The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 5: Sacrifice!

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Yuanli was screaming.

these high mountains represent the difficulty of Immortal’s way, just like the difficult to go to the sky.

But in a sense, the Immortal’s cultivation is to go against the sky. Since its essence is to go against the sky, how can you give up?

Since ancient times, countless Daoists were crossing the heavenly way; they were doing things confronting the Gravity, the sky! But if they struggle and be patients the Heavenly’s way gives people longevity or even immortality, whatever, it’s one way to be immortal and pure and other ways for living as you like and take responsibility, but no immortality.

Men, born in this world, have to fight for something. Sit there quietly like a tree or a stone. That’s not the meaning of life.

Li Yuanli is very hardworking, skillful, and gossipy, but his enterprising spirit was worthy of praise. Just like now, he thought that he was going to die when he was discovered, but he didn’t expect to get the chance to really integrate and cultivate.

His master is a woman with a thick face, long hair, a wide waist, and excessive male hormone. For Li Yuanli, the master has no sense of beauty; even he pictured her with a beard.

However, it does not affect his excitement and recognition of her at all.

“Master, I will try my best to cultivate and become stronger as soon as possible!”

Li Yuanli said excitedly, which made her hum. She nodded and looked at her disciple with more and more satisfaction.

The next second, he was waved by his master. In a dazed expression, she jumped up to the sky. In a blink of an eye, he crossed ten million meters with her and went straight to the floating island.


Li Yuan screamed.

He suddenly discovered that at this moment, he fell in love with this world!!

In the king’s world, Qin Yi’s mood at this time was quite joyful.

“Li Yuanli succeeded.”

“Since he could do it, my chance will be even greater!”

“At the same time, when I advanced to level 3 of Starlight, the king’s skill I gained could also be used!”

He thought.

At Starlight Level 3, there is the awakening of King’s skill, which was called King’s sacrifice.

As the name suggests, this is a sacrificial skill. Among them, Gandalf’s sacrificial techniques to call his father at that time were included. But it’s just a branch from the skill’s Family. For Qin Yi, the most important role of this skill is to sacrifice his own belongings and to sacrifice his identity to the target World!

When entering the world of Dragon Emperor, Qin Yi can choose his role freely in a world lower than his own civilization level. With this sacrificial Skill, he can also obtain identity in the target world higher than his own country’s civilization.

But this time, it follows the principle of equivalent exchange and is also random. The more you give, the better your identity will be.

“If you give something and get the identity in the immortal sword world, you will be able to blend in more quickly and master the world.”

“It’s worth it!”

Qin Yi muttered.

There is no doubt that he broke into a strange world, everything from scratch, far from having the identity of the world convenient. In the world of Dragon Emperor, he even gained the loyalty of the black dragon transformation and the undead army from the role of Dragon Emperor.

“The only thing to think about is what I can sacrifice it.”

Qin Yi was thinking.

This is the essence of sacrifice. In a sense, the king’s sacrifice itself is a very terrible magic power. As long as you give up, you can harvest!

Qin Yi didn’t rush to enter the Immortal’s world. Now that he has learned that it’s not a big problem for the king to enter the world, he is no longer worried.

Instead, he began to arrange the affairs of the Qin State and the pirates.

“Whitebeard, Hashirama will teach you some Ninjutsu, restore your vitality, make your state to its peak.”

“Madara, Hashirama, Tobirama, three generals, together with the counselors, will complete the unification of the pirate world.”

“I don’t know how long it will take for me to come back. It’s up to you to worry about everything at home and abroad. “

Qin Yi asked again with a frown after he told them.

“Besides, where is Qin Xiyao? Why haven’t I seen her for a long time?”

All the time, he was busy. After returning from the world of Naruto, Qin Yi rarely stopped. After the invasion of the demon from another world, Before that, He was working hard. However, after a month, they didn’t see each other again, which made him feel strange.

“Your Majesty, don’t you know?”

Gengetsu looked strange and asked curiously.

“know what?”

Qin Yi was stunned.

“Princess Xiyao is also a king. She went to a different world by herself a month ago.”

Gengetsu said.


Qin Yi, who got the news, was immediately overwhelmed.

How could Xiyao be a king?! Are you kidding me?

No, if Xiyao is the king, then why didn’t his father find out? I didn’t take it away, but let it follow him.

Qin Yi had many questions at one time, which he couldn’t understand at all.

After a while, Qin Yi shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“I didn’t expect that Xiyao should be a queen herself.”

The legendary queen? For a while, Qin Yi could not imagine his cute sister as a queen.

Try to connect with Qin Xiyao, they are both kings, but they have not established the relationship between two kings, so it is difficult to contact.

“When Xiyao left, did anyone follow her?”

Qin Yi asked again.

“she got the nine tails.”

“Princess Xiyao said that she was going to an ordinary world, so there should be no problem.”

Gengetsu said.

Qin, Yi nodded and relaxed.

The power of the nine tails would be a god in an ordinary world. It has its company, and he does not need to worry about her safety.

But Qin Yi still thinks it’s incredible at this time. His sister is a queen, and he doesn’t even know it.

In this way, his family is really horrible!

A three king! Listen, I feel horrified!

To know that the king is not hereditary! But random is born in the universe, and the rules of the universe determine destiny.


With a long breath, Qin Yi waved away and began to prepare for the world of the Immortals.


His eyes were bright. Qin Yi looked at the front Portal.

“Sacrifice of the king, start!”

In a moment, a track from the far space of nothingness and in front of him, Qin Yi immediately understood what it meant.


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