The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 4: lucky Bastard!

Qin Yi, who lost a lot, didn’t want that plan to fail. In any case, he had to take the shot.

Gradually, one day passed, Qin Yi sat in front of the Portal, sleepless all night.

On the second day, when the sun rose, Li Yuanli’s voice suddenly sounded in Qin Yi’s mind.

“King, I’m in.”

“amazing! Huge! What a great world!”

Li Yuanli was shocked, he made Qin Yi open his eyes instantly, and his expression became excited.

“You are in? How and Where are you now? Is there anything unexpected?”

Qin Yi asked quickly, his eyes were brightening, and his heart was pounding.

The greater the risk, the higher the harvest. Qin Yi understood that fact. At the beginning of his journey, he stumbled and fell into an open world, and for that reason, he was enhancing quickly, and he is the King of LI Yuanli. So, he was sure that he would win in the end.

“I can’t believe it, Your Majesty. I can’t believe it. If you see it, you will be shocked!”

” There is an island floating in the sky, a huge sword shining with white light, sending out a sharp breath that can split the sky, slowly rotating around the floating island, with amazing power!”

“I can feel the strong Qi flow from it; if I get closer, I will die. It’s terrible!”

Li Yuan’s shaking voice made Qin Yi yearn for the magical and vast world.

He who knows about that world and naturally knew what Li Yuanli said! That’s the sword world. He just didn’t know if he reached Lushan mountain.

took a deep breath, Qin Yi started to communicate again.

“What I want to ask you is, have you been discovered, or have you faced a problem?”

Li Yuan didn’t respond to this question for a long time, so Qin Yi mentioned his voice. Ten minutes later, Li Yuan’s gasping voice came.

“Your Majesty, don’t worry, I will do my job properly. As long as I don’t meet guys from the highest realms, I’m sure that my identity will not be perceived by anyone, nor will it attract the attention of people from other realms or worlds!”

Qin Yi was startled, then asked: “how did you know?”

“I have just awakened this King talent. called Remember the past!”

“Remember the past?”

Qin Yi was wondering, what does this mean?

“As the name suggests, it makes me know the memories or past information about anything in the universe.”

“I know information even about the king’s rules with this talent.”

Li Yuan said.

Qin Yi was completely surprised: “is it from Time system? “

“Yes, it is from the branch of the time system, specifically from the past!”

Li Yuanlu felt disheartened. If this talent wakes up before knowing Qin Yi, then maybe their positions will be changed.

Unfortunately, the order of events in life is significant! Although he can connect the past and receive the information from the last time point, he cannot change the past.

Then he looked up and saw the long ladders floating in the sky. He felt dizzy again. Such a vast world, a spectacular sight, and the numerous and majestic buildings on the island really made him curious and couldn’t help but want to find out.

At this moment, Li Yuanli ran on the ladder to the floating island.

“That is to say, will there be no problem even if you transmit it?”

Qin Yi said in a deep voice.

“Yeah, if civilizations are higher than us with only two to seven levels will have no impact on us at all.”

Li Yuan said.

“But you know how much this contact consumes power. After all, vast information can easily crush me.”

After that, he added.

Qin Yi squinted and didn’t speak.

Then Li Yuanli cut off the conversation. This kind of separation, or the dialogue between different worlds, really consume the power of the King. Every word is a huge expenditure. Li Yuanli said he couldn’t afford it.

What’s more, he had more important tasks to accomplish at that moment!

With open arms, Li Yuanli looked up at the floating island above his head, he was excited.

“Hahahaha, a different world, here I am!”

“And Qin Yi, I didn’t expect you can create such an opportunity for me. When I come into contact with the power in this field, I will surpass you.”

“Then, you can become the king’s next under me!”

Roaring, Li Yuanli was very excited.

The vast aura and energy fluctuation in the air, as long as he mastered it a little bit, would be enough to make Qin Yi, who used him as cannon fodder, completely smash and surrender!


Taking a deep breath, Li Yuan stood on the ladder and started to rush over.

When he just came to the world, he saw a flash in his mind, it told him the characteristics of the King, which would not be concerned by the powerful civilizations in the world, and could be smoothly integrated into the world to Ensure their own life safety.

In a flash, Li Yuanli understood that it was his talent Remembering the past.

No matter when and where Remembering the past can always tell him some magical information.

With such information, there is no doubt that his way forward will be more convenient and faster. Even surpassing Qin Yi one day will be not impossible.

Li Yuanli was looking forward to this scene, and the ladder in front of him told him just now that there have been countless disadvantaged people like him, who have stepped on the ladder, arrived at the floating island, and became powerful.

“Apprentice! As long as I succeed in my progress, I will be the stronger King hahaha!”

In his heart, Li Yuan was full of energy. He rushed to the sky.

And just when he was excited, a blue light came from the sky. At first sight, it was far away, but in a flash, it had reached his head.

“where are you from, outsider boy?”

The bold voice came to the top of his head, and Li Yuanli immediately turned around.

When he saw the scene in front of him, he was shaking all over again.

A strong woman covered in purple robes was standing on a long sword and looking down at him with interest.

he was certain that if she waved her sword, he would die.

Isn’t this the flying of the Flying Sword?

“My Lady, I want to get enlighten from you.”

Both legs were swinging, Li Yuan was afraid.

“I heard your voice thousands of meters away. I didn’t expect to see you on the path of Shushan mountain.”

The light in Li Yuan’s eyes gradually brightened after the strong woman glanced up and down.

“Eh, the qualification is OK, and you have potential. If you could climb to here, so you have perseverance and chance.”

“In that case, from today on, you are my disciple!”

Yuanli was stunned.

And like that, hell turned into heaven!

The ups and downs of life, for Li Yuanli, is really too exciting!

However, he liked it! He deserves it, I think, after the last events!

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