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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 31: the Silver Moon Heavenly Wolf

Qin Yi talked with the four Taoist cultivators, Anyi wiped her tears. When she turned around, she was smiling.

After a quarter of an hour, the four Taoists left contentedly. They kept showing their admiration for the wine and the restaurant.

“Welcome, anytime!”

Qin Yi waved goodbye with a smile on his face.

When the four left, Qin Yi turned slowly; he stared at the woman that lowered her head in front of him.

At this time, he remembered how he met An Yi,  and how good she was in these ten years, and the love between them, he finally felt what love means.

“Are you scared? wife.” Qin Yi said with a smile.

An Yi moved her lips, stretched out her hand, and hit Qin Yi’s chest lightly; then, she fell into his arms.

“I thought it was over!”

She murmured, then Qin Yi said softly.

“forgetting the Dao isn’t ignoring the love! “

“Without a deep constant memory in my mind, I can’t live!”

“and you are that constant!”

He embraced Anyi tightly in his arms, and he said.

“Thank you An Yi.”

“You let me escape from ‘forgetting the Dao’ and step into another realm of cultivation.”

Anyi raised her head in confusion, Taoist realm; she did not understand.

“Happiness, freedom, and hope … we are trying to find them somewhere far away from our homes ourselves, but it was always near!”

“People who pursue immortality they are pursuing happiness! long life to feel more happiness!”

“search for the truth in this world, it contains everything and has everything! “

“and my truth was you; you help me to achieve my realm!” Qin Yi said, Anyi couldn’t understand it, but her smile appeared more and more.

It seems complicated, but the Tao is actually pure. It is what you think it is and what it is, you feel that it is hard, but when you tried, it seems simple!

That is how cultivation is, and even life!

But this way must conform to common sense, conform to the moral; otherwise, it is the evil way, is the harmful way, is the wrong way! The crooked ways will let the human go to the destruction, the fire, unbalance, got swallowed by the desire, uncontrollable desire.

“all people have seven emotions and six desires, even immortals, but the cultivators should control them and be free, let alone the immortals!”

“And I, from now on, will be free!”

Qin Yi was hugging Anyi, he said with a smile.

It may not be the same as ordinary people understand. Still, Qin Yi is exceptionally convinced that this is his way, and it is the right way.

Qionghua’s Tao is different from Shushan’s, and his Qin Hua’s Tao is naturally different! But all of them share the same goal.

“I don’t understand these. I just hope that if you can stay with me!”

An Yi leaned her head on Qin Yi’s shoulder and said.

Qin Yi hesitated and smiled.

An Yi was shy, she punched Qin Yi and said: “I want to watch the stars tonight. Take me!”

“Haha, OK. Shall we go to the roof of the restaurant or above the hill?”

Qin Yi asked.

“I’m going to the cloud, where it’s close to the stars. Before, you forget that we can’t use the magic, but now you’re recovered, I’m going to sit in the cloud!”

An Yi hummed.

Qin Yi laughed and picked up An Yi: “OK, let’s go now!”

In the next second, the two walked out of the door, turned into streamers, and flew straight to the sky.

By this time, it was evening, the red sunset in the sky, dyed half of the clouds red, looked extraordinarily beautiful. Qin Yi was holding An Yi and went to the sky. They slowly floated down and fell on the clouds.

The clouds are light and fluttering, and ordinary people can’t step on them at all. Even the cultivators cannot walk on it without high abilities.

In the legend, flying on clouds is a kind of level that cultivators yearn for.

But at this moment, Qin Yi was waving his hands and condensed the clouds into an entity. The two stepped on it as if it was flat, which surprised Anyi.

“What cultivation realm have you reached?”

Qin Yi chuckled: “maybe a level of the school leader.”

Anyi’s eyes were wide open. Although she didn’t understand the state of the leaders of the major schools, she knew that most of these leaders were at the ninth level. Some of them even reached the twelfth realm!

“We cannot only Judging according to the cultivation realm, but you should also know that your husband has integrated the advantages of the two schools and build a new school!”

Qin Yi explained.

Anyi didn’t understand, just rolled her eyes and didn’t pay attention to these.

“I don’t care; you have to protect me anyway if those stinky Taoists want to hurt me, you should beat them!”

