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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 6: Chang Yi!

He said, and Qin Yi’s mind flashed quickly, throwing out all the power and skills that were useless at the moment.

“Ninjutsu, B-level Ninjutsu, useless body skill, (Taijutsu), Devil fruits, and so on!”

These sacrificial techniques and abilities will not be used by Qin Yi in the future and will be missing. But it has no effect on Qin Yi’s power nor his people, now stronger and they didn’t need it; and thousands can borrow from the fire of civilization.

his strength will not decline at all.

Half an hour later, Qin Yi almost sacrificed 30% of the whole Qin’s skills. After sweat seeped from his forehead, he relieved.


he said, in the dark that devoured the abilities, the dark sacrifice thing stopped swallowing.

After that, an invisible force came to Qin Yi.

“Cross the Portal and step into the world of the immortal sword.”

“Sword Immortal civilization, I am coming!”

Qin Yi’s eyes shone, he stepped into the portal.

The colorful light of the surrounding void was constantly flashing. Qin Yi stood quietly and waited.

Half an hour later, his eyes suddenly brightened. When the scene came into form completely, Qin Yi saw it clearly.

that was a flower garden, which was sending out a refreshing fragrance.

In his hand, he was holding a watering can, as if watering the plants.

“Uncle Chang Yi, the leader asked you to go there.”

Qin Yi was stunned. After turning his head, he saw a man with a handsome face and a look of about 20 years old. He was looking at him curiously.

In the twinkling of an eye, Qin Yi’s mind was clear about his identity and role at the moment. It is the generation of Chang generation in Lushan Mountain and the younger brother of Xu Changqing, the leader of Lushan at that time. It’s just that He is a disciple of an elder of the Qing generation (Jiang Qing).

“Xu Changqing,” he whispered; Qin Yi understood.

The time when he came to this world was before the beginning of the main plot of the story; he thought he was between the Legend of the Sword and the Chivalrous 1 and 3.

The background of the series is in the same world. No matter which novel’s world he enters, he was afraid of facing some strong characters. In this way, Qin Yi should try his best to keep a low profile.

Otherwise a bad, those who stand in the Realm of Gods, Immortals, I am afraid that he has no chance with them for the moment.

“Master Chang Yi.”

The handsome man frowned. He couldn’t help but call again.

“Oh. What’s your name?”

Qin Yi said with a faint smile.

“My name is Du Gu Yun, Master.”

The handsome man replied.

Qin Yi was walking along. Hearing the name, he suddenly stopped walking again, surprised.

“You are a solitary cloud?”

The man in front of him was the later leader of Shushan, that was, Du Gu Yun, who locked Zhao linger in the lock demon tower. And he is the Sword Saint!

Du Gu Yun frowned. He thought this uncle was frivolous, but because of the etiquette, he replied again, “yes, uncle, my name is Du Gu Yun.”

On the surface, both of them were about 20 years old, and there is no difference between them.

Qin Yi was very interested: “how old are you this year?”

“I am thirty years old, Grand Uncle.”

Du Gu Yun was impatient, but he was still polite on the surface.

“Thirty years old, Hmmm, isn’t too much?!”

Qin Yi was older than him.

“Am I old? Uncle, you are fifty years old! ” Du Gu Yun couldn’t help but smile. ..

He felt that this uncle, who had never met before, was like a new disciple, frivolous and ignorant.

“I’m fifty years old?”

Qin Yi sighed, then he was relieved when he remembered that this is the world of immortals, which is only in its infancy at the age of hundreds or thousands of years.

Next, Qin Yi and Du Gu Yun didn’t speak.

After seven or eight turns, Du Gu Yun took Qin Yi to the main hall of the Lushan.

“The headmaster is in there. Please go in, Master.”

Qin Yi nodded and stepped in.

After entering the main hall of Lushan, Qin Yi glanced around and found that many people had in the hall. Moreover, they are all vaguely familiar faces. After the sacrifice, his new identity information was slowly flowing into his heart from his beginning.

“They are all elders of Chang generation. Is this a big event?”

He asked in his heart but said nothing, but he found a corner and looked at it silently.

The identity that he got after the sacrifice is a disciple of an elder in Lushan. Seeing that he was qualified when he was young, he was accepted as an apprentice and brought back to Lushan as an apprentice. But in the past 50 years, Chang Yi had no intention to cultivate. Instead, he is obsessed with flowers and plants. The elders had no choice but to let him raise flowers. He didn’t hope to strengthen his cultivation and kill demons.

It’s fifty years since he was raised. In the middle of the journey, because of the adventure, Chang Yi ate a pill, and he has been around twenty years old to the moment. He is a lucky bastard.

“So, at the moment, I have no cultivation power?”

Qin Yi sighed.

No wonder he didn’t receive any information about the Cultivation Method. That sacrificial technique is really stingy. He has given so much that he can only get the identity of a common character in Lushan without any power, and moreover, he obsessed with plants.

“Lushan has been established for hundreds of years. All previous leaders dedicated their strength to eliminate demons and to maintain peace in the world.”

“To cultivate immortality, we must first cultivate virtue. Since the establishment of the Lushan Xianjian School, we have always taken it as our duty to help the world and save people. Compared with that, it’s not our first priority to become immortal.”

“This time, the Lushan Wonderland began to collapse for some reason. Everything in the gate must be stable.”

“Among them, as the elder and Masters of ‘Chang’ generation, you should always urge and be cautious.”

Standing in the front, the middle-aged man with eyes as bright, swept down, with a mighty and dignified body. Qin Yi saw his eyes and immediately knew that this was Xu Changqing, the leader of Lushan.

“Next, I will make arrangements for everything at the door. At this time, I should pay more attention.”

Said Xu Changqing in a deep voice.

Then, he began to name one by one, give orders, and assign tasks, some of these elders were sent out; some were left in the door; some were in charge of logistics; some were in charge of law enforcement, and so on.

Then, Just Qin Yi left.

At the same time, Xu Changqing raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Qin Yi.

“as always.”

with a cry, Xu Changqing frowned.

“After all these years, your cultivation is still so low.”

“As a member of Lushan, you are still a regular disciple. You are not even as good as some of the entry-level disciples.”

“Don’t you feel ashamed?”

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