big tree, Qin Yi waved and split open the tree, the dust flew, and a cave directly below appeared.

After seeing the unblocked cave, Qin Yi’s mouth was slightly bent and said.

“what I’m doing?”

“With such a foundation, it is natural to rebuild the clan, the school.”

“From today on, I will be the master of the new school!”

An Yi was stunned, and then her face changed.

Qin Yi had jumped down the cave and disappeared.

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