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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 11: Swordsmanship!

In the void, a long Qi sword appeared, the sword was sharp, it was urging toward Qin Yi, the latter was sitting cross-legged. And his eyes were closed.

When the Qi sword was almost reaching his forehead, Qin Yi’s eyes suddenly opened.

At the same time, a wave of repulsion burst out, and the Qi sword shattered with noise and disappeared.

“Dugu Yuyun.”

Qin Yi was sitting on the ground and his eyes straight on the young man standing at the door.

Seeing Qin Yi wake up, Dugu YuYun was indifferent; he bent down quickly to salute him: “Elder.”

“How we deal with the disciples who offend elders in Shushan?”

Qin Yi asked.

Dugu YuYun was shocked and then explained: “brother Situ said that an Elder hurt him in the flower garden. In the impression of the disciples, Including me, no offense, you have no accomplishments, so.”

“So you’re going to test me? See if I am a fake elder?”

Qin Yi laughed out loud.

Dugu Yuyun opened his mouth, speechless.

“It’s interesting, disciples of these days, in one day One of them is drinking and crushing flowers, and one of them is attacking an elder. did the Elder of Laws and Morals went out of Shushan for a tour?” Qin Yi sneered.

There was sweat on Dugu Yuyun’s forehead, he was ashamed.

He has always despised this Elder from the bottom of his heart. As an elder of Shu mountain, he didn’t have any achievements. If such a person weren’t an elder, he would have been regarded as a disgrace by all the disciples of Shu mountain.

Because of this, he didn’t overthink and went straight.

However, after he made a move, he realized that the Flower Elder really had talent. Also, this Elder already replaced the Laws elder, which made him panic.

Dugu Yuyun, on the other hand, was unlike Chang Yi, except for raising flowers, he is the most outstanding foundation of Shushan in recent years. He is talented and intelligent. He can be said to be a star disciple of the new generation. He is even favored by the leader Changqing. He has a great future.

If the Elder of Laws and Morals knows that he had done such a thing, you could not imagine how it would affect his reputation.

“It seems that the influence of Elder of Laws and Morals needs to improve.”

Qin Yi said, making Dugu Yuyun tremble all over, and immediately bent over to admitted his mistake.

“I was wrong, sorry, forgive me! “


Qin Yi gave a cold hum.

After a deep look at Dugu Yuyun, he closed his eyes and waved.

“Go back; I forgive you; next time, I will not.”

Dugu Yuyun froze, he was very grateful: “thank you, Elder.”

“tell your younger drunk brother, don’t come here ever, really you know how much it takes to raise flowers?”

Qin Yi said.

“I will tell him.”

Dugu Yuyun said earnestly.

Later, Qin Yi entered the cultivation practice and stopped paying attention to him.

Dugu Yuyun was grateful, saluted profoundly, and then quietly left the garden.

When his figure disappeared completely in Qin’s vision, Qin Yi just sighed.

“As an elder, it’s a shame on me!”

His power at this moment is genuinely mighty in Naruto’s world. But after changing the world, it is different. As a result, the two realms have varying degrees of solidity, different rules, even if the same energy or technique is released, the scale of the attacks would be different. Secondly, the world of the Chinese Paladins seems to be much more destructive from the tv show; it doesn’t feel much different from ordinary martial arts characters there.

even in the game, it is another concept.

Shushan Sword Controlling Technique is cultivated to a high level. It can reach miles in a second, and can also cut off ordinary people even if they were thousands of miles away. This sharp attack completely ignores any defense you have. It has the terror of penetrating any armor. It comes with the sword’s meaning. It is mighty and slashes everything.

the five elements of magic in this world are different from the Ninjutsu chakra release, commonly known as the Immortal Technique, which uses the spiritual Qi release, and is more concise and lasting than the natural energy of the Sennin (immortal) mode in Naruto.

Qin Yi didn’t have a thorough understanding of the destructive power of the high-level power of the Immortals world, but only because in the first battle between Jing Tian and Chong Lou, had let the heaven trembling.

At this moment, Qin Yi was thinking about Dugu for a long time, and the other side was still confused about Qin Yi’s eyes.

This 30-year-old Dugu swordsman is very young, but he has high strength.

The different systems have created significant differences in the two worlds.

“It’s a long way to go, with my talents and other systems it will be fun!”

He was sighing; Qin Yi closed his eyes again.

Ten days later, he finally reached the fifth level of enlightenment! At this point(Comprehending the Dao), however, he could not move forward anymore, which made him sigh.

“I have run out of accumulation; I need a deeper understanding of the Tao.”

To achieve this understanding, you usually need to meditate again, read, accumulate, and thousands of times longer than the last time.

After thinking about it, Qin Yi changed his mind and decided to study the Sword Technique, Immortal Technique of Shu mountain, which is the way to practice martial arts.

Moun Shu Qi Skills and Immortal Techniques are both very powerful and well-known. Compared with Ninjutsu, they are more numerous and powerful.

Healing Class, Boosting Class, Sealing Class, and so on are beneficial and powerful.

In the more than ten years since Xu Changqing took over as the leader, he has dramatically expanded the Shushan mountain, and newly built buildings such as the Shangqing palace and the Sanhuang palace, which have more than tripled in scale. There are many buildings, such as the arsenal, Rune platform, etc. on the top of the sword, there are also martial arts training ground, sword Qi platform, Meditating hall, etc.

He went to the armory first, selected a green sword, and then went to the top of the sword to the sword Qi platform.

To reach the fifth level (Comprehending the Dao) is a process of understanding nature, the world; Only when the accumulation is deeper, and the cognition is more clear can you make rapid progress.

Qin Yi could not move forward in a short time.

However, Sword Technique, Immortal Technique, Talisman Technique are different. As long as you practice hard and accumulate experience, you can master them quickly.

At this time, he came to the Sword Qi platform and sat in a remote corner, facing the sea of clouds, it was like a fairyland, well it was a fairyland.

his sword was on his knees, Qin Yi slowly closed his eyes.

Qin Yi was meditating; he saw the core of himself and the core of the sword, that’s the main useful Sword controlling technique.

Qin’s sword immediately vibrated. Qin Yi controlled the pulse of the sword.

Most of Shu mountain’s sword skills are based on Sword Controlling Technique. Only when the Sword Controlling Technique is mastered can it be extended, and other sword techniques can be mastered.

For example, Myriad Swords Art, Heavenly Sword, Sword God, etc. other Shu mountain secret skills…

he was always testing and summarizing, Qin Yi’s own talent played a role, which made him gain more and more experience.

at sunset.


The sword on Qin Yi’s knee, buzzed and flew up in the air.

“I did it!”

His eyes opened; they were flashing.

However, at this moment, an urgent bell rang in Shushan, and Qin Yi turned back suddenly.

All of a sudden, a series of sword light rushed up to the sky. The sword array floated in the sky.

“Something big happened!”

Qin Yi looked solemn.

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