The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 3: Chapter 32: The Mount

The wolf demon raised his head and stared forward with fierce eyes.

He saw a man in his thirties, falling slowly. He was wearing a brocade suit, with a Fu Manchu mustache and a slight smile on his mouth.

The atmosphere of this man looked ordinary but inexplicably made the spirit of wolf demon tremble and feel fear.


At this time, the old Taoist priest who was severely hurt, he was stunned when he saw the person.

He did not expect that at the moment of life and death crisis, he would be rescued by such a man.

The man who came suddenly was Qin Yi.

He nodded to the older Taoist priest, and then he stared at the wolf demon,

“Silver Moon Heavenly Wolf…”

“would you like to be my mount!!!”

The wolf was furious and rushed towards Qin Yi.

The Taoist’s face changed: “Be careful!” he roared!

The wolf demon was already above Qin Yi’s head.

“If you insist, I will destroy you!”

Qin Yi’s eyes were sharp, and the momentum of his body suddenly increased at this moment.

A powerful sword shot out in a flash, cutting all the leaves and branches around. At the same time, Qin Yi’s body was slowly twisted at this moment, when the wolf demon was about to attack.

“Heavenly Sword!!”

Qin Yi’s sword skill at this moment is the authentic sword skill of Shushan school, Heavenly Sword Secret Art.

Suddenly, the wolf demon’s face changed drastically. His claws suddenly stopped; it was too late.

The heavenly sword is a powerful skill, and the sword intent of Qin Yi now is mighty. In the twinkling of an eye.


The mighty sword Qi cut around 100 meters, the dust was flying around.

The old Taoist stared at this scene in amazement.

He thought the shopkeeper was only a strong man, not a mighty!

It’s so unexpected, it’s incredible!

The heavenly sword burst out thousands of sword light, and the air seemed to be cut open at this moment.

“One last time, would you like to be my mount?”

Said Qin Yi with a deep tone, the wolf demon trembled.

At this time, the sword was floating in the air and pointed at him. It was precisely locked. He was very sure that if the sword moved forward, he would die.

“Please forgive me; I’d like to be your mount!”

The wolf demon knelt in fear. The wolf’s head was tightly on the ground, and his whole body was shaking.

Qin Yi pulled his heavenly sword technique, and he mounted the wolf demon’s back.

“let’s go, then.” Qin Yi smiled.

The wolf demon transformed into his original shape. Under Qin Yi’s body, there suddenly appeared an elegant wolf beast with a length of three meters, a silver fur on his head, and a crescent mark on his eyebrows and a bright fur on his body.

Silver Moon Heavenly Wolf is not an ordinary wolf demon. They have strong talent and power, and they can compete with elders when they grow up. Furthermore, its appearance is quite beautiful and prestigious.

“Back to the city!”

He nodded to the old Taoist, and Qin Yi patted the wolf demon. The wolf demon spewed out white smoke from his nose. He dared not resist and moved forward slowly.

The wolf demon didn’t even dare to speed up at the moment. He needed to take care of Qin Yi’s mood; He was afraid after he was about to be cut off by Qin Yi’s sword.

Looking at Qin Yi and wolf demon leaving slowly, the old Taoist just slowly relieved.

“I didn’t expect that the shopkeeper has such strength.”

His eyes narrowed, the older Taoist felt shocked, the other side was very powerful; he has such an inner sword amount and such technique, he was even stronger than his master.

“isn’t his sword skill just like the secret skill of Shu mountain!?”

“The shopkeeper has something to do with Shushan!”

His eyes flashed. The Taoist took out the healing pills from his arms, then swallowed it.

Soon, his face was much better, and his injury was relieved.

At this time, his physical condition was not enough to walk out of the forest, so he found a secret place to meditate and cultivate.

Soon, the day passed, and dusk came, it was getting dark.

At this time, four figures reached the place that the demon wolf was, with anxious faces, headed by a man who was fifty or sixty years old, with a white beard, he seems like immortal Taoist.

“Master, Brother Sun Li, and we met the Silver Moon Wolf here!”

“he chose to fight alone with the wolf demon to save us.”

Speaking of which, the Taoist who was the first to be hurt before was crying.

“Don’t show your weakness, go find the wolf demon and avenge your brother!”

Said the master with a deep tone.

He was indifferent, and his eyes sharp!

His apprentice, who had been cultivated for decades, has disappeared. How could he not be angry and anxious?

They quickly spread out and searched around in the forest.

Forty-five minutes later, one of the Taoists shouted loudly to the other three.

“he is here, he’s fine!” He shouted with joy!

The master quickly rushed to the place where Sun Li was, and the other three gathered soon.

“He is alive, but seriously injured!”

“he is blessed!” The master glanced quickly and said thankfully.

Sun Li woke up at this time. After seeing the four people, he was surprised: “master, brothers, you are here.”

“Brother, great, you’re fine!”

“What’s going on? The silver moon wolf is mighty,  you have nothing to do with it. How can the wolf demon disappear? “

“Yeah, that wolf demon is fierce, extremely bloodthirsty, and hurt dozens of lives.”

The three brothers were full of doubts.

At this moment, Sun Li’s eyes flashed.

“I wasn’t originally the opponent of the wolf demon, and just when the wolf demon was about to kill me, I met.”

He breathed deeply and said.

“the restaurant’s manager stopped him”


The three brothers were confused, and the master was stunned.

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