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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 8: Boring Lessons!

The lecture on the stage was elder Zhenwu. Although Qin Yi had already an impression about this elder in his mind, he had no information about him; he has to be too obsessed with plants.

Elder Zhenwu was responsible for the teaching of martial arts. When he saw Qin Yi coming, he paused for a little bit and continued to lecture.

“Martial arts can be divided into Royal sword, Curse Art, Runes art and Forbidden arts.”

“Royal sword is the art of flying in the air and killing enemies by controlling the sword with Qi. It has extraordinary power and is a magic skill that our Lushan school disciples must master.”

“with Curse, Art can communicate with gods and catch ghosts. It’s a kind of magic that can slay ghosts, demons, or even gods; you can use elements under that magical art.”

“with Runes Art, you can summon monsters, demons, Ghosts, and even gods if you cultivate to a high level, you may call Gods to the world to help you in your fight.

“Forbidden art, also known as forbidden law, can contain ghosts, poisonous insects, beasts, alchemy, etc.”

“What I’m talking about for you today is the foundation, but it’s also the most important thing in the cultivation.”

“The nine-floors platform starts from the foundation. The higher the building is, the stronger the foundation we need. For you, remember; The path of cultivation can be divided into different categories, with various powers. We need to know the way of choice and the way of specialization. “

“Choose the one that suits you, invest in it, study it, and it will become a great tool.”

“If you want to learn everything and think about it, you can only become a halfling, and ultimately nothing.”

Elder Zhenwu’s voice was shrill and loud. His words contain pure Qi and true essence, and his power shook the void, making every Lushan disciple tremble and remember it firmly.

“In addition, you need to know, Taoism Cultivation boundaries divide into 16 levels.”

heard this, Qin Yi thought.

He knew that among the story, the level of cultivation is divided into 16 levels, rather than the 99 levels in the game, not to mention the TV series. It is a good-building world, a profound world; everything is complete and detailed.

“I’ll only say them at once, you must remember.”

“Respectively are: entering the Dao, Seeking for the Dao, Asking the Dao, Learning the Dao, Comprehending the Dao, Contacting the Dao, Nurturing the Dao, Achieving the Dao, Forgetting the Dao, Abandoning the Dao, Reaching the Dao, Alchemy’s Dao, Human’s Dao, Immortal’s Dao, Earthly Dao as well as final Heavenly Dao!”

“These sixteen levels are not only the field of your Inner Strength and refining Qi but also the field of swordsmanship, and even understanding!”

“Only when you reach the corresponding level can you have stronger swordsmanship!”

Elder Zhenwu said in a deep voice.

Lower disciples, one by one, listen carefully. Even though they entered the Lushan mountain, many of them knew nothing about the practice of Taoism without the elders giving lectures and instilling knowledge.

Qin Yi’s eyes twinkled at this time, he was thinking.

“In Sword Immortal Realm, the Sword Technique and Inner Strength are not like superficial meanings but represent pure Sword Technique and Inner Strength. Sword Technique refers to the so-called 16 realms, which is a general concept, not just to the swords, and Inner Strength does not refer just to the True Qi alone but refers to the person’s Jin-Qi-Shen (Essence, Energy, Soul). we can say that Sword Technique is the bowl Inner Strength is the water.”

“The higher the Sword Techniques, the higher the internal skill will be. and you will be able to practice the immortal skills of various classes”

“The immortal sword is divided into Qi skill and Immortal Technique, and the character cultivation is also divided into three ways Essence, Energy and Soul (Jin-Qi-Shen). Only by inclusive growth and comprehensive development can we reach the peak and rise to the highest level (immortality).”

It can be said that such a massive world with a Chaotic system and extremely complex ways. It will take a lot of time to figure out these things.

Qin Yi sat here and listened carefully.

Elder Zhen Wu was lecturing about an hour before leaving, and then elder Xuan Qi came.

“I’m responsible for teaching you to refine Qi and deep thinking, that is, to visualize something, to concentrate your mind, to eliminate distractions, and to enter the realm of Qigong energy.”

“keep your three treasures, as The Sun, moon, and stars are the three treasures of the heavens, the Essence, Energy, Soul (Jin-Qi-Shen). Are the treasures of the man. For us, cannot let it leak out, must keep it be full within the body, this is the only way to may prolong the life, or achieving the Eternal Life.”

“meditating is the method of refining Qi. It is based on breathing, concentrating, focusing on my heart, ignoring my body and focusing my heart, ignoring my physical body, and living forever.”

“Guide, the way to keep fit, you must master it.”

The face of elder Xuanqi was dull, and his voice was stable, without any ups and downs, just like reading a text.

But Qin Yi has gained a lot. From this short passage, he heard about the cultivation of Qi.

“Keep calm, concentrate, feel your Qi, move the essence, Qi and Soul, fill in the body, and integrate them into the body to become one. You can live forever.”

for Qin Yi, the words in Qinghui’s letter were apparent at this moment.

Then, is Elder Yuan Shen.

“I will teach you how to look inside, survive, locking Demons, gathering healthy food..etc. Please listen carefully.”

During the lectures, Qin Yi gained a lot. He felt the charm and vastness of the Taoism.

After listening for three days in a row, Qin Yi finally realized the practice of Lushan mountain.

In addition to Qinghui’s letters and the lectures given by the three elders, he had his own opinions on martial arts, Qi refining, and spirit nourishing.

“Soul Nurturing protects the spirit, Qi Refining for the immortality, and practice Martial Arts to kill the demons.”

“Lushan disciples can choose one of the three options. They can learn at will when they enter the room. They can get more benefits.”

Qin Yi murmured, sitting in the garden, his eyes were shining with wisdom.

Understanding Tao is a process of thinking, which needs to use the brain. Those who have been practicing Taoism for a long time will surely have wisdom, the sparks of wisdom will turn into flames, shining on themselves, passing through the whole world, and becoming immortals.

“I still need to accumulate, and then I need to enter the Dao.”

Closing his eyes, Qin Yi began to enlighten.

At the beginning of this moment, his eyes were full of flames, illuminating the darkness, and the sparks of wisdom collide, as brilliant as fireworks.

At the same time, Qin Yi finally knew his power and his potential.

His King’s Talent “extraordinary Genius”! you remember it? His unique ability is that no matter what, as it needs a learning process, he will surpass ordinary people hundreds of times or even thousands of times, it is a terrifying speed.

It takes ten years for a man to read a book and understand it and maybe a hundred years to master it!

For 14 days in a row, Qin Yi was cultivating in the morning, reading in the library in the afternoon, and meditating alone and carefully in the evening.

His mind gradually filled; his Qi grew stronger; he felt his Inner strength.

“Soul Nurturing, Soul Nurturing, Soul Nurturing!!”

“my Spirit, Qi, I can see things thousands of miles away, and I can feel my body as I see it, light up the whole body!”

Sitting on the ground, Qin Yi saw the texture of his body, muscles, bones, meridians, blood vessels, bone marrow, and internal organs were emerging one by one.

At that moment, He was already a Dao Practitioner!!

“Then, following, Qi Absorbing, guiding!”

The corner of his mouth curved, Qin Yi was very confident.

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