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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 12: The elder of Laws and Morals

the night was coming. At this time, Shushan should be quiet, but at this time, it was a mess.

Qin Yi looked up at the long swords that were shining in all kinds of light. His eyes were fixed.

He quickly inserted the sword into the sheath in his back, stood up, and promptly went to the place where the sword light converged.

Shushan, Wuji Pavilion.

At this time, many Shushan disciples have gathered here. They were either old or young Shushan disciples. At this time, their expressions were cumbersome. There were a little fear and shock in their eyes.

At the gate of Wuji Pavilion, Xu Changqing had a grim face and a sad expression.


A disciple came forward and called.

Xu Changqing calmed down and nodded to the disciple to report the situation.

There were more and more sword lights. On the square in front of Wuji Pavilion, the disciples of Shushan quickly gathered here. When they saw the scene in the field, they were all surprised.

“That’s the Elder of Laws and Morals.”

“Grand Elder Chang.”

“Brother Xing Fei.”


The disciples looked at the bodies of white cloth placed side by side on the ground, and they were horrified.

“These elders and brothers passed as a sacrifice for Mount Shu.”

Dugu Yuyun stood beside Xu Changqing and sighed softly.

Xu Changqing’s eyes were heavy. At this time, he seemed a little confused. That was basically impossible for a cultivation monk.

“Just now, we were going to the entrance of Shushan, and we saw these elders and brothers, but unfortunately, they were deceased.”

The disciple standing beside Xu Changqing said sadly.

One of the people lying on the ground was Dugu Yuyun’s brother. They have a good relationship.

“There is a strange thing about this mountain. maybe a thing that takes their Qi.”

“This is the leader’s mistake.”

Xu Changqing sighed and said to the crowd.

Since taking over the leadership, the collapse of Shushan, the death of elders and disciples, has hit Shushan very hard. As the leader, Xu Changqing was under a lot of pressure at the moment. He was thinking about what’s went wrong.

At this time, Qin Yi passed through the crowd and saw the elder of laws lying on the ground at a glance. He was stunned.

“No wonder that fellow situ Zhong dares to drink.”

At that time, he remembered who is situ Zhong, “Isn’t he Jiujian xian the Wine Sword Immortal in The Legend of Sword and Fairy 1?”

Later, he saw the body of white cloth placed in front of the Wuji Pavilion, and his pupils shrank.

“So many dead?”

It takes a lot of energy and time to cultivate one Shu mountain disciple, especially an elder. There are only hundreds of disciples in the whole Shu mountain, and the loss of one is enough to make people grief, let alone so many, dozens of them.

It can be imagined how painful Xu Changqing, the head of Shushan, felt at this moment.

“Let’s go. I have made arrangements for Shushan. I won’t let the tragedy happen again.”

Xu Changqing looked at the bodies again, closed his eyes, and waved.

The disciples looked at each other, bowed, and then backed away.

In the blink of an eye, the front of the Wuji Pavilion was empty.

Qin Yi hesitated for a moment and went forward.

“Elder Changqing, we are in a state of constant sorrow and change, but you are not responsible for this. To cultivate is to go against the sky. It’s normal to die on the road.”

Xu Changqing opened his eyes and saw that it was Qin Yi. He was stunned for a moment.

“The people of our generation who cultivate immortals follow heaven; how can they go against the sky? Is it normal to die on the road? Chang Yi, what nonsense are you talking about?” He shouted.

“Cough, I’m often wrong.”

Qin Yi was embarrassed, but he knew that was the truth.

Fortunately, Xu Changqing didn’t pay any attention to his words. After glancing at him, he was shocked.

“You have reached the fifth level(Comprehending the Dao), so fast!”

After noticing it, Xu Changqing was shocked.

What is the speed of cultivation? Did he master Controlling Sword? What surprised him, even more, was that the younger brother, who had never cultivated before, was full of Qi in his body at the moment. Xu reached that momentum only after he had the sixth level.

“well, it turns out that I’m talented, I’m not compared to the younger brothers, but it still good right!.”

Qin Yi smiled.

Seeing Qin Yi’s practice speed at this moment, Xu Changqing cast aside even the sadness of losing many disciples at the moment. He took Qin Yi’s arm, dragged it into the Wuji Pavilion, and then waved his hand to the Wuji Pavilion gate Close quickly.


Qin Yi was stunned.

Xu Changqing didn’t speak, and he patted his shoulder.

 Qin Yi did not saw his hand just when it was in his shoulder.

“The true Qi is full, and the accumulation is profound. It seems that it’s expanded.”

After a short while, Xu Changqing smiled comfortably.

“Changyi, you are a gifted person. You have reached such a level in a short time. Although you were lazy over the years, it also proves that you are a man of cultivation.”

“I am thrilled to be able to repent and practice hard.”

In this event, they lost a lot of combat effectiveness and suffered heavy losses. But Xu Changqing found Qin Yi’s talent, which made him feel better.

Although this incident has not been entirely resolved, they can only leave it to fate.

“If your willpower is strong enough to continue to work hard, there is also the hope of becoming an immortal.”

Xu Changqing praised repeatedly.

Qin Yi was embarrassed to be praised, and can only keep smiling.

Next, Xu Changqing was frowning and thinking about something. A few minutes later, he took out a bottle of pills from his arms.

“This is the Calming Mind Pill. It can enhance True Essence. You need to use it carefully.”

“Besides, during this period, I hope you often come to me and ask me if you don’t understand something. Try to improve your strength as soon as possible.”

Qin Yi was stunned, then he smiled.

He was sure that Xu Changqing is willing so hard to train him!

“Although you are a late cultivator, you are talented and have accumulated a lot of knowledge. There is still hope. Don’t be discouraged.”

“Also, I will send Dugu Yuyun to follow you recently. He is higher than you in cultivation. You can ask him if you don’t understand anything.”

Hearing Dugu Yuyun’s name, Qin Yi, looked embarrassed.

Being an elder and lower than this kid, that was really embarrassing.

But he didn’t refuse either. It’s better to cultivate hard and surpass him.

Later, Qin Yi asked Xu Changqing about some puzzles in his cultivation in Wuji Pavilion, and the latter answered them one by one, which made him quite aware.

there are closed doors on the Cultivation’s Way, so ask me if you confront one.”

Before leaving, Xu Changqing said in a grave tone.

“If you can reach the eighth level of enlightenment(Achieving the Dao) in one year, the position of the elder of laws is yours.”

“It’s good to make up for your bad long years.”

Qin Yi was stunned.

The elder of Laws and Morals? Listen very well, Situ Zhong and Dugu Yuyun! Bad days are coming.

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