The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 10: Test!

“Good, Tasty Drink!”

“Ha ha ha ha, this wine is really delicious.”

The man was walking, askew and twistedly. When he took another step, he felt something wrong.


the drunk guy looked down; then, he bent down.

“I think I’ve come to the wrong place. Is this the garden?”

“I’ve drunk too much.”

His words are vague, and his Tongue was heavy. He was obviously drunk.

“flower man, I’m sorry. Situ Zhong accidentally stepped on you. I apologize to you! Apologize! “

Situ Zhong said and laughed. At last, tears came out.

He simply sat in the flowers, overwhelms numerous flowers and plants, kicked and swung his arms, and started to drink crazy.

His loud voice was really annoying. Qin Yi’s eyes suddenly open.

“Who is making noise here?”

He said with a deep voice, and his eyes were like electricity in the direction of Situ Zhong.

when he heard that, situ Zhong was stunned and looked up.

“isn’t that overreact, uncle flower!”

Qin Yi immediately woke up situ Zhong, who was excited.

“what’s your name?”

Glanced at Situ Zhong coldly, Qin Yi was in a bad mood.

After Xu Changqing left, after a short time of refinement and enlightenment, he has once again piled up his realm to the fourth level (Learning the Dao), which can be said to have made rapid progress. Now he is on his way to the fifth level. The way of cultivation is more complicated than the first level. When he was concentrating until Situ bothered him so now, he was upset and impatience. The voice around him makes him fidgety, so he has no good temper.

“Young Brother, disciple Situ Zhong.”

Qin Yi stretched his right hand with an expressionless face.


In the void, a force of attraction rushed out, the flowers and plants were in a state of chaos. Situ Zhong didn’t react, but he was pushed by force to the other side.

“Grand, Uncle!”…

Situ Zhongjiu was completely sober, and the True Essence awakened him, he looked at Chang Yu with puzzled eyes.

Situ was a novice disciple who just arrived at Shushan.

“you disturbed me, my cultivation, Situ Zhong, how dare you.”

Qin Yi’s eyes turned to Rinnegan. He looked at situ Zhong directly, which made him tremble.

“I’m a Disciple; I made a mistake. I was drunk. I’m sorry, Elder.”

“Drunk? On this holy mountain, you dare to drink. “

Qin Yi sneered and admired the courage of the young man in front of him.

Although Shushan was generally free, there are many rules and regulations. The disciple in front of him was just a beginner. He dared to drink openly and destroyed a large area of his garden.

“It seems that Laws and Morals Elde is very negligent. I will take his place and punish you well.”

Qin Yi’s eyes were sharp, and his strength turned again.

“Shinra Tensei.”

Situ Zhong was suddenly thrown out. Looking up to the sky, he was spitting out blood. He was in a panic.

For him, the Elder was too strong. Although he has just entered the Shushan sect, he was talented. At this moment, he had reached the fourth level (Learning the Dao), but he has no resistance at all under Qin Yi’s power.

Qin Yi’s face was indifferent, but he was overjoyed from the inside. He just used the Shinra Tensei by his new nature of power, True Essence.

Unlike when using chakra, the power generated by the Rinnegan is omnidirectional, unable to control the direction, size, and recovery time accurately. The repulsion force and the gravitation force have changed with the true Essence, which can be controlled more precisely.

Such a new change made Qin Yi immediately interested in it.

“It seems that the bloodline and ninjutsu, and the use of True Essence, will bring a new Era.”

He stepped forward and came to situ Zhong with cold eyes.

“Situ Zhong, you deserve more than that but, I hope you learn something from that”

“Yes, I did, my mistake!! “

Meanwhile, he thought about who the Elder was. It seemed that he had never seen him before.

“Go out, remember this punishment, and don’t disturb me in the future.”

Qin Yi said.

Situ Zhong didn’t say a word. He quickly turned around and ran out in a panic.

He will never forget Qin Yi I mean Chang Yi.

Looking at Situ’s back, Qin Yi just went back to the place where he used to sit in and sat down again. He closed his eyes and continued to meditate.

“The fifth is already a little difficult. If I can reach the fifth realm, it will be great; If I can’t, I can read the notes and study it again.”

After making a general decision, Qin Yi was calm and attentive.

He was very confident about what he should do at this moment. Before, his strength was equivalent to the sixth level, so he raised his realm level to “Contacting the Dao.” Otherwise, if the level does not match the strength, it will be easy to have problems, and he will never reach the perfect state.

here in this world, to cultivate you have to advance Jin-Qi-Shen (Essence, Energy, Soul) synchronously, keep pace with all of them, make no mistakes, and give full consideration to all of them.

Compared to the powers of the two worlds before, Qin Yi is not only practicing but also learning, understanding, and forming a system.

After running out of the garden, situ Zhong saw a cold expression man coming.

“Dugu Yuyn.”

He shouted suddenly.

Dugu Yuyun smelled the wine on the other side and frowned: “you were drunk again?”

Then he saw the blood on the corner of situ Zhong’s mouth: “injured?”

“what happened?”

“I broke into the garden and was found by the Elder, who punished me. It’s my fault.”

Situ Zhong said with a wry smile.

“Flower garden? The elder Chang Yi stayed there. He hasn’t cultivated. How could he hurt you? “

Dugu Yuyun asked in a deep voice.

“hasn’t cultivated? It’s impossible. Although he didn’t use all his True Essence when he attacked me, he is absolutely in the sixth realm. “

Situ Zhong said.


A little doubt appeared in the eyes of Dugu Yuyun.

The sixth level is not high. Dugu’s current level is the eighth level. However, when he contacted with elder Chang Yi, he was absolutely not cultivated.

“You go back and heal. I’ll see it.”

Dugu Yuyun glanced at situ Zhong and walked toward the garden.

After a while, Dugu Yuyun entered the flower garden and saw Qin Yi, who was practicing at the moment.

“he already reached the fourth realm, and he is cultivating the fifth now.”

“It really Elder Chang Yi.”

Dugu Yuyun’s pupil shrank and was surprised.

But in a second, he thought of the sixth strength that situ Zhong said, and could not help but stare.

After a while, he raised his right hand and pointed to the sword. After hesitation, he finally looked forward.

“Sword Controlling Technique.”

He couldn’t help but try to find out how much strength the Elder has, who didn’t have any achievements before and could hurt Situ Zhong.