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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 7: Long Road!

Qin Yi was very ashamed, the corner of his mouth twitches a few times, but he can’t speak for a long time.

Chang Yi was not him, but from now on, he is him.

Fortunately, Xu Changqing didn’t say much, just frowned and looked at him for a few seconds, then he said.

“You are not qualified to send you down the mountain to deal with the affairs in the door. You have been obsessed with flowers; you’ve missed cultivation for decades.”

“and you are an elder!”

At this point, even the charismatic Xu Changqing couldn’t say anything.

Qin Yi is even more suffocating. Not to mention Xu Changqing, yet he thought that Changyi is really useless. It’s a waste of Lushan’s food!

Moving his lips, Qin Yi finally spoke.

“Headmaster, I want to practice Cultivation.”

Xu Changqing was stunned. After looking at Qin Yi for a while, he hesitated, “do you want to practice?”

“What is your level of cultivation?”

Qin Yi was embarrassed again: “it’s not a thing, and I haven’t started to cultivate.”

Xu Changqing was utterly speechless. Changyi is the biggest rice insect in the Lushan gate! He didn’t expect that there would be such a guy in the Lushan sword school.

“Are you fifty years old this year?”

With a long sigh, said Xu Changqing.

“Yes, sir.”

Qin Yi said.

“The best time to cultivate is when you are young. You are 50 years old this year. Although you didn’t practice, your heart is sincere.”

Xu Changqing shook his head, but Qin Yi understood what he said.

It’s not a question of whether it’s too late to start training at the age of 50, but In this case, it’s challenging to cultivate to the extreme. The cultivation of immortality is hugely time-consuming. Xu Changqing was afraid that he might lose the road and die before getting a result.

“master, I still want to cultivate.”

Qin Yi insisted.

He wasn’t the original Chang Yi; He has to learn the style of Lushan. Qin Yi sacrificed a lot, and he was not willing to let it go.

After carefully examining Qin Yi for a moment, Xu Changqing just nodded.

“You are the disciple of elder Qinghui. Although he has gone as an immortal, he wrote down all his knowledge here.”

“Since you want to cultivate, you should inherit Elder Qinghui.”

Said, Xu Changqing waved his right hand a little, from the empty void a white light flashed, a thick booklet appeared in his hand.

Qin Yi stared at the booklet and saw that there were three big words written on the cover, “Qinghui swordsmanship book,” and his eyes brightened.

“This is elder Qinghui’s book. I will give it to you. Also, since you have decided to cultivate, you must not slack off. “

“From today on, go with the disciples to the lessons of the elders.”

“If you don’t understand, you can come and ask me.”

After a pause, Xu Changqing suddenly sighed.

“I’m still at the door and can guide you.”

Hearing this, Qin Yi just understood that this is the same Xu that he knew and admired. Although he is not the white tofu in the three TV series of Xinjiang, he is still affectionate and kind and can still be called a hero!

“Thanks, Grandmaster.”

Qin Yi said solemnly.

“Go ahead. Don’t go out because of the recent changes in Lushan and be careful.”

“Take care of yourself and cultivate well.”

Xu Changqing waved and said lightly.

Qin Yi nodded and turned to leave.

He noticed that there was a trace of sorrow and doubt in Xu’s eyes.

Just out of the gate of the main hall, Qin Yi heard the roar of a nearby floating mountain, which made him tremble.

“It seems that great events will happen in Lushan soon!”

But at this time, he was powerless. However, he was ready to devote himself to research and Cultivate for a while. He just glanced at the front and turned away.

Returning to his flower garden, Qin Yi was about to open the “Qinghui swordsmanship book,” he has to read it and study it carefully.

Although the title of this thick booklet is not written, it was the record that elder Qinghui learned and understood in his whole life. The practice of Taoism cultivation and spirit’s study, so of course, the understanding of this book will arise gradually after cultivation.

“As a disciple of Lushan mountain who seeks for immortality, should first cultivate virtue, virtue is the essence of immortality, without virtue you’ll be a demon, without virtue will bring disaster to the world, will fall from the sky. “

The opening chapter is a general outline, Qin Yi slowly swept over, and found that the elder Qinghui used simple and plain words.

In a sense, the Scriptures Taoist of the cultivate immortals are all a philosophy, are indicating the right direction that the human beings shall take.

There are not many words, just 1200 words, but Qin Yi spent a day and a night to read them carefully.

The short text, the more you can feel the mystery and complexity. Every sentence can even be understood in a different direction, which made Qin Yi deeply touched.

When the sun rose the next day, Qin Yi felt that his mind was clear, as if his spiritual strength had improved a little.

He continued to read it, but after the general outline, he found that he couldn’t understand the next texts were of elder Qinghui. Although he could read the words, he could not understand them at all.

At this moment, Qin Yi just sighed.

“It’s hard! Don’t just sit back and relax!”

The path of cultivation is both mysterious and blurry. He doesn’t have any foundation at the moment. If he wants to understand he must struggle, understanding is like climbing to the sky.

Qin Yi rose upright, closed the book, took it into his arms, and walked towards the outside.

“I didn’t expect that I would start from scratch; let’s listen to the first level of this elder with those younger disciples!”

With a smile, Yi walked towards the Lushan pulpit.

That’s where elder Zhenwu, elder Xuanqi, and elder Yuanshen were lecturing.

“Shu mountain cultivation, focusing on swordsmanship and Inner Strength, is subdivided into Martial Practice, Qi Refining and Soul Nurturing, There are 13 branches under it, which are quite complicated. Ordinary disciples can only choose one of Martial Practice, Qi Refining, and Soul Nurturing; while entry-level disciples are freer to choose; At the same time, the relationship between the master and the entry-level disciples will be loosened; the disciples could seek advice from an elder to learn any Lushan cultivation method. “

“Chang Yi is a standard student. It’s a pity!”

At this point, Qin Yi shook his head.

This boy doesn’t know how to take such an excellent opportunity!

He was thinking, Qin Yi, has gone to platform center, and found a place to sit quietly.

Around him, there are many disciples of Lushan mountain. They are all entry-level disciples looking at his clothes, isn’t he the Uncle of the plants.

Qin Yi is not embarrassed; he just listened quietly.

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