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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 9: 14 Days!

The accumulation of 14 days is not much, but it is enough for Qin Yi to complete the initial Cultivation of immortality.

Those who are already entering the Dao and they have a cognition of the Tao and Cultivation, they can be called the Dao Practitioner.

At this moment, Qin Yi has reached the Dao Practitioner.

Ordinary people who practice Cultivation’s Way, even with talents and excellent qualifications, need to practice for half a year or even a year before they become Dao Practitioner. They need to refer to Taoist Scriptures, recognize the world, and let the light of wisdom bloom in their minds. That is a long process.

But Qin Yi’s King Talent is handy. He has completed the process only in half a month.

At this time, he even began to cultivate Qi Absorbing to reach the next realm.

Refining Qi is a process that connects man with nature, which is not difficult nor easy. Its premise is the recognition of the world’s spirit and his own spirit. The spirit controls Qi, connecting the Minor world that represented in the man with the Major world that served in the outside world, thereby it refine vitality and strength.

In the flower garden, Gradually, the Qi power revolved around Qin Yi and entered his body, his spirit meridians, and Dantian through his pores.

With his brows rose up, Qin Yi felt his empty body had been filled up.

“That’s True Qi, True Essence.”

The Qi gathered in Dantian, flowed through the meridians, the Qi became much and much denser, and it formed an aura around Qin Yi. Initially, it was invisible, like a small glow. But soon, there was a thin Misty Layer, dense and glowing hard.

Qin Yi could see what happened inside his body.

that is the step of Cultivation; If he doesn’t reach the first state, he couldn’t look inside himself; It’s impossible to complete the stage of Qi Absorbing without links up the whole body’s Meridians.

Different from Naruto’s Chakra and One Piece Haki if you can grow strong in a short time, or even you could reach an explosive development. You can do some shortcuts in This world, but the primary way of Cultivation is from foundation to advanced level. Otherwise, your foundations will be unstable, and may there be more chances to get corrupted by evil spirits or demonic effects on your way of Cultivation.

He was sitting cross-legged in the flower garden, Qin Yi started learning Qi Absorbing, and the sparks of wisdom began to flame in his mind. He had more realization about the classics he had read and Qinghui’s Notes.

The Spiritual Qi covered Qin Yi’s body.

In a blink of an eye, It was already the third day of his Cultivation.

Qin Yi was getting closer to the substance of True Essence, and his Qi refining was gradually on the right track.

After long thinking, he found that the nature of chakra is quite different from the True Essence. The Spiritual Qi here is derived from the spirit of nature, while chakra is extracted from the human body. The difference between nature and the tiny human body is vast.

Without any hesitation, Qin Yi decomposed his chakra and converted it into a True Essence.

“If I turn the boundless Chakra of Jubi into a True Essence, it may not be the same, I’m afraid in this world will be mediocre.”

“The natures of these worlds are enormously different.”

Qin Yi sighed.

Chakra soon became a True Essence (True Element). At this time, his energy was far less than before, was even less than 30% from the back, but it doesn’t mean that he became weaker.

On the contrary, he became more powerful because of the understanding of the way of Immortal Cultivation and his 13 realms proceeding.

He closed his eyes and continued Cultivation. Chakra’s transformation made his realm of Qi refining soar again.

On the fifth day, Qin Yi’s whole body glowed with his aura, and Spiritual Qi became more substantial, and he had stepped into the Seeking the Dao.

Of course, this is just his realms cultivation progress at the moment. But In terms of strength, Qin Yi predicted that he compared with a person on Contacting the Dao realm; it is the sixth realm.

In spite of the apparent defects of One Piece and Naruto, such as the rapid increase of strength, the easy collapse of mental power, the short life, and the low energy level, the combat effectiveness still good. However, when he first came to this world, he needs a sturdy foundation.

However, Qin Yi also has time. According to his understanding, he found that the time of this moment is about seven years before the big climax.

“Seven years is more than enough; I still have plenty of time to improve myself.”

As for this world, he knew this period. Soon it should be Chinese Paladin 3 (Legend of the Sword and Fairy III), and the story of Seeking for love begins.

Then the reason for Shushan’s shaking and Xu Changqing’s sorrow at this moment is the turmoil in the mountain.

The Cultivation of immortals is a long process. Qin Yi is not in a hurry, nor is he going to rush. He knew very well that it would be more cost-effective to gain something in this world than to attack another low-level world.

“I don’t need to pay attention to foreign things. I just need to improve myself.” Qin Yi continued to practice.

Every time he reached a boundary, he could cultivate the Qi Refining and new skills, such as Sword Controlling Technique, Runes, and so on.

Qin Yi’s talent is astonishing. He was focusing on advancing realms and focus Qi Refining first, and then he will study skills.

In the blink of an eye, it was the tenth day of his Cultivation.

This day, a figure came to his Flower garden. When he stepped in, he saw Qin Yi, who was practicing with his knees crossed and surrounded by Qi.

“Asking the Dao level (the third level).”

At a glance, the visitor saw Qin Yi’s level at the moment; he was shocked.

“So fast!”

He clearly remembered that just about a month ago, this man in front of him had no accomplishments rather than watering his flowers.

Now, he just remembered the other side saying that he wants to Cultivate. He just came to have a look. But he didn’t expect that this glance would make him surprised.

After a long while, a smile appeared in his face.

“it’s true then! “

“fortunately, Chang Yi is cultivating now; he has been fascinated by the flowers for so many years. he already took a great step.”

“In this way, we will have another powerful elder in Shushan in the future.

“I’m relieved.”

he was sighing softly; the visitor was pleased.

He did not say anything to disturb Qin Yi, but after a quiet look for a long time, he found that there was no error in Chang Yi’s practice, so he turned around and left.

Out of the garden, the man followed the direction and went to the room where the elder Chang Ji was.

“Chang Ji.”


When Chang Ji saw the visitor, he said.

“Something is bothering you?”

Said Xu Changqing with a smile.

Chang Ji was worrying about his adopted son Nangong Huang.

“as I told you, Nangong Huang is the most suitable Headmaster after me.”

Xu Changqing said.

As soon as Chang Ji was surprised, but Xu was firm, and after a while of discussion, Xu Changqing left.

At the same time, another figure appeared in Qin Yi’s garden.

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