Qin Yi laughed out loud: “No problem!”

The night gradually falls. In the deep night sky, the stars appeared little by little; An Yi was nestling in Qin Yi’s arms, quietly watching everything in front of them.

She felt very warm and happy. She couldn’t believe that a demon can have a happy feeling, Qin Yi is the one who made it real.

“how high we have to reach the stars!”

Suddenly, Anyi asked out loud.

“I don’t know how to explain it to you.”

“in this world, I think like the other worlds, they are so far away. Maybe it takes billions of years with our extreme speed to reach one!”

Qin Yi whispered softly; An Yi was surprised.


“I’m surprised about how do you know?”

An Yi looked at Qin Yi in surprise, and she gradually found out that there are more and more mysteries about this man; he is like a vortex, always attracting her.

“You will have a chance to know later.” Qin Yi said softly.

She fell silent from surprise; she looked like when they first met.

Bare feet, slender figure with white skin and red cheeks, delicate, she is like an elf, not any elf she was like Galadriel!

“I’m not used to your beauty.”

Qin Yi said with a smile.

The night passed.

For nine years, they have been like loved ones, but they always have a layer of separation. This separation has been completely eliminated from tonight.

Their town is called Chenzhou.

In the morning, outside the city of Chenzhou, on the country road, the four Taoist priests sprayed mystical powder on the way, spelling some magic.

After a while, a series of golden footprints appeared on the ground.

“the demon is right ahead!”

They looked at each other and immediately flew forward following the footsteps.

This demon has hurt people. More than a dozen people outside the city have died during this time. It can be said that it is an evil demon.

“his Footprints are like wolf claws. he should be a wolf demon.”

One of the Taoists said.

“No matter what he is, since we encounter monsters that harm people, we have to eliminate them.”

Another Taoist said the other three nodded slowly.

Half an hour later, they found a dense forest. The leaves were scattered all over the woods, and there were many barks on the trees, and the footprints were more clearly visible, The four were careful.

“It’s the demon!”

“Be careful!”

The four Taoists looked cautious; they slowly moved and followed the direction of the footprints carefully. Still, in the end, after reaching the end of the footprints, they were stunned.


They didn’t see the figure of the demon, did the wolf demon fly?

“What’s the matter?”

“Brother, sprinkle tracking powder!”

One of them shouted.

Another nodded, and he would take out the trace powder from his package, but at this moment, a strong wind suddenly blew over his head.

“Are you looking for me?”

It was a beast roar, and a vast silhouette suddenly struck.


It hit the Taoist who is taking the powder, he screamed, and blood sprayed from his mouth.


The other three shouted.

“Do dare you to come to catch me stinky Toists? Who gave you courage?”

“Even those Taoists in Shushan dare not harass me.”

The demon showed his figure; it was about three-meter-tall, a behemoth with a wolf head.

“So terrifying!”

The three Taoists felt the momentum of the demon in front of them, their eyes trembled, and the moment they looked at each other, they knew that they were not their opponents at all.

“I’ll block him; you two go ask for help!”

The Taoist pulled out his sword and shouted.


The two just lifted the wounded Taoist, shouting in fear.

“Come on, get a master!”

After that, the older Taoist yelled and rushed towards the wolf demon.

“How adorable!”

The wolf demon sneered and waved his claws to fight the older Taoist.

The other two gritted their teeth, picked up the injured Taoist, and turned to leave quickly.

“You are wise, Taoist, staying with you is nothing more than a big meal for me!”

The wolf demon said, and the elder Taoist stepped back. Under the tremendous strength, he was not the opponent of this demon at all.

“However, I hope you show me something!”

With a smirk, the wolf demon stepped up and blasted down.


The dust rose, and the leaves were flying around, the sword broke with one strike, and the Taoist was already bleeding.

“You are dead!”

The wolf demon smiled, stepped forward, his claws were sharp like knives, and he waved at the Taoist.

“It’s over!”

The Taoist closed his eyes in despair.

However, at this moment, an air sword shot straight and went straight to the heart of the wolf demon. The latter was terrified and quickly backed away from the attack.

“you are the Silver Moon Heavenly Wolf; oh my god, Isn’t that you!”

“How can this be?”

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