The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 2: Died!

After killing the major general and others with one shot, the silver armor soldier glanced at this space again coldly. He didn’t notice other abnormalities, and then disappeared step by step.

Soon, he went back to Heavens’ Gate.


the soldier was kneeling before the Gods Will, who was holding the sword in his arms, and his eyes closed, he asked.

“A group of people from another realm, I don’t know where they come from, are fragile and vulnerable!”

The light on the divine soldier’s face disappeared, showing his handsome face, he said respectfully.

“Well, there are always outsiders.”

Gods Will said.

“Yes, our God Realm is the closest place to the outside worlds. The task of the Gods Will is to guard our world and maintain the stability of our world.”

“However, as long as they come, we, the divine soldiers, will go to annihilate them. We don’t need the hand of the Gods!”

The Gods Will smiled.

“Do not underestimate them and do your own job well.”

the Gods Will suddenly opened his eyes, look at him in the eyes, and said.

These cold words, immediately let the soldier look awkward, then he returned to his original position, closed eyes stand. He knew that Gods Will would not open his eyes, but once he does, it would represent his bad mood. He should start to patrol the three realms and search for the extraterritorial demons who invaded the realms.

Sure enough, just after three breaths, Gods Will shot out the golden light from his eyes. In a blink of an eye, the golden light rushed into the void and then separated into countless rays of light.

The golden light separated and searched the world. It was able to find out and dispose of all the extraterritorial demons hidden in people and the void.

Since Pan Gu created everything, there were the three gods, Fu xi, Nuwa, Shennong, Fuxi founded the heaven, there has been a strong separation between the world itself and the outside world, preventing the arrival of people outside the world, but it still can not avoid the invasion of some magical worlds. The task of Gods Will and the soldiers is to make sure to stop the demons and the foreigners and maintain the stability of this world.

Of course, after that, the Jade emperor will patrol by himself and carry out the third level of screening to ensure the stability of the world.

It can be said that the peace and stability of their world are absolutely guaranteed. According to the Jade Emperor (emperor of heaven), there are many other worlds of different sizes besides the Heavenly world and the world of Humans. Many worlds with incomplete rules, small scale, and unstable space-time systems are easy to be invaded by Mara (demons). Although Demons can’t be perfect, they are improving quickly. The gods can block most of the invasion for the moment, at least…

But some demons barely found their world.

After five or six hours of inspection, the Gods Will closed his eyes again.

The soldiers watched intently and were relieved when they realized that there was no movement from their general (Gods Will). That means that there is no one else but the group that they cleaned just now.

In the king’s world.

Qin Yi was remembering all the information about The Legend of Sword and Fairy 1 and planning his own steps. Just then, the loud bell rang all over the country.


Six hits, spread throughout the whole Kingdom, awakened the Parish.

“This is the six rings of the Portal bell?!”


“The advance army was completely annihilated, and there was no survivor in front of the gate!”

The soldier in charge of observation and intelligence, the officer, was shocked immediately. The whole state of Qin was in a state of tension at this moment.

Qin Yi stood up immediately after he was stunned.

“Has it failed?”

His face was never shown an expression like that.

The world of The Legend of Sword and Fairy, as he knows, is vast and complete. It is like an independent realm under its jurisdiction, including six realms of God, demon, animal, human, ghost, and immortal. Compared with the world of Naruto, where there is only one world, it is such as squid; it is a grand world, may he had to think about his next steps carefully.

It can be said that such a world itself is a complete small universe.

Qin Yi was very clear that such a world will refuse to get captured by one stroke. So, what he chose is a small area world like The Legend of Sword and Fairy 1. If it’s The Legend of Sword and Fairy 3, it would be harder. But it’s just the first one, and there was hope. However, the first exploration failed.

“How’s it going?”

At this time, a general in charge of the advance army had stridden into the palace, and Qin Yi asked.

“A thousand advance troops, including one major general, have died, it is a defeat of the whole army, Your Majesty!”

Said the general in a grave tone.

“Your Majesty, it’s extraordinary and unfamiliar. A thousand soldiers plus a major general they’re never been weak. Even if the enemy is too strong, they couldn’t even give back information, and they didn’t have any chance, this is weird.”

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, and he didn’t respond. He was thinking.

“In my opinion, we can send another force to continue to investigate the news.”

“If we increase the scale this time and send 10000 people, we will surely get something.”

Lieutenant General continued.

Hearing this, Qin Yi waved and stopped him from speaking.

“Step back. I’ll think about it.”

the general bowed down and got out.

Qin Yi was sitting on the Dragon Throne, stroked his chin, and began to think.

“If it was only the coverage of the human’s realm, it would be impossible for thousands of soldiers to have such an accident.”

“That is to say, when they had entered, they have touched the gods in heaven’s realm and attracted attention.”

“In that case, it will be trouble!”

Qin Yi has no such plan or strength to fight against the gods in this world.

What is the concept that in the battle between Jiang Tian and Chong Lou, is enough to collapse a world as Naruto’s world or One Piece!

According to this view, even if he enters in person, it will not change any results.

After a long time, Qin Yi called Kaido.

“Kaido, I want you to go to a new world to search for information. Be careful!”

The probability of meeting the gods in Qin Yi’s mind was still very small, and he needs to be careful now.

“Good! I’ll make the world turn upside down! Look at me! Hahaha haha! “

Kaido was naturally very happy.

Soon, Kaido stepped into the Portal and went to the sword world, with incomparable confidence and Haki covering him. Qin Yi’s eyes twinkled, looking forward to the result of Kaido.

However, three hours later, Qin Yi looked in front of him, flesh and blood splattered in front of him, and almost all of Kaido’s bones were broken by. Qin Yi fell from the shock.


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