The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 3: Kings!

Kaido is not a weak man. He is even stronger than the thousand soldiers.

However, the news this time made Qin Yi shocked, Kaido and 1000 soldiers got smashed like that.

Almost instantaneously, Qin Yi stood up from his Dragon Throne, his eyes bursting with a fierce light.

Their loss is heavy; This action can be said to have caused severe damage to the state of Qin. For Qin Yi, the Yonko is one of the most destructive forces in his country, but one of them falls down here, which made Qin Yi feel frustrated. At the same time, he had a deep fear of the world that he had not seen yet.

“The Legend of Sword and Fairy!”

He was muttering; Qin Yi was thinking and hesitating.

In a short time, Qin Yi has figured out some of this world. The series, whose background is a huge world, does not only include the mortal Realm. And the story of “The Legend of Sword and Fairy I, although only happened in the Mortal Realm. But it doesn’t mean that the world is just the mortal Realm.

Maybe the scout troops and Kaido were destroyed because they all touched the taboo in this field. Otherwise, with their strength, they would absolutely be able to bring some information.

“Starlight world level five is really a thriller world!”

It’s like Qin Yi’s body was shaking slightly in the face of that unstoppable enemy.

In his mind, the Immortal demon who appeared from nowhere who smashed his Kingdom just by his palm. This kind of pressure, which can’t break through, made him feel the same fear and anger at that time.

That majestic and vast world was higher than the world of Qin with two levels, which can’t really conquer it directly. At this time, if he wants to enter the world, he has to face it, not as a sub-world. It’s a vast world where Heaven, Mortals Realm, and Demons Realm are connected.

The pressure and risks in the future are not the same as before.

“Your Majesty, shall we continue to send troops?”

The generals hesitated, which almost reminded them of the first massive damage recorded in the history of Qin state.

“No need! There must be unimaginable great supernatural beings in that field. There are too many forces beyond us. No matter how many people we’ll send, it will be a waste of effort! “

Qin Yi glanced at them and said in a deep voice.

Then he closed his eyes.

Kaido’s death had a huge impact on him; Such a strong Yonko got smashed like a fly in a couple of seconds; he was no longer certain that he could do it.

But really an arrogant King as Qin Yi could give up? Especially after he lost 1000 Soldiers, and Kaido Qin Yi is not willing to let their lives go for nothing.

“So, there is only one way left!”

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, and he said.

“let’s give up the plan of entering the target world as armies and turn to individual operations.”

The officers below were stunned. They didn’t understand Qin Yi for a moment.

“Ordinary people in my Kingdom, even the strongest, are different from the king. Compared with ordinary people, the king’s concealment and abruptness are more powerful! “

“At the same time, its self-protection ability should be stronger.”

“Since it is impossible to enter on a large scale, then it is up to individuals.”

His eyes flashed, Qin Yi said again.

“Call Li Yuan!”

A new plan had sprung up in his mind, and as he thought, the king was born with the ability to traverse the heavens, a unique gift given to them by the laws of the universe. The transmission of the universe depends more on one’s own ability than on the Portal. On this point, Qin Yi has understood after crossing it several times.

Don’t underestimate Kings even if you are a king!

Un-king people, even the strongest ones, have no chance to hide; Their breath in another world would be too strong, and they will be easily found. However, the king is different; they are born to adapt to any world.

A half of an hour later, Li Yuan stood in front of Qin Yi with a helpless face.

“Your Majesty, what do you want?? “

Seeing the other side’s appearance, Qin Yi laughed.

“You are not stupid, I’m afraid you have guessed what I want you to do?”

The bell rings at the Portal, and Li Yuanli naturally heads it. As for Qin Yi, who had some knowledge of Li’s character, he immediately guessed it out. Originally, he intended to hide in his own country and avoid the limelight so that Qin Yi could forget him, but unexpectedly, he was summoned earlier than he expected.

“Your Majesty, may I go? I think the task that Kaido can’t do, I am afraid I can not do it.”

“If you send me to a world of Starlight level 5. It’s like sending meat to a tiger!”

Li Yuan complained.

This is not what he pretended, but what he really thought.

“You are different from Kaido; I have great hope in you.”

Qin Yi’s eyes were majestic; he was smiling.

“At the same time, trust me, you and I are the only ones who could enter and got out of this world alive. The bell rings six times; the situation is urgent. In such circumstances!”

“you don’t want me to go to that world in person!”

The sharper and colder words made Li Yuan feel more bitter.

He saw that the king in front of him opened the fire of civilization and gave him excellent support for the moment.

“I didn’t expect that my fate will be like that! this king intended to make me a cannon fodder in the end!”

“Sorrow! Alas!” he thought.

Qin Yi’s words are all about this. He is not allowed to refuse. Moreover, the fact is that, as Qin Yi said, the king’s safety in going to different worlds is higher.

Among the countless realms and worlds, the transition of civilization is actually the task for kings. They can swim in the ten universes and realms and learn powerful skills to enhance their own strength.

“I know, and will leave immediately.”

After the decision, Li Yuanli no longer hesitated but saluted Qin Yi with a severe face.

“I look forward to your good news.”

Qin Yi smiled and nodded.

Later, Li Yuanli turned around and left.

Half an hour later, under Qin Yi’s gaze, Li Yuan left the Portal and disappeared.

At this moment, not only Qin Yi, but also people all over the country were nervous.

Li Yuanli, it can be said that he was carrying the fate of the state of Qin at this time.

Can he do it?

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