The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 30: Normal Life

Qionghua’s inheritance is broad and profound, and its content is unique.

Although most of the books and scrolls in Shushan are available to the elders and disciples to practice from, the leader is the only one who has access to the secret content.

Qin Yi now could read Qionghua’s Secret books; it will be great for his progress.

“Freezing Secret Art!”

“Icebound Snow Dance.”

“Whistling Sword to the Nine Heavens.”

“Returning to the Essence of True Secret Art.”

“Xi cut!!”

“truth-like Sword..”

“Nine Serenity’s Tempering Cold Sword!”

Among the names of various secret scrolls, Qin Yi can see the cultivation direction of Qionghua school. Different from Shushan’s sword inner and sword technique, Qionghua focuses on the sword itself. They have the secret skill of forging swords. The swords they hammer out have durable power; With their unique formula, they could make mighty swords.

This is the core of the secret scrolls. Qin Yi read it slowly and carefully.

For a while, there was no major event, so Qin Yi simply stayed in the Peace of mind Valley to read and cultivate.

Around the Qin Hua school, he had already laid out the sword array to hide it.

From this day on, the four members of Qinhua School entered the cultivation process. They paid no attention to the outside world.

People think that cultivation is annoying, but when they try it, they will often indulge in it, and when they wake up, they will find that many years have passed.

Three years passed, Qin Yi, mastered most of the skills of Qionghua school, the secret of sword forging, and most of the main parts of the other branches.

In three years, the four people of Qionghua school have chosen the secret scrolls to strengthen their cultivation.

Although there may be no improvement in the cultivation level itself, their strengths had enhanced a lot.

Originally Qionghua made the firstest swords in the distant past to suppress the demon realm, and the first swords were able to burst out light and magic.

Qin Yi realized a lot from his last cultivation.

Cultivation is a process of learning. The more you understand the world, the more complete your realm will be, and the more powerful your power will be.

“Yiyi, I’m going out. Come with me!”

On this day, Qin Yi awakened Anyi during cultivation and said softly.

Over the past three years, they have been respectful of each other and have a harmonious relationship. However, Qin Yi has not been totally satisfied.

“You have mastered Qionghua’s Secret skills?”

Anyi asked in doubt.

“I’m almost there, you can say that I know everything, but there are some not about cultivation realm, and I can’t understand them for the moment. You could gather all of them in a single scroll!”

Qin Yi said with a smile.

“Well, I’ll go with you!”

Anyi nodded.

Before leaving, Qin Yi ordered Li Yuanli and Ning Ya to go out to scout talented people as disciples for Qin Hua.

Four people representing a big school, that’s not enough.

Of course, Qin Yi is not in a hurry. His current level of cultivation has not yet been promoted to the limit that he could establish the portal.

The Current level and power of their leader now is mighty and spread all over the realm.

The reason why Shushan has been standing for hundreds of years is precise that the disciples of Shushan are wandering outside, scouting, and attracting the attention of the world.

Before these basic tasks were completed, Qin Yi was very patient.

In the past, the world of Naruto and the world of Naruto were all small worlds, which could be unified in a short time. However, in the immortal sword world, he is regarded as a place to temper his mood and mind and be patient. Once he succeeds, it will have a great impact and help with his future development.

They left from the main gate, and then they used their swords to fly.

Qin Yi held Anyi’s hand, and the two traveled through the sky like a couple of immortals.

Seven days later, they landed in a small town.

“How about choosing a place where we can live a normal life?”

Qin Yi said to Anyi.

“Like you said.”

Anyi smiled and nodded.

They have been husband and wife for three years; the life between them is no different from that of the daily husband and wife.

So, they began to choose the place to live.

Three months later, they came to a kingdom in the mortal realm.

Both of them changed their personalities into two ordinary people.

They rented fields and houses and lived an ordinary life.

They were chatting, doing picnics, and quarrel for small things, like any couples!

No one could notice the demeanor of those who cultivate Taoism and the ferocity of demons in this couple…

The two have been living like this for nine years.

They allowed natural time to leave traces on their bodies. Nine years have passed, and Qin Yi has a small beard on thin mustaches. His appearance has changed into his thirties.

Anyi was even more charming; her breast and waist got bigger.

It seems that both of them have forgotten their original identity and immersed in ordinary life.

Over the past nine years, they have cared for each other, supported each other, accompanied each other. They have developed too many feelings they missed before.

They have lived a well-off life, and even opened a restaurant in the city. Although there are not many customers, It can be said that their life was very happy and fulfilling.

On this day, the wooden hanging plaque in front of the Qinhua Restaurant was blown by the wind.

Some silhouettes stepped in, and An Yi, who was bending over to clean up, was stunned when she saw their costumes.


The clothes of these people are just Taoist clothes.

She couldn’t help but turn around and take a look at Qin Yi, who was at the counter, fiddling with the abacus and calculating the accounts.

“bring us your best bottle of wine.”

At this time, four Taoists have been seated and waved.

In front of the counter, Qin Yi looked up.

Suddenly, the eye-catching Taoist clothes shocked him.

What year is it now?

Isn’t he Chang Yi, the elder of morals in Shushan, the leader of Qin Hua! He is Qin Yi, the king of many worlds!

He was confused, but the light in his eyes was growing.

Even if he sunk in, he will go out in the end, perhaps he has sunk into a deep, long time, to the realm of selflessness.

But one day, when he wakes up, he will still be that person!

In the tavern, Anyi stared at Qin Yi tightly. When she saw the light in his eyes, the woman shivered all over her body, with grief in her eyes.

She knew that it was time to go, after all.

The game of role-playing of an ordinary couple is coming to an end.

In the restaurant, there were only six people, four priests, and Qin Yi and Anyi.

The atmosphere was quiet for a while, and no one moved into the restaurant.

After a short while, the Taoist frowned slightly and shouted again.

“Boss, the wine bottle! What are you doing?”

“We have to drink this to get rid of demons outside the city. We are in a hurry!”

Their voice awakened Anyi. She held back her sadness and went to the wine bottle.

At the counter, in Qin, Yi’s eyes were still shining.

At that instant, his eyes became too indifferent, he stepped forward and came behind An Yi.

“wife, you are not in good health. Let me do it!”

The gentle voice from the back of Anyi shook her immediately, and the wine jar that she just picked up fell.

Qin Yi stepped forward and held the wine jar firmly with one hand.

An Yi scared eyes reflected in his eyes, he smiled gently.

“I’m still here. Don’t be afraid.”

Anyi was relieved at an instant, and the corners of her mouth were bent, revealing a big smile.

The woman’s fear can be seen.

She experienced love for the first time in her life; she was afraid to lose it…

With Qin Yi’s other hand, he patted An Yi’s shoulder and brought the wine jar to the Taoist priest.

“The Taoist priests are the heroes who kill demons and monsters. I often admire you, brave people!.”

“This jar of wine is a gift from the restaurant.”

The Taoists all laughed, and their dissatisfaction just disappeared.

“thank you!”

“Haha, it’s what we should do to kill the demons. The shopkeeper doesn’t have to do that.”

Qin Yi laughed and drank and talked with the four Taoists.

“I think the shopkeeper just picked up the wine jar with steady hands. Did he practice when he was young?”

One of them asked curiously.

“Yes, I also spent a few months cultivating with a river and lake scholar when I was young.”

“but the man has to be always in good form.”

Qin Yi smiled.

The Taoists gave thumbs up.

